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Later that night, after the sun had gone down completely making the chilly day feel freezing cold, Jack flew up to one of the windows of The Bennett home. Maeve was currently being lead up the stairs by Amelia. They walked into one of the bedrooms that had a sign on the door the read in rather loopy, girly hand writing: "Amelia's room".

Jack flew to the back of the house and looked through the window that showed the six year olds room. It sure matched the sign on the door. Lots of stuffed animals and bright shades of pink, yellow, and violet filled every square inch of room space.

Amelia quickly ran to her floral patterned bed and stuffed her tooth under her yellow pillow. Then scrambled under the violet covers and waited to be tucked in.

"Which story would you like me to read?" Maeve asked walking over to the large book shelf that hung on the wall. The six year olds face scrunched up in concentration. "Ummmm..." She said looking through the rows. "That one!"

Maeve moved to get the book. "No, wait!" Amelia cried. The 17 year old stopped with her hand hovering over cover. Maeve hovered her hands over the rows of books while Amelia would give her opinion.

"No...no...no... Yes! That one!" She squealed pointing at one of the books at the top of the shelf. Maeve smiled and pulled the book off the shelf.

The cover read "Mythical Legends" and had photos of the Tooth fairy, Santa, Cupid, the Groundhog, the Easter bunny and other old mythical creatures on it. As well as a small yellow-orangish creature and bright blue and white teenage boy.

"Maeve, who's that?" She asked pointing to the small yellow-orangish man. Maeve opened up the book and flipped to the page with the same man. the 17 year old read aloud:

"The Sandman. He's known for sprinkling his magic sand into the eyes of sleeping children giving them sweet dreams and restful nights."

"Thats so cool!" Amelia squealed as she jumped up and down. The enthusiastic six year old flipped the page.

Maeve spent the next hour reading through fairy tale creatures while Amelia sat next to her, gasping in awe or giggling with excitement. She had just finished reading about the Groundhog when Amelia flipped to the page to another unrecognizable fairy tale.

"Who's that?" She asked pointing at a tall, lanky white haired boy with what seemed to be wearing a blue cloak and carrying a large stick in his hand.

Maeve studied the boy then looked at the description. It was a lot smaller than the others so, She read the whole paragraph aloud:

"Jack Frost. The spirt of winter and is said to be behind the cool kiss of air you feel on a winter day. According to legend, Jack can control the winter elements such as snow and ice, bending them to his will. It also states that he can fly and make a fantastic snowball."

Amelia giggled. "You should have a snowball fight with Jack! Then you could say you beat Jack Frost!"

Outside the window, Jack stood, leaning against house sniggering. As if a regular teenage girl could beat him.

Maeve laughed and closed the book. "Well if I ever meet him, I'll challenge him, just for you." She said ruffling Amelia's hair. "Time for bed." Maeve added looking at the alarm clock. She placed the book back on the shelf before tucking Amelia in. "The tooth fairy wont come unless your asleep."

Amelia curled up against her pillow, hugging her stuffed teddy bear wearing a tutu close. "Can we go ice skating again tomorrow?" the six year old asked suddenly sitting back up.

Maeve sighed. She hated saying no to Amelia. That's practically the only reason she keeps strings of her hair dyed the permanent bright colors.

"If it ices over and snows more tomorrow then yes." Maeve finally answered. "Yay!" Amelia cheered jumping up and down. "Now go on to bed if you want the tooth fairy to come." Maeve said turning off the light. "night."

Amelia curled up under her covers again and snuggled up against her teddy bear. "Goodnight." She yawned.

Jack flew off the window ledge. If it was a snow day they wanted, it's a snow day they'll get.

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