A/N: Final chapter! The next story in the series will be up soon :)

Rose woke up feeling rather relaxed that day. That was because finally, after months of work, the album was being released today, and while the Doctor would be keen to start the next album as soon as possible, they had at least one day of relaxation. That was, of course, if they could avoid the media coverage. Hauling herself out of bed and grabbing her dressing gown, she padded out of her bedroom and into the kitchen.


Rose jumped as she saw Jack already in there, sitting at the breakfast table eating a slice of toast.

"Morning," Rose replied, smiling tiredly at him as she tied her dressing gown up.

"Album's out today," Jack reminded her, "and you know what that means."

Rose grinned.

"No work!" the chorused together.


"And I am very pleased to announce that this next song is from the Doctor and Rose Tyler's brand new album 'Better with Two'!"

Adam Mitchell flicked a switch and 'Better with Two' began playing. Smiling to himself, he settled back in the chair. Just like the Bad Wolf EP, Better with Two had already shot to the top ten in the UK charts, despite only being released that morning. As he absent-mindedly began doodling on a scrap of paper, Adam contemplated getting the Doctor and Rose back in for another interview. Of course, last time the Doctor had made it clear that Rose was his, but that shouldn't mean he'd turn the interview down.


"What do we do now?" Rose asked, frowning.

"I… I don't know, actually," the Doctor admitted, brow furrowing.

It was only just past eleven, and the trio were already bored. Even though they were relieved to have some time to themselves after months of working non-stop to complete the album, they were now at a loss of what to do. Just then, Jack's mobile buzzed, and he grabbed it from the table.

"Text from Mickey the idiot," he announced with a smile. "The album's already at number two in the charts."

The Doctor and Rose grinned at one another, and the Doctor suddenly shifted on the sofa.

"You wanna go back up to the recording studio, don't you?" Rose asked the Doctor with a smile.

"We-ell," he answered guiltily, rubbing the back of his neck.

Rose laughed and Jack shook his head.

"Can't you take a break for just one day?" Jack asked jokingly, eyebrow raised.

The Doctor shrugged, grinning.

"You said yourself that the album's doing well," the Doctor replied. "So why waste time sitting around when we could be starting on the next album?"

Jack groaned.

"Really, Theta?" he asked. "We can't just have one day off?"

"Oh, you can," the Doctor replied calmly, getting to his feet. "I'm going to go write some music."

The Doctor left the room quickly, heading upstairs to the recording studio. Jack and Rose sat in silence for a few minutes, occasionally glancing at each other, before Rose suddenly got to her feet, hurrying upstairs after the Doctor.

"Spoilsport!" Jack yelled after her, grinning.

He remained sat in the front room on his own for several more minutes before sighing and following them upstairs to the recording studio.