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Chapter 1

The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the club that Saturday afternoon was how dark it was. The only lights were the ones on the stage to showcase the current dancer. I moved to the side of the door to let my eyes adjust and text my friend Emmett to find out where he was. The only reason I was even in this joint was for his pre-bachelor night get together.

My phone buzzed with his response so I headed in that direction. As I got closer to the side of the stage I could make out their faces, five of the frat brothers I couldn't care less to ever see again and Emmett. Seth noticed me as soon as I got closer and stood up.

"Cullen, is that you? How the fuck ya been, kid?" He engulfed me in the typical man-hug as everyone else stood to say hello. After the obligatory 'hi's' I sat down and waved over a waitress for my drink order.

"Welcome, how can I be of service?" She asked leaning over to show some obnoxiously enhanced breasts barely covered in black satin.

"Are we splitting pitchers?" I asked taking a look around the table and ignoring the much too large chest being thrust into my face.

"Em's drinking whatever we buy him today." Sam interjected.

"A pitcher for the table, glass for me and Emmett, what do you want?" I asked.

"Whiskey" He shouted, proving he'd probably had too many already. The server jotted down the order and walked away shaking an ass clad only in black silky boy brief style bottoms.

"I've never been here, whose idea was it?" I asked. All eyes moved to Jacob as he raked over the waitress.

"Christ, the things I could do to those mountains." He mumbled. "I come here to relax on occasion. I know it's open all times of the day and since Emmett didn't want us to be out all night, I thought starting here early would be a good thing. I'm thinking we come here for the actual bachelor's too. " He shrugged and went back to ogling the girl on the stage.

The waitress came back over, put our drinks down and handed me a card. "There's more than you see." She said, and then she winked and sashayed away.

I looked at the card, Phantasy the Place that can Make Your Reality. I turned it over and there was a website and phone number, but it wasn't hand written. Odd, I thought, placing the card into my jacket pocket.

"So Sam, how are the kids?" I asked, drifting back into the conversation around me. After three hours of crappy music, and the obvious daytime girls on stage, I decided I'd had enough. I said my good byes, and walked to the bar close out my tab.

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