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Jack's sudden panic and run made the guardians not only confused but scared.

What about Maeve's birthday is such a big deal Pitch can just say it and Jack would get hysterical and fly off without another word was beyond them. Still, after Sandy knocked out Pitch and tied him up, they all quickly piled up in the sleigh and flew after Jack.

They found the spirit of winter standing on the near by lake calling Maeve's name repeatedly.

"Jack what's going on?" Tooth asked flying out of the sleigh. "Maeve... the recreation... We gotta stop it by sun rise or else she'll be gone!" He almost exclaimed in his panic.

"Jack..." Tooth said gently. But he wasn't listening. The Winter spirit was to busy in his thoughts. "We got to keep searching." "Jack..." "If we-" "Jack... It's to late."

Jack stopped abruptly as his eyes grew wide and whipped around to see the sun fully risen in the sky.

"No...no... It can't be to late... Theres got to be something we can still do!" He exclaimed looking back the guardians. The others all looked upset. Even Bunny's ears drooped down as Tooth gently put her hand on his shoulder.

Jack squeezed his eyes shut and crouched down as he gripped his hair. This wasn't happening. Maeve was still waiting for him. He swore he'd help her. She just couldn't be gone.


The winter spirit looked up from his arms hoping to see Maeve running to him. But it wasn't.

"Amelia? What are you doing here?" Jack asked as the 6 year old bear hugged him. She pulled away and her bright blue eyes shined excitedly. "My Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Sophie brought me!" She said excitedly pointing to the path leading to the town. Just as Amelia said it, the rest of the Bennett's, minus Maeve, walked down the path leading to the lake.

Jack looked awkwardly at Jamie, who was looking right back. "Amelia." Jamie asked when he and the others reached the lake. "Why didn't you tell me you knew Jack Frost?"

Jack stood up a little awkwardly. "Oh, I met her a couple weeks ago- wait..." He trailed off his eyes growing wide. "You...y-you can see me again?" He asked pointing a finger at Jamie.

Jamie quirked an eyebrow at his old childhood friend. "'Again'? Jack, I never stopped seeing you. C'mon, give me more credit than that." Jamie said waving a hand.

"Uh...dad... Who are you talking too?" Lewis asked looking around the empty lake. Jamie smiled at his son. "Lewis you remember that old story I used to tell you and Maeve? The one about the Guardians?" He asked. Lewis nodded. "Yeah, what about them?" He asked. "Well, their all here." His dad replied waving a hand at the guardians his son couldn't see. The 15 year old looked back at the lake like his dad was crazy. Jack smirked a little. Guess Lewis wasn't exactly like his dad. The Winter spirit sent a snowflake so it landed on Lewis's noes bursting into small blue lights. "W-what?" Lewis mumbled as his blinked a few times. Out of no where 5 people, or better described fairy tales, suddenly appeared. "They-Woah..." He muttered running his hand through his hair.

Amelia looked around the Guardians just now realizing who was missing. "...where's Maeve?" She asked looking back up at Jack.

The Winter Spirit lowered his head and walked away from Amelia. He didn't want to be the one to tell her family he had failed Maeve.

Jamie stepped up, his cheerfull look now replaced by a worried one. "what happened?" he demanded surprisingly calm. "Was she with all of you? Where is she now?" The Guardians all looked at each other nervously as if fighting over who should break the news. Finally North cleared his throat ruffly. "Vell... It iz... it iz a long ztory..."

"Yes, long indeed." a woman said. They all turned to see Mother Nature and Father Time walking up to the group, both had proud smiles on their face.

Jack pulled his hood over his head, covering his face as he shot a glare at Mother Earth and walked behind the Guardians. Guess shes proud of what shes done to Maeve.

"Man in Moon, Mother Earth and I had been talking." Father Time said breaking the silence between the angry Guardians and awestruck Bennetts. "And we have decided it would be in order to chose a new Guardian."

"A new Guardian?" Bunny demanded. "Well, that would've been useful a few days ago when we where turned into bloody babies!-" "Bunny!" Tooth shushed him and looked back at the Time Lord and Mother Earth.

"We believe you'll find her most suiting." Seraphina said still smiling. "She is very brave." "And loyal." Father Time added. "And wonderful with children." She finished.

A head next to question mark formed above Sandy's head as he too scowled at the two major spirits.

Mother Earth smiled and stepped aside as a teenage girl walked out from behind her. The girls face was hidden underneath the hood she was wearing so they couldn't make out who she was. She was probably 18 years old wearing khaki shorts rolled up so they just went past her knees. She also had on a moss green t-shirt her hood was attached to that had small leaf details around the brim of the hood and sleeves. Under that she had a simple yellow shirt which sleeves reached below her elbows. Rapped around her legs all the way to her brown-sandaled feet where dark green vines. Even out of the sleeves of her shirt you could see vines growing down to a green leaf for each hand.

Once she was in everyone's sight, the girl removed her hood to show her smiling face.

Her wavy hair that just went to the middle of her back was a chocolate brown with three random strands dyed light blue, green, and yellow. Two leaves swirled from back of her neck and detailed her tanned cheeks right under her ears. The girls blue, brown, and green swirling eyes lighted up the moment she saw all of them.

"Shostakovich..." North muttered forgetting his anger like the others who were all staring at the girl. Amelia let out a loud gasp and Lewis looked dumbfound wondering how that was possible. Sophie and Victoria clasped their hands over their mouths while Jamie just grinned.

Mother Earth smiled at all of their shock. "I believe you all know-"

She was cut off as the echo of laughter and a flash of blue that was Jack Frost shooting past and tackling the girl sending her into the sky with him. Not even a few seconds later, her laughter filled the air with him.

Seraphina spun around as they sky rocketed into the air. She only smiled and shook her head while Hortatius laughed.

The teenagers bear hugged each other as they spun around in circles as they spiraled up into the air. Finally Jack finally pulled away from the hug and smashed his lips onto hers.

Daughter Nature grinned and kissed him back.

XXXX meanwhile on the ground XXXX

Jamie covered Amelia's eyes with one hand as Jack kissed Maeve. "hey!" she squealed angrily while trying to rip his hand off. He only smirked a little while cupping his free hand around his eyes to block out the sun. "Well, son of a gun..." He muttered.

"Wait... Maeve is a Mythical creature... and dating Jack Frost?" Lewis asked looking up and cupping his eyes as well. "Thought I heard someone in her room the other night..." Victoria muttered. "Ha!" Sophie chanted while fist pumping the air. "I knew it!"

Meanwhile, the Guardians stood by the sleigh, just as in shock as the Bennett family.

"Rimsky-Korsakov!" North exclaimed putting his hands of his hips. "How much did ve mizz?" All of Tooth's fairies sighed in a v

Chorus while she smiled up happily at them. "Oh, their so cute together!" Tooth sighed. Sandy nodded in agreement as he smiled up at Jack and Maeve.

"I want it t'be on record that I called it few days ago." Bunny smirked crossing his arms.

XXXX Back to the love birds~XXXX

Jack finally pulled away from the kiss and laughed as he held Maeve's face in his hands. Daughter Nature laughed with him, her arms still rapped around his neck.

"How?!" was the only thing he manage could say.

"I don't even know!" Maeve exclaimed with him just as excited. "One minute I'm being dragged into the earth the next I'm like this!" She backed away from Jack and stuck out her arms and legs to show off her new look.

They both broke into laughter and hugged each other again. The winter spirit leaned in again for a kiss. Maeve placed two fingers on his lips as her cheeks turned red.

"Umm... Jack?" She asked nodding at the groups below them. The winter spirit looked below them just now realizing that everyone, including the Bennetts, was watching them. "Oh!" He said feeling his face turn red. "Right, right..."

The two spirits floated back down to the earth, arms still rapped around each other. "Sorry." Jack apologized sheepishly while backing away from Maeve back to the guardians.

"Well, it's good to see my daughter will be cherished amongst you." Mother Nature said in a surprisingly amused tone. "As I was saying, I believe you all know my Daughter, Maeve. By the direct word of The Man in the Moon, I'm ordered to put her through the oath. To, as you say, 'make it official'. North, if I may?"

