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Peeta was annoyed. He was not annoyed that the thorns kept snagging on his jacket, or his boot kept falling off, or even that there was a "wanted" poster with his face on.

Well, that was part of the reason.

But they just couldn't get his nose right.

They were always getting it too long, or too short, or too wide or too narrow. Peeta was beginning to think they were doing it on purpose. He ripped the brown poster of the tree and crumpled it up; no way in hell was anyone going to see such a preposterous representation of him.


"Guys, I want a castle." He said to Cato and Marvel, two hulking brutes that were meant to be his partners in crime.

"Let's just get the hell out of here!" Cato shouted, dragging him away by his dark blue collar.

When they caught sight of the guards, all red faced and panting, chasing them all around the castle, Peeta Mellark broke into a run, putting his awesome agility to the test as he ran along the narrow walls of the castle and jumped on top of piles of wood.

"Give me the crown!" screamed Marvel

"nope." Peeta replied, throwing Marvel his most charming smile.

He gripped the brown satchel in his hand and felt the jewels inside poke him through the leather, still he continued running, the wind whipped his bright blond hair back and hissed in his ears. Still, he laughed and continued on.

His legs carried him far away from Cato and Marvel; they followed behind with heavy steps pounding on the ground. Peeta ducked, narrowly missing a flaming arrow coming at him from a long faced guard it bounced off of one of the castle walls and fell into a barrel of water, and the flame was extinguished. He continued running, for now, neither Cato nor Marvel or the guards were present in his line of vision.

He continued running.

He slipped.

Peeta Mellark thought he broke his back when he landed on a heap of barrels, but then, as if he was in a movie. The barrels rolled away with him on top, rubbing against the gritty road, nocking market stalls and fruit over on its way. He'd lost count of the amount of people that shouted curse words at him.

He looked behind him.

Cato and Marvel grinned at him like a pair of Cheshire cats.

The barrels slowed to a stop at the opening of a forest, Peeta checked the crown obsessively at the rate of three times per minute.

"Thought you could get away from us didn't you pretty boy?" Marvel sneered, creeping closer to Peeta, which caused him to back into a corner and bash his head on a tree. Peeta winced and shook himself off, he will not be a coward.

"Obviously not!" he said, like the very idea of running off was preposterous "I was just running ahead, so I could… uh…check for future obstacles."

"You're lying!" Shouted Cato, he always did have a short temper

"Lying?" Peeta scoffed "when have I ever in my life committed a sin?" he asked, knowing they were too dumb to realise that Peeta, Cato and Marvel had all committed sins by stealing everyday of their life.

Cato gritted his teeth "you better not be lying pretty boy." He said, using his nickname, Peeta had to agree that he was a bit of a pretty boy, well every boy was a pretty boy compared to Cato and Marvel. Their bashed up faces sent all women within ten kilometres running for the hills.

"I'm not lying, let's just find a place to rest tonight."

The brutes agreed, and together they trudged through the thick amber foliage of the forest and weaved through the trees. Peeta thought of a new way to escape them at every turn.

Peeta had never seen such a strange and splendid place in his life, there were many forests strategically dotted around the kingdom, but none compared to the beauty of the one Peeta was walking through at that moment. Animals scurried around, scared by the sound of their heavy footsteps on the dirt. The trees bent down and stroked their backs, the wind making it look almost as if they were whispering to each other. The thing is though; Peeta had no time to admire the beauty of the forest like a pansy he needed to devise a plan to escape.

When Peeta and the brutes came to a part of the forest, where the hills were just too steep to walk across, he realised that the plan had just been handed to him.

"Well boys, we're not gonna be able to get up this hill."

"We could climb, there are some footholds rig-"Cato started

"Nonsense, there is no way at all!" Peeta cried, melodramatically holding his hand to his head

"You know what, thank your lucky stars that I'm so clever, boys! Give me a boost so I can get up and pull you two along with me!"

"Why can't we lift Cato?" said marvel, ever the suck up

"Cato is much to heavy- no offence"

Cato shrugged "none taken, the ladies like men with a little meat on their bones" he said, flexing his bicep at Peeta and giving him a cocky grin. Peeta looked at him in disgust.

"Just help me up." Peeta said, with exaggerated exasