Crash , bang , wallop screaming . I woke up where were these noises coming from was someone hurt. More importantly was I in danger, where am I. I tried to take in my surroundings curtains across the bed I was laying in , machines all around me , was I in hospital . Suddenly the white door I hadn't even noticed creaked open. A youngish man came in he was very pretty and instantly got my attention even if he did wear glasses he was very easy on the eye. Who is he, is face looked familiar but I couldn't remember him. ' Hello' I said the man had come closer now and it was obvious he had been crying . 'Dougie, dude we have all been so worried' he said. At this moment I almost starting to cry how I could not remember Tom he was my best friend and band mate. Suddenly everything came flooding back the concert, the stupid argument and the car crash... . I was just about to ask how everyone was when the door opened again. A man was dark, curly hair came in. 'Y 'alright dougs' said the strong northern accent that could only come from Danny. 'Where's Lara , where's Harry is everyone ok' I blurted out scared needing to know . I looked in both their eyes and saw that they avoiding eye contact with me. 'What's wrong ' I asked fearing the worst . As my memories became clearer I remembered in the car , Lara screaming , struggling , crying . I started crying 'She's dead isn't she ' I asked so sure of the answer I may aswell if asked myself .