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Maeve couldn't believe their luck. Amelia had came running into her bedroom at 5 the morning holding a coin worth a dollar squealing that it had snowed and they should go ice skating now. Even though he didn't want to go, their parents had talked Lewis into joining the girls, saying they themselves where going shopping for the day. The trio walked half a mile till they reached the frozen lake. It looked stable enough to Maeve, but she couldn't help but double check.

Carefully, she stepped down on the cold surface with one foot. Maeve then stepped on top with both feet. Keeping her balance she jumped up and down a few times. "Well it's as stable as it'll get." She mused stepping back onto the thick layer of snow. "Come on Amelia, I'll help you put on your skates."

A few minutes later all 3 kids where on the ice. Amelia kept hobbling over and falling. She cried out after the 4th time that this was too hard and her bottom hurt. Maeve and Lewis skated over, taking one hand each and slid the six year old around the ice fast. Amelia squealed with joy as they released her hands, sending her flying across the ice. The six year old flew off the edge and landed on her stomach in the deep snow. she kicked her legs as she struggled to get up. Lewis skated over laughing and scooped her out of the snow. Maeve stopped sort of them staying on the ice still laughing. "You alright, Melia?" She asked. Lewis sniggered and looked at his older sister. "Yeah she's-" his expression of humor turned to horror. "Maeve! Don't move!" He yelled.

Maeve looked at him confused and startled. she followed his gaze to her feet. Hairline cracks had started to form right under Maeve and where growing larger by the second. "Oh, god damn it..." Maeve cursed. She tried to widen her feet, but the smallest movement made the ice crack alarmingly fast. "Maeve!" Amelia squealed. Tears started to roll down the six year olds cheeks as she tried to run to Maeve for comfort but Lewis stopped her. "Hey, hey, hey!" Maeve said keeping her balance. "It's ok. It's ok." Amelia hiccuped in her brothers arms. "I'm going to be just fine. None of us are going to fall in." Maeve continued to reassure her. "But I need you to go get help, ok?" Amelia nodded. "Ok." She said trying to stop crying. Lewis and Amelia quickly took off their skates and slipped their boots back on. "Stay put! We'll be back soon!" Lewis called over his shoulder as he ran towards the town. "Don't worry I'm not going anywhere!" Maeve called back sarcastically as she looked at her feet.

The cracks where getting larger. It was only a matter of time before she fell in. Carefully as she could, Maeve attempted to shift her balance onto one foot. If she could do that, she could jump onto more stable ground. Maeve did her best to turn her left foot sideways so the pressure would be even, then lifted her right foot off the ground. If there was one thing Maeve hated herself for more than anything, it was being clumsy.

Loosing her balance, Maeve hobbled over and fell strait onto the broken ice.

Burning cold. That's the first thing Maeve felt. Then the panic of needing air followed. Instinctively, she kicked up with her legs trying to get to the edge of ice. Her limbs grew so stiff she couldn't feel them much less move them. Maeve opened her mouth to breath only for water to enter her lungs. Slowly she sunk to the bottom. The rush of cold and panic for air seemed to drift away. Maeve felt like she was back at home in bed. It was like... Dad telling her those bed time stories about Jack Frost... Him tucking her in... Lewis laying next to her on his stomach... Baby Amelia laying on her lap... If this was death...it wasn't so bad...

Maeve's eyes slowly closed just as a white hand reached down and grabbed the front of her jacket.

There was a hard pounding on her chest before Maeve's eyes shot open and she coughed up water. She took several deep breaths and closed her eyes again as she tried to regain her breath. Her limbs felt too heavy to move and her whole body was shaking. Maeve opened her eyes again to see nothing. Just trees and soft falling snowflakes. Her eyes darted around through frost covered eyelashes. No one was there standing over or around her. Maeve grunted and forced herself into sitting position, cracking the ice that had formed on her jacket. A sudden icy wind hit her face and she curled up in a ball, trying to conserve whatever body heat she had left. It was warmer out in the air than in the lake, but it was still freezing.

"Maeve!" She heard Jamie's voice yell. He sounded horrified. "Maeve!" Maeve lifted her head slightly and yelled: "H-h-here!" in response. Jamie sprinted into sight. He looked around wide-eyed hoping to find her. He let out a large sigh and ran to her in the thick snow as two other men came up from behind. Jamie fell onto his knees next to Maeve's side and pulled her into a tight hug while the others went to set up warning signs around the lake. "Are you alright?" He asked breathlessly while still holding her close. "Y-y-yeah. I-I'm f-f-fine." She replied through chattering teeth.

"J-j-just c-cold." Jamie released her from his hold and took off his jacket and rapped it around her shoulders. Maeve forced herself to uncurl from her ball state and put the jacket on. "What happened?" Jamie asked."I saw the broken ice and I thought we where to late..." He trailed off and shook his head. Maeve stared at the lake. It was true, she had fallen in. There was a huge hole right were she had landed.

"I-I-I f-fell i-in." She replied simply. "I noticed. But how did you get out?" Jamie asked rapping his scarf around her as well. Maeve furrowed her eyebrows and looked at the ground. How had she gotten out? There was no way she could've gotten out by herself, that was for sure. And the white hand... "S-someo-one p-p-pulled m-me o-out." She finally said. "I-I d-don't k-know w-w-who." Jamie looked around at the forest. He shook his head and looked back at his oldest. "It's alright, we'll find out who later. Lets get you home." He said rapping his arm around her and helping her up.

"I-I c-can walk." She reassured him before Jamie could try to carry her. He simply nodded and rapped an protective arm around her as he lead her home. Maeve looked over her shoulder back at the cracked lake. "Who saved me?" She wondered.

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