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"Ah, Winter. So deadly yet, so peaceful." Maeve mused under her breath as she and Amelia walked along the back ways of the town to get to the park so Amelia could hang out with her best friends.

Fresh fallen snow covered the earth leaving everything invisible underneath a thick layer of white. The only disturbance was the deep tracks in the snow from Maeve's boots.

Amelia hopped along behind Maeve, stepping each foot into each one of her older sister's foot prints while keeping a tight grip on her teddy bear.

"... And then Jack said he had to go and made a snowflake and blew it into my face and when I opened my eyes he was gone!" Amelia finished hopping into one of the deep foot prints with both feet.

"Jack who?" A equally girly voice asked. A small little girl, probably Amelia's age, with jet-black hair and eyes hobbled up in the snow. She was followed by a bunch of other little kids of the same age.

"Hi, Olivia." Amelia greeted. "Hi Sammy, Julie, Mark, Shelby, Hannah, Henry, Nick, and Caleb." They all chimed back in different greetings of hellos.

"Jeeze, thats a lot of best friends..." Maeve thought looking at the little kids.

"Jack who?" Olivia asked again once they all died down. "Jack Frost." Amelia answered cheerfully. "Who else?"

The kids all looked at each other and shook their heads. A rather short blonde haired boy spoke up: "Amelia, Jack Frost isn't real." "How do you know, Nick?" Amelia shot back. "Have you ever seen him?"

"Of course not. Because he isn't real." Nick replied. The other kids all nodded with agreement.

Amelia pouted angrily. "He is too! He saved Maeve from the lake! Didn't he Maeve?"

The 17 year old nodded. She didn't like lying to little kids, but she wasn't about to let them push her little sister around.

"Yeah. I saw him. He pulled me out of the lake." She lied through her two front teeth. "I even saw them talking on the porch last night."

Some kids looked at Maeve with pure awe, while others didn't look as convinced.

A little girl, Maeve thought her name was Hannah, spoke up: "can you call Jack to come play with us?" She asked. The other kids cheered in agreement. Maeve's eyes widened. How was she supposed to summon a fairy tale?

Snowballs suddenly came out of no where and hit each of the kids, except Amelia and Maeve, on the back of their heads. They suddenly started laughing out of no where and looked around trying to figure out who had thrown them.

More snowballs where thrown from no where as the little kids started to make their own snowballs and throw them at each other.

Maeve laughed as she got hit by several kids at once. The 17 year old made her own snowballs and lightly threw them at the kids, not wanting to hurt any of them.

Maeve hobbled forward as She got spiked on the back of the head hard by a snowball flying at top speed.

"Ow..." She muttered rubbing the back of her head. Maeve's multicolored eyes scanned the park looking for the thrower. There was no way one of the kids could throw a snowball that hard.

"Who threw that?" She muttered as the kids all ran towards the forest with the lake. "Come on let's go ice skating!" Caleb cheered along with others.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Maeve jogged after them. "Guys! Guys wait! The lake isn't safe to skate on!" She called to them.

"Guys!" Maeve yelled over them as she stepped between the kids and the lake. "I fell in two days ago! The ice isn't stable enough to support us!" They all moaned and started to complain that they where light enough to go on the ice and that she was only 17 and couldn't boss them around.

Maeve waved her hands dismissing their excuses. "Guys I almost drowned in this lake because the ice was to thin. I'm not risking any of you. Understand?" "Yes." They moaned together.

Maeve didn't mean to be so motherly and bossy, but she couldn't live with herself if one of these kids got hurt under her watch.

"How about we play hide and seek instead?" Maeve asked in a far more cheerful tone. The kids cheered in agreement. "Your it, Maeve!" Amelia squealed as she and the other kids ran away. "Don't go off to far!" The 17 year old called after them.

Jack landed on a tree branch above where Maeve was standing waiting for the kids to go hide. She walked a few steps towards the lake and hesitantly touched the cold surface with her foot, then instantly took it off.

"Want to go ice skating?" Jack asked flying off the branch. He made a winter wind strong enough to push Maeve onto the ice.

The 17 year old's multicolored eyes grew wide with horror as she slid further and further onto the frozen lake.

"Don't worry, I got you!" Jack said cheerfully as he used his staff to control the wind and guide Maeve safely across the ice.

After a while Maeve's horror started to disappear. She even started to laugh a little as she slid across the surface.

Jack released the winds hold Maeve and she skidded laughing onto the center of the lake.

The 17 year old laughed and stopped herself. She sighed and opened her eyes. She was dangerously close to the hole she had created two days ago. even though it was much smaller than when it was created, it was still alarmingly large.

The horrifying noise of cracking ice brought back the horror to Maeve as she realized she was stuck in the middle of the lake with thin ice cracking.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god..." She panicked trying to slide off the ice. "Hey, it's alright." Jack reassured her even though he knew she couldn't hear him. "You won't fall in again."

Jack lowered the "G" end of his staff against the ice and made a fresh trail for Maeve to follow. "Don't worry I got you." He said giving her an encouraging smile she couldn't see.

Using the wind, Jack slowly helped Maeve across the ice to the edge. "Your doing great." He told her. "Almost there." Maeve wobbled a little and almost fell over. Jack laughed a little. "You're a clumsy girl, aren't you?" He teased.

Maeve finally reached the end of the ice and jumped back onto the snow. The 17 year old looked at the lake. Floral patterned ice made a perfect trail of where she a stumbled across the frozen pond. Where did that come from...?

"See what did I tell you?" Jack asked flying back onto the tree. "Safe and sound."

Maeve's eyes grew wide. Jack stopped in his tracks. Had she heard him?

"Oh crap!" She suddenly exclaimed out loud. "I forgot about the kids!" At that Maeve turned heel and ran into the woods yelling "ready or not, here I come!". Jack laughed as he followed her back to the game of hide and seek.

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