"Uh? Oh, Yez! Yez! Of courze, of courze..." North replied shaking out of his shock and taking a large book from one of the yetis. The wind picked up and the book floated out of North's hands opened to the correct page and into Mother Earth's. After clearing her throat she spoke the oath:

"Maeve, my only child, will you watch over the children of the earth and guide them safely from the way of harm? Will you guard with your life their hopes and dreams for they are all that you are and all that you will ever be?"

Maeve bit the inside of her lip. This would mean giving up everything. Hanging out with her friends, staying at home, seeing her family everyday... Just being mortal all together. She turned around and looked at Jamie.

He had one arm rapped around Victoria, who was crying a little, and carrying Amelia, who was smiling and holding her favorite teddy bear, in the other. Jamie grinned and nodded in approval.

She smiled back weakly then looked at the ice below her feet.

A teenage girl with chocolate brown hair with 3 strands dyed blue, green, and yellow and wearing a dark moss green t-shirt with a hood attached and a yellow long sleeved shirt underneath. She had dark green vines and leaves on her limbs and cheeks.

Maeve looked up, grinning. "I will." She replied with a small nod.

Mother Nature smiled as she closed the large book. Maeve had never seen her mother look that happy since... well she hasn't seen her that happy before. "Very well." Mother Earth announced. "I proudly present now and forever more: Maeve Bennett, Daughter of Nature, a Guardian."

Large cheers and clapping filled the air around Maeve. Sandy floated out in front of the Guardians and made a giant orb of dream sand. He then tossed it up in the air causing mini explosions like fireworks to go off and dream sand to float down from the sky.

She grinned at her mother who held out her free arm for a hug, which Maeve happily returned. Father Time held out his hand for Maeve to shake. instead, she glomped him into a hug as well. the lord of time chuckled and patted her back. After she pulled away and took a few steps back, Hortatius opened up a portal underneath the two of them using his staff and they vanished.

"See you later, mom." Daughter Nature said quietly before turning around to see her now fellow Guardians.

Tooth practically squealed with happiness and zoomed over to Maeve where she bear-hugged her to the point she was floating off the ground. The tooth fairy finally released Maeve and all the baby Tooth fairies flew around her squeaking excitedly causing Daughter Nature to laugh. "Alright girls, keep it together." Tooth said laughing a little as the fairies squeaked excitedly.

Sandy floated over and gave Maeve a double thumbs up then nod of approval as an arrow formed above his head and pointed to where unconscious Pitch had been in the sleigh. Guess Father Time had taken him away for them. Daughter Nature laughed a little. "Thanks, Sandy." She said returning his fist bump.

"Look'n forward to t'work'n with ya, Shelia." Bunny said holding out his paw for her to shake. Maeve raised an eyebrow at his gesture. "He dares to shake the hand of Boogeyman's grandkid?" She asked. Bunny only grinned. "Let's just say t'Easter Bunny has had a change in mind

'bout Daughter Nature." He replied. Maeve smiled and shook his paw before walking over to Jack.

"Congrats." He said giving off his famous grin. "Thanks." Maeve replied while stuffing her hands into her pockets. They leaned in for another kiss but got interrupted as North grabbed Maeve by the shoulders and ripped her away.

North boomed out laughing and he shook Maeve a little then kissed her on both cheeks. "Hahaha! You zure had uz fooled!" The toy maker exclaimed while pulling her into a rib crushing hug. Daughter Nature winced before North finally released her and she fell back to the ground. Maeve staggered backwards, taking deep breaths and still trying to figure out what just happened. Regaining her stamina, she gave a small smiled and nodded at North as he boomed out laughing again.

"You alright?" Jack asked quietly while Maeve rubbed her aching ribs. "Yeah, yeah. Does he -uh- hug people like that often?" She asked. "I'm not planning on getting another body anytime soon." The winter spirit laughed. "Only on special occasions." He replied.

Maeve laughed a little then turned to the Bennett's. Victoria and Amelia where talking to Tooth and her fairies while Sandy showed Lewis what he could do with dream sand. Sophie was cheerfully hugging Bunny and scratching under his chin, causing the pooka to stomp his foot on the ground and almost crushing some elves and Easter eggs.

Jamie laughed at the Easter Bunny then looked at Maeve who was shyly keeping her space from the Bennett's. He smiled as he motioned for her to come over. Stuffing her hands in to her pockets nervously, she walked over to him.

