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Let's just say, Pitch wasn't exactly running away. The boogeyman reappeared with an even larger mass of nightmares. "Get them!" He yelled sending the nightmares charging.

"You guys handle the Dark Guardians!" Maeve yelled as North drove the sleigh straight for the storm. "I'm going after Pitch!" "Are you zure?" North asked while pulling at the reigns so a nightmare didn't hit them. Daughter Nature nodded. "Trust me! this is 540 years overdue!"

Just before Maeve jumped out of the sleigh, Jack grabbed her wrist and whispered in her ear: "kiss for good luck? For tradition?" Daughter Nature smirked. "Come back in one piece then you'll get one." She replied before jumping into the air.


Jamie sat in the Bennett's living room flipping through one of Maeve's Hunger Games books while the storm raged outside. It made him seriously question why he let Maeve read these kind of things.

He looked up from the page he was reading when he heard someone stampeding downstairs. Lewis and Amelia came storming down a second later and both started talking over one another trying to tell him the same thing all at once.

"Dad! Maeve isn't in her room!-" "Daddy we can't find Maeve!-" "We looked in her art studio-" "she wasn't painting either!-" "We looked all upstairs she's not there!-" "Daddy I'm scared!-"

"Lewis! Amelia! Calm down!" Jamie said waving his free hand while setting the book down. "What's going on?" Sophie asked as she and Victoria walked into the living room. "Maeve's gone!" Amelia squealed. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she ran into her mothers arms for comfort.

The house shook a little from the sudden lightning coming from the storm. The power flickered on and off a few times before staying on.

Jamie stood up and went to the window. Sophie followed. The raging storm looked familiar. The large clouds, the dangerous lightning, sounds of horses screeching and people yelling.

"Soph... " Jamie muttered looking away from the window at his sister. "You don't think...?" She only nodded. "I think it is." She replied.


Maeve grunted as she spiraled down a few feet then caught herself with the wind.

Pitch fired nightmare arrows repeatedly at her. Maeve dodged or reflected them by making air barriers around her. She winced when an arrow narrowly hit her arm.

Daughter Nature used the air like a slingshot and launched herself at Pitch, flying high speed. The nightmare sand started to blow around the Boogeyman from the sudden change in wind speed causing him to swear with annoyance.

Pitch made the cloud disburse out of anger and turned to look at Daughter Nature just as she punched him in the face.

The boogeyman was sent flying backwards off the cloud of nightmare sand. Unfortunately for her, one of his nightmare horses caught him.

Pitch stood up as a giant wave of nightmares formed behind him. "Boo." He said raising both arms as he launched the attack.

"Oh boy..." Maeve muttered.


The Dark Guardians reappeared out of the shadows on the buildings and from the streets to instantly attack their 'twins'.

Apathy and North dueled out with their swords. Even though the nightmare was younger, the toy builder easily kept up with him. Depression and Bunnymund did all sorts of flips, kicks, punches, and chucking their bombs and boomerangs at one another. Tooth and Trauma flew after one another, wings flapping and buzzing against one anothers while their fairies fought similarly. Anxiety and Sandy where in a full-one nightmare vs. dream sand battle using large clouds of dream and nightmare sand sea creatures to battle one another. Jack and Paranoia flew across the building tops slashing at one another using their staffs causing both white and black ice to form all over cables, clothe lines, windows, everything.

"Oi, North! How 'bout we switch dance partners?" Bunny yelled jumping off the side of a building, doing a flip, then stomping Apathy in the chest sending the nightmare flying into a nearby car. North grinned as he spun around and grabbed Depression by the ears and threw him discus style.

Tooth flew at Paranoia and punched him in the face as she passed by sending the nightmare spiraling downward. He only had time to shake his head as millions of Tooth Fairies swarmed all over him. Trauma yelped as Sandy's golden whips rapped around her body and wings. Sandy wagged a finger as to say "no talking" then sent her shooting at the ground. Jack swished his staff at Anxiety's back, freezing the nightmare in his tracks and sending him falling to the ground as well.

Paranoia let out a large blast of Ice causing the Tooth Fairies to blow off him and fall to the ground. "The Tooth Fairies!" Jack called flying down after them with Tooth and Sandy.

"Depression!" Paranoia yelled taking advantage of the distraction. "Get us out of here!" The nightmare kicked North away sending the toy maker stumbling and stomped his foot against the ground. Swirling black holes opened in the ground and on the walls next to each of the Dark Guardians. Paranoia hit the end of his staff on the ground causing a large burst of snow and ice to shoot out. When the storm slowed down, they where gone.


After the humiliating defeat, the Dark Guardians resurfaced back at Pitch's layer.

Cursing, Paranoia slammed the end of his staff on the ground again causing half the room to freeze over. "We should've gone with Fear..." He growled through clenched teeth.

"Yes you should've."

The all turned to see Fear leaning against one of the large cages, a smirk etched on her face. "Come back to brag?" Paranoia sneered. "No. Well not entirely. I've come to make a proposition. One that doesn't involve Pitch."

The Dark Guardians all looked at each other before grinning up at Fear. "We're listening." Paranoia said flying up to where she was standing on the platform. "Good." She replied. Fear turned and walked away. "Rest up. It'll Take time and energy to get what i have planned done and we've got a lot of work to do."


North boomed out laughing as he rode on top of the sleigh and destroyed the nightmare horses with his prized swords.

"Haha! It'z goot to be back!" He yelled disbursing another Nightmare.

The toy builder swooped his sleigh down near the streets and chucked his snow globes onto the ground causing two large portals to open. Yetis, elves, and hundreds of toys to come spilling out.

