I am asking nicely, please stop hounding me to update 'Just Married'. I'm trying my best, okay? And being forced to write rather than writing for the pure enjoyment of it is just plain awful. I pour my feelings into everything I write, and if I'm being pressured to do that in anything, all you and I'll get is a half-done, chalked up story that could've been loads better had it not been a forced thing.

This was a writing experiment. I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT are (c) Akira Toriyama and Toei. This is amateur fiction, strictly for fun and nonprofit, and will be removed upon the copyright holder's request (courtesy of Sholio).

Chi-Chi is happy that she is marrying Son Goku.

It's always been her dream and it is finally becoming a reality. She is garbed in a big, poofy wedding gown… her mother's wedding gown, the one her father went to the brink of extinction for. Goku, her sweet and handsome husband-to-be who's clothed in a matching tuxedo, is looking cute and clueless, eyes creased in irritation as he fiddles with the bow of his suit. She couldn't take her eyes off of him, painted lips bending in a shy smile and eyes glittering as she soaks him in with flushed cheeks.

The last time she'd seen him, Goku was nothing more than a little boy, short and cute and just as adorable as he is now. His eyes, though not hardened, are still as wide and innocent as they've always been. His spiky, black hair is even the same! But his face isn't chunky anymore and is now much more defined. All traces of his baby fat are nowhere to be found as he is nothing more than a chiseled young man… a chiseled young man that she is about to marry any minute now!

Chi-Chi is giddy with excitement, though she tries her best not to show it.

Suddenly, Goku notices that Chi-Chi is staring at him and his hands fall slowly to his sides as he makes his way to his wife-to-be, all smiles and bow tie forgotten. Chi-Chi blushes and averts her gaze, deciding to twiddle with the hem of her gloves.

"Ya nervous?" he asks, stuffing his hands in his pockets, pretty black eyes searching - prodding the crowd of guests for his friends.

Chi-Chi looks up at him, her blush never waning. "A little," she admits with another shy smile. "You?"

Goku scratches the back of his head with a ring of laughter. "Kinda. This is a lot different than how I feel before enterin' a battle, ya know? I'm gonna be spendin' the rest of my life with you and I kinda don't know what to expect! It's kinda scary."

They both laugh.

"Thank you, Goku," Chi-Chi says after she's done laughing as she begins to play with her dress.

Goku quirks an eyebrow as confusion etches on his face. "For what?"

"For marryin' me," she answers bashfully. She runs a hand along the length of her bangs. "I was mad at you… at first, for forgettin' about me and that promise you made. But it's been a really long time since then… and even though I was upset that it was a mistake, since you thought a bride was food and all - they both laugh at this - I appreciate your proposal. Really, I do. You've made me the happiest girl in the world because of it, so… so…," she stumbles, eyes searching the grass as she tries to find the right words to say to him.

Finally, Chi-Chi takes a deep breath and decides to press her lips to his cheek, leaving behind a deep red imprint of her lips. "Thank you, Goku."