"Look at you." He said looking her up and down. "18 years old and already a Guardian." "Actually I'm technically 541 years old." Maeve replied scratching the back of her head. "But yeah, 18 works too." Jamie chuckled. "However old you are, I'm still proud of you." He replied while ruffling her now slightly longer hair. "So... the whole 'Daughter Nature' thing doesn't freak you out?" Maeve asked sheepishly while playing with her hands nervously.

Jamie only laughed again. "You where brought to me by Mother Nature announcing that I was the 'new protector of Daughter Nature'." He explained. "It's not very shocking."

Maeve smiled as she felt a small weight go off of her shoulders. So they didn't think she was a freak. The Moon knows how happy that makes her. Not knowing what else to say, Daughter Nature bear hugged her dad. He smiled and hugged her back.

"So," Jamie asked Jack while propping his chin on top of Maeve's head. "Dating my daughter, huh?" Jack's face heated up a bit. "Haha... Yeah... What a coincidence, huh?" The winter spirit replied rubbing the back of his head nervously. Maeve pulled away from her dad and shook her head. "Good impression, Jack." She kidded. The winter spirit shrugged. "What else can I say?" He replied.

"But I gotta know..." Jamie asked. "Whatever happened to that Jackson Overland boy you told me about?" Maeve's face turned red as she scratched the back of her head. "O-oh -haha- you see -um- funny story..." Jack stared at Maeve wide-eyed for a moment before shrugging it off. He would ask her later how she knew his other name. "Jackson Overland?" Jack asked budding in to tease her. "What?" Maeve asked defensively. "How was I supposed to tell him I'm dating Jack Frost, who just so happens to be his childhood friend?!" "But really, Overland was the first name that came to your mind?" Jamie asked joining Jack.

Maeve looked between them with an 'are you kidding me?' expression before crossed her arms. "Aren't you supposed to be the protective father giving the boyfriend a lecture or something?" She asked while pointing a thumb at Jack. "Yes I should shouldn't I?" Jamie asked.

North cleared his throat loudly gaining all of their attention. "I believe it iz time to go." He said heading back to the sleigh. After a couple of high-fives and hugs, Sandy and Tooth followed pursuit. "Bye, Bunny." Sophie said ruffling the top of his head. "I'll see ya around, ankle-biter." Bunny replied before heading back to the sleigh.

"Ha.. Saved by Santa Claus" Jack said happily. "We'll, give you a few minutes." He added, muttering to Daughter Nature and nodded at the Bennetts before walking to the sleigh. Maeve nodded in reply turned back to Jamie. Instantly she got pulled into a death hug by him.

"Don't forget: what ever happens, if I pass on or if we never see each other again, your still my little girl." He said quietly. Maeve his her face in her dad's shoulder. "I know." She mumbled. "Love you, kiddo." Jamie said resting his chin on her head. "I love you, too." Maeve said leaving her hiding place from her dads jacket.

Victoria didn't even try to hold back tears as she hugged her oldest. "You stay safe, alright sweetheart?" Victoria told her. "I will mom I promise." Maeve replied. "Your going to make me cry if you keep this up." Daughter Nature laughed weakly. Victoria nodded and laughed a little as she pulled away from Maeve.

Once she was done saying good bye to her parents, Maeve moved onto her younger brother. She stopped and studied him for a moment as if just now realizing how grown up he looked. "Looks like my baby brother is just my brother now." She said as she held out her hand for him to shake. Lewis stared at her hand for a moment before hugging his big sister. Maeve blinked in shock. Lewis hardly hugged her ever since he turned 13. "I'll always be your baby brother. No matter how old I get." He muttered. Daughter Nature smiled and hugged him back.

Finally she pulled away only to be instantly death hugged by her Aunt. "You better be careful, kiddo." She said. "I'll do my best, Aunt Soph." Maeve replied smiling a little. "And you better come back so we can still paint together." She added. "Like I said, I'll do my best." Maeve replied. "Oh, and by the way." Sophie said lowering her voice while glancing at Jack. "Great pick." It took a moment for Maeve to realize what she meant. Feeling her face turn red, she laughed and got released from the death grip. "Thanks. I think so to." Maeve replied. "You have a good pick yourself. I'm expecting a cousin or two some time soon." Sophie smirked a little. "That depends on Tony finally getting that ring." She sighed. "Love ya, champ." Sophie said kissing her forehead. "Love you, too." Maeve replied.