Passing by North, Tooth flew through the Nightmares, her and her fairies wings cutting through them like knives on tissue. She flew down near the streets and zoomed near walls while taking sharp turns causing the nightmares to run into them and break into nothing. The tooth fairies would swarm around a single nightmare hundreds at a time and use their wings to destroy it into nothing before moving onto the next one.

Mean while, Bunny jumped off the sleigh onto the city roofs. He did a back flip while kicking a nightmare in the face and disbursing another with his boomerang. Bunny landed on top of the back one. It looked at him confused.

"G'day, mate." He greeted jumping up in the air and doing several flips as he chucked his boomerangs at it and disbursing it into nothing. He bounced off the sides of the walls, did one last flip destroying another two nightmares, then grabbed a handle on the sleigh getting pulled back into the air.

Jack meanwhile was still in the sky. the winter spirit flew through the sky, freezing nightmares as they passed which sent them spiraling down to the earth. Large groups of horses surrounded all around him and charged. Jack made two glances then dived down as the nightmares all smashed together.

The winter spirit hooked one nightmare around the neck and swung it like a baseball bat at another causing them both to disburse into nothing. Jack ducked as he narrowly missed one of Sandy's whips that was destroying the nightmare behind him.

The Sandman stood on a giant cloud of dream sand while creating giant sand creatures. Giant dinosaurs, sting rays, dolphins, unicorns, fairies; You name it, it was out there.

Bunny landed on the pavement and stomped his foot on the ground. The 8 foot sentinel eggs grew out of the large openings of the tunnels and marched their way into battle along with the yetis and elves.

North landed the sleigh not to far away from the rest of the Guardians and joined the Easter Bunny along with the others.

"Ve have to keep zee battle on zee ground zo Maeve can fight Pitch vith out interference." He instructed. The others agreed and headed back to the battle.

"Hope you know what your doing up there, snowflake..." Jack muttered looking at the sky before flying after more nightmares.


Feeling the surge go through her blood stream, Maeve stretched out her arms clapped her hands together in front of her.

A large gust of wind shot through the center of the wave of nightmares.

At first, it seemed like a good plan. But Maeve's control started to quickly unravel. The gap she had made started to get alarmingly smaller and smaller as sweat dripped down her face.

"It's never to late to join me, Maeve!" Pitch's voice echoed down to her. "As they say: 'like grandfather like granddaughter!'"

Daughter Nature squeezed her eyes shut and hung her head. The "gap" was now just a small circle of wind surrounding her.

Daughter nature started panting as another memory forced its way into her mind.

Maeve was sitting in an old boat, her curly black hair a frizzy mess and clothes dirty as always.

Sky, Chuckie, Alexander, and Tony where all already asleep in their share of the medium sized captains house they lived in while a little red headed boy rested his head on her lap.

"Maeve?" He asked. "What's wrong, Billy?" She asked ruffling his red hair. "Nightmare?" Billy shook his head. "Then what is it?" "Do you love your momma and step-daddy?" He asked half-asleep.

"I love my momma very much." She replied smiling. "But I don't think I'll ever care about my step-daddy." Billy rolled onto his back and looked at Maeve with concerned brown eyes. "Why? He married your momma. He's your family isn't he?"

Maeve chuckled and ruffled the 8-year-olds hair. "If there's one thing I've learned over the years, Billy it's that it doesn't matter if they're your flesh and blood or if you met them in a trash can. Family is the people who raise you, not the people who share the same blood as you."

Daughter Nature furrowed her eyebrows and looked up at the Boogeyman.

"I'm nothing like you..." She growled as larger thunder clouds started to form around her and the nightmares. Lightning sparked between Maeve and the clouds till she had a small field of electricity surrounding her. "...and you're no grandfather to me!" She finished clapping her hands together. The loud boom of thunder filled the air and launched a large bolt of lightning strait through the wave of nightmares.

Pitch looked at the lightning blowing up his nightmares with horror just before he was blown out of the sky strait for the city.

She heard a loud "crash!" and the sound of a car alarm go off. Maeve whooped with victory and fist pumped the air. "Wooooho-AGGGHHHH!" She yelled clutching her arms and stomach. "What was that?!" she thought. Maeve rolled up one of her sleeves and started to panic.

No. No no no no, not now! Looking down at her lower half, she saw they where slowly swirling down her legs as well.

That's when she saw it. It was barely coming over the horizon. Sunrise. Panicking, Maeve turned around flew off as the thunder clouds started to disappear.


"I 'ave zaid it once I vill zay it again: it'z goot to be back!" North exclaimed after all the nightmares where destroyed.

"Couldn't have said it better meself, mate." Bunny agreed after hopping down from the buildings. Tooth laughed happily and bear-hugged each of the other guardians, and of course gave Bunny a kiss on the cheek.


They all jumped, just remembering Maeve was still fighting Pitch.

"Do ya think rainbow-eyes needs our help?" Bunny asked. Sandy furrowed his eyebrows and sudden pointed at the sky. The guardians followed his finger as Pitch fell high-speed out of the sky and crashed on top of a car. The boogeyman rolled off the top onto his back as the car alarm blared through the night.

"No, I think she's got it covered." Jack replied sarcastically.

North burst out laughing as he clapped his hands and everyone looked at him surprised. "Thiz iz a day to go down in hiztory!" He chanted. "Daughter Nature finally defeatz zee Boogeyman!"

They all turned around at the dark laughter behind them. Pitch sat up, still laughing even though he had a few burns on his face.

"Yes, yes. Happy day, happy day." He chanted grinning evilly. "Happy, happy, happy 18th birthday, Maeve."