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Maeve felt like she was going to blow up from all her mixed emotions.

She was happier than shes ever been because Jack had kissed her. She was annoyed and angry with her own mother because she wouldn't talk to her and continually killed her off for pretty much no reason. And to top it all off, she was scared to face Bunny again, knowing he'd still be pissed off at her for being related to the boogeyman and ditching him with the baby guardians.

None the less, when Jack returned to her bedroom to take her to the pole, she went with him with out a seconds hesitation.

And as Maeve had predicted: Bunny was ticked.

"Where t'bloody hell have you been!?" He snapped quietly hoping not to wake the sleeping infants. "I've been stuck here watching these bloody kids by meself for hours! 'I'll be back in half an hour' my cotton tail!"

"You handle this one." Maeve muttered walking away towards the infants. She wasn't in the mood to deal with anymore yelling from people. Or oversized rabbits.

"You ain't going no where, Rainbow-eyes!" Bunny snapped hopping in front of her. "Your in this just as much as frostbite." "Since when are you our mother?" Maeve snapped back.

"Alright guys." Jack said resting a hand on Maeve's shoulder. "Can we focus on finding Pitch? Like we where supposed to?"

"Not till I know what took you gumbys so long." Bunny snapped. "Well... that mixes into what Pitch is up to." Jack said. "Maeve and I got attacked-" "big surprise." Bunny muttered rolling his eyes. "-by a nightmare sand version of me." He finished.

"Nightmare sand?" Bunny asked forgetting to be angry. "How could've Pitch gotten his hands on enough dream or nightmare sand to make a nightmare version of you?" "That's what I've been thinking." Jack said sitting on the table. "He still had those nightmares from 40 years ago though..."

Maeve sat quietly on the table next to Jack while He and Bunny discussed possibilities for how Pitch could've gotten nightmare sand. She had next to no idea what they where saying so she just said "yeah." or "that could be it." or "I don't think so." when it fit.

North woke up from his nap half way through their conversation with another dirty diaper. "Guess Phil is going to have fun again." Maeve joked while sniggering in the yeti's direction. "Oh, no." Bunny said picking up North and dumping him into Maeve's arms. "Your on diaper duty, remember?"

Maeve scowled at the Easter Bunny and headed to the changing table. She wasn't paying much attention to him, but she swore she saw Phil smirking.

Couple minutes later, Maeve returned holding a clean North in her arms and an unamused scowl still on her face. At least Bunny seemed more pleased.

"I'm going to t'Warren." He said while Maeve set North back down for the remainder of his nap. "You two keep here." Before either of them could object, Bunny stomped his foot against the ground and hopped into his tunnels.

Maeve and Jack looked at the pink flower that replaced the opening of the tunnels unimpressed.

"We're going after him, aren't we?" Maeve asked in a flat tone not changing her gaze.

"Oh yeah." Jack replied holding up one of North's snow globes.

XXXX Lazy time skip weee~ XXXX

After reloading his supply of egg bombs, Bunny placed his boomerangs back onto his belt and got ready to leave.

"Right." He said walking out. "Let's go find us a boogeyman."

Just as he was going to leave, Bunny stopped dead in his tracks. He turned towards the large tunnel that lead to the branched out tunnels to the rest of the continents. His ears stuck up strait as his sniffed the air.

He pulled out his boomerangs and the 8 foot sentinel eggs that guarded the warren heads spun from a mutual face to an angry face and stood right behind him.

"AHHHH-!" He yelled charging at the tunnel unaware of the ice that was forming below his feet. "-HHHH- Criiiikeeeey!" He yelped as he slid across the ground right into the wall next to the tunnels opening.

"Jeez, cotton tail. You need to watch where you running." Jack teased as he and Maeve looked down at the pooka.

"What are you two do'n here?" He demanded getting to his feet. "You're supposed to be at t'pole!"

"Yeah, but we knew you'd head strait for Pitch so we figured we'd tag along." Jack answered simply. "I ain't take'n her along." Bunny snapped jabbing his thumb at Maeve. "It's not like she's any use anyway."

Maeve bit her lip. It was true, she didn't know how to use her powers or what powers she even had. But that didn't mean it didn't hurt.

"Well, that was rude. Even I wouldn't have said something that cruel." Someone mused aloud.

"Oh, not him... Not now." Maeve thought. Why did Pitch have to show up everywhere and ruin everything?

"Pitch!" Bunny yelled turning in a circle, his temper rising. "Where are ya, ya bloody coward!"

"I won't be making an appearance today. Not yet anyway." The boogeyman said in an angrier tone.

A large Pitch-shaped shadow moved over the warren walls of moss covered walls and grass hills. A giant cloud of nightmare sand formed swirling above them.

"Let me introduce you to my new friends who will be replacing myself today."


Dark Jack from the woods formed several feet away from Maeve on top of one of the many boulders. He looked at the ground depressed but amused with their horrified expressions.


A small black figure formed next to Jack. He was only 3 or 4 feet tall with long hair that seemed to swoosh back then curl up. His solid gold eyes burned right through Maeve. Just looking at the dark sandman made her nervous.


Next to the dark sandman, a winged woman formed. She too was entirely black except for her bright pink eyes. She had a feather headset and was wearing old fashioned royal Indian clothes covered in feathers. The dark Tooth fairy's large wings flapped as she finished forming allowing her to float in the air.


The next sand figure that formed looked like a mad scientist that an experiment went wrong. He was black from his rabbit ears to his cotton tail, wearing bright green glasses over his eyes and a long jacket that hid his rabbit feet. The coat he was wearing had circles over lapping each other over and over as well as a belt with several pockets on it.


A tall man formed next to the dark Easter bunny. He looked young and lively with messy stuck up hair and a mustache that matched his small beard. He was wearing a large fur hat similar to North's and a jacket like a captain. He had two large nightmare sand swords attached to his belt. His glowing blue eyes popped out from his black sand body.

"Last and not at all the least: Fear."

A teenage girl formed in front of the other nightmare sand creatures. She had long wavy hair and was wearing a t-shirt with a hood attached over a long sleeved shirt. Her pants where ripped at the ends showing her back shoes and legs. Her eyes seemed to swirl different shades of red, yellow, and grey.

Maeve's heart went up in her throat. The last one was her. That's her dark form. Not only that, but she knew the others name by heart. She had come up with them herself.

"I proudly introduce: The Dark Guardians!" Pitch's voice chanted through out the Warren.

"You can thank Maeve for these wonderful creations." He continued. "She just thought they where silly little doodles no one would ever care for. But I...I saw the true potential in these designs. Of course, I obviously made some changes to them. And I was so inspired, I just had to create Fear."

Bunny shot a glare in Maeve's direction before looking back at the dark guardians. "I don't care if your dark guardians or t'bloody man in the moon!" He yelled. "I want ya sandy-behinds out of my Warren!"

Bunny charged strait for Fear at lightning speed. She only smiled showing gray teeth as she pulled out a golden watch from her jacket pocket.

"Bunny wait!" Jack yelled. But it was to late. Just as Bunny reached her, Fear turned the four spinning hands counterclockwise sending out golden waves that hit Bunny right in the face.

The Easter bunny hollowed as he fell to the ground and started to shrink down into an infant. Now he was the size of a normal bunny with smaller ears and large forest green eyes. Even his boomerangs and eggs shrunk down with him.

Fear picked up the now tiny baby Bunnymund and held him up by his ears. Bunny's large green eyes built up in tears as he started to cry. "Put him down!" Jack yelled.

Maeve looked at Bunny horrified then at the ground. She had designed the dark guardians. This was all her fault.

Daughter Nature looked back up at her evil twin. Obviously Fear was Pitch's "perfect-dream grandchild". What if she becomes just like Fear? If Pitch possessed her she would be...

Fear raised an eyebrow and grinned, obviously catching onto Maeve's horrors. "Sure." She smirked throwing Bunny behind her.

"No!" Maeve screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her blood stream surged and the wind suddenly picked up to a fast speed. The trees and flowers started blow rapidly while the dark guardians struggled to maintain their sand forms. Bunny stopped falling mid-air and flew strait into Maeve's arms.

The moment the infant was safe the high speed winds stopped and everyone stared at Daughter Nature in shock.

Jack stared at her wide eyed. "Did you just-?" Maeve looked at Bunny in her arms. He had stopped crying and was holding on to one of his boomerangs for comfort. He smiled up at Daughter Nature and made a few gurgle noises.

"I-I don't know..." She stuttered.

"Enough of this." Pitch's annoyed voice echoed. "Dark Guardians- kill them."

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