A/N: Sequel to 'Breaking Records- Bad Wolf EP'. Read and review

"No, Jack, no! How many times? You can't have the rhythm overpowering the vocalists!"

"I'm playing in exactly the same volume as I always do, Theta," Jack answered back haughtily.

"I know, and I'm telling you to play quieter! If you carry on like that, Rose is really going to lose her voice and then we can't do the recording tomorrow!"

Rose watched the interaction in amusement, taking a sip of water. In truth, her throat really wasn't that bad, just a bit sore, but the Doctor was getting rather worked up. That may have been because it had been nearly five months since they'd released the Bad Wolf EP, and they'd been working on this album non-stop since then. They were almost ready to begin recording the first of the songs, and the Doctor wanted everything perfect. Ever since their EP had sold out in a matter of hours, the media had been extremely interested in Bad Wolf Records, and the Doctor and Rose. Of course, the press had soon realised that where they could find Rose Tyler, they'd often find the Doctor. The pair seemed to be inseparable, but despite speculation in the papers that they were a couple, the pair maintained that it was purely business, although they were close friends.

"I'm sure Rose feels fine, don't you, Rose?" Jack announced, looking over at Rose, who was still stood beside the microphone.

She nodded.

"Yeah," Rose replied with a smile "I'm fine. Throat's a bit sore, but it's just a bit of a cold."

The Doctor sighed.

"Are you sure? We don't need you pushing yourself for the sake of it, Rose." He told her gently.

"I'm absolutely fine, Doctor," she assured him, grinning.

The Doctor nodded, and crossed back over to the microphone again.

"Ok guys," he announced, flashing a grin at Rose "from the top!"


It had been yet another late night, and the Doctor insisted on accompanying Rose back home. They managed to grab one of the few trains still heading to London Waterloo during the late hours of the night, and they were soon on the tube back to Peckham.

"You know," the Doctor began conversationally, although Rose could hear the worried undertone of his words "there is a way that you wouldn't have to keep making these long trips every day."

"Yeah?" Rose asked, guessing where the conversation was going but unwilling to jump to any conclusions.

"Yeah. You could… Move in with Jack and I. If you want, of course." The Doctor stuttered, suddenly wide-eyed and awkward, and he rubbed the back of his neck, gazing in the opposite direction to avoid meeting her eyes.

"Have you spoken to Jack about it?" Rose asked uncertainly.

"We-ell," the Doctor replied with a shrug.

Against her better judgement, Rose giggled.

"Doctor, talk to Jack about it first. Please. Besides, it's only a three bedroom house and the studio takes up one room." Rose told him with a slight grin.

"Ah, ah, ah! But we don't use the dining room! Never used the dining room, Jack and I. Mostly because we either eat out, or we're having a ready meal…" the Doctor trailed off, and Rose nudged him to bring him back to the present "Right, yes, dining room! You could have the dining room as your room. That way, we're all in the same house and it doesn't matter how late we end up working until, but you'll still have privacy as Jack and I will be upstairs. And it would save you money on train and tube transport."

"Look, Doctor, I won't say it's not a good idea, but I can't agree to it before you've spoken to Jack and I've spoken to my Mum." Rose replied calmly.

The Doctor sighed.

"I suppose you're right," he admitted.

They remained in silence until they reached their stop.


"I'll, uh, see you tomorrow then, yeah?" the Doctor asked Rose.

"Yeah," Rose replied with a grin as she fumbled in her pocket for her key.

However, just as Rose went to unlock her front door, it was flung open by a rather irate Jackie Tyler.

"Mum! I wasn't expecting you to still be up!" Rose exclaimed.

Jackie merely raised an eyebrow at her daughter. The Doctor had encountered Jackie Tyler enough times now to know that that look meant she was far from impressed with the time Rose was getting home.

"Jackie!" the Doctor announced with a grin "Sorry about the time, I'd have gotten Rose home sooner, but we were finalising the first few tracks for the album so we can record them tomorrow, and we…Well, we lost track of time."

Jackie huffed slightly.

"Well, Theta" Jackie replied, emphasising his name- the Doctor knew that Jackie still didn't believe that that was his legal name, but she'd rather call him that than 'Doctor'- "next time when you won't get my little girl home until gone midnight, at least have the courtesy to call."

Rose rolled her eyes and the Doctor swallowed.

"I'll…I'll make sure to remember that." The Doctor replied, wide-eyed.

"Mum, just leave him," Rose told her Mum before turning back to the Doctor, grinning "I'll see you tomorrow then,"

"Actually, you'll see me in a few hours," the Doctor pointed out "it's already past midnight."

Rose rolled her eyes again, but was grinning.

"Go on, get going, or you'll miss your train," she told him, pushing him gently towards the stairwell.

The Doctor gave her a cheeky grin and began walking away, whistling as he went.


When the Doctor finally got home, he headed straight back up to the studio, grabbing a pen and some sheets of blank sheet music, beginning to write down the notes and lyrics that had started out as absent-minded humming on the train home. As he began writing out the lyrics, he couldn't help but imagine Rose singing them. He didn't usually think this, but for once the Doctor was wondering whether he'd just written the perfect song…