All that was left was to say good bye to Amelia. Who was currently playing with some of North's elves only a few feet away from the rest of the Bennetts.

Maeve walked over and kneeled to her level. Amelia let go of the elf she was half-dragging and smiled at her older sister. "I can't wait to get home!" the six year old squealed. "We can make cookies and hot chocolate and add you to "mythical legends" and have a snowball fight and tell scary stories..."

Daughter Nature's heart broke a little as she ruffled Amelia's hair. "I'm not going to be able to any of those things with you for a while, Melia." She said giving a sad smile. Amelia's smile vanished and her bright blue eyes lost their shine. "Your leaving?" She asked. "But- but who's going to read me bedtime stories? And go ice skating with me? A-and what happens if I stop seeing you? And what if something bad happens to you while-"

Maeve laughed a little. "Hey, hey, slow down, Melia." She said waving a hand to silence her sister. She thought for a moment before asking: "Tell me this: do you stop believe in flowers when vanish during winter?" "No.." Amelia replied furrowing her eyebrows wonder what that had to do with anything. "And do you stop believing in the sun when day turns to night?" Maeve asked. "No." Amelia replied while she giggled little. Maeve smiled warmly and rested a hand on Amelia's shoulder. "I will always be here for you, Melia. Whether or not you can see me. Your my little sister and nothing is going to change that. And nothing is going stop me from being here when you need me the most." Maeve told her.

"Promise?" Amelia asked. Maeve grinned as she drew and 'X' over her heart using her finger. "Cross my heart and hope to...hope to..." She trailed off and furrowed her eyebrows before smiling playfully at her sister. Amelia giggled. "That's good enough for me." The 6 year old replied and jumped into her big sister's arms for one last hug. They lasted that way till Maeve decided it was time for she and the Guardians to leave.

Amelia pulled away and walked back to Jamie. Maeve nodded at all of them feeling her heart go up in her throat. The walk away was painful. But she managed to make it to the sleigh. "You ready?" Jack asked smiling down at her. Maeve nodded and climbed onto one of the large red wings.

"Hey, Frost!"

Jack looked up startled at Jamie who had just picked up Amelia in one arm. What made The winter spirit nervous was the threatening expression that was etched on his face. "Don't you even think about getting any ideas with my daughter." He said in a strict tone.

Jack's face burned red. "No sir! I mean- I - yes - I won't- I uh..." Jack stuttered with no clue how to reply. His 340 years of being Jack Frost hadn't prepared him for this. Maeve lightly shoved his arm playfully and smiled. Jack grinned at her then looked back at Jamie. "Wouldn't dream of it." He replied.

Jamie's expression softened as he smiled. "I didn't think so." He replied.

"Time for take off!" North chanted grabbing the reins. While the others took their seats, Maeve stayed where she was on the wing so she could still see her family as they took off into the sky. She didn't stop waving till the Bennetts where long out of sight.

Daughter Nature hopped into the sleigh nodded at North who was driving. He gave her a large smile as she headed towards the back before focusing on the reindeer.

Hi, I'm Maeve Bennett. Daughter of Nature, and one of the Guardians of children.

Maeve high-fived Sandy as she passed him. He gave her thumbs up before nodding off to sleep. Good old Sandy.

I'm the Daughter of Mother Nature. More well known by other mythical creatures as Daughter Nature. Creative names, I know.

She grinned and nodded in Tooth and Bunny who where sitting together talking. They paused their conversation and smiled back at her as she climbed the steps near the end of the sleigh.

I've been through a lot in the past 541 years. Lots if lives lived, lots of lessons learned and lots of stories finished and ready to be told.

Maeve sat on the edge next to Jack who was squatting on his feet. Holding her hand up between them, a small blue light flashed and formed an ice butterfly on the palm of her hand. The two spirits grinned at each other before she released her ice creation into the sky.

As for this story?

Well... This is just the beginning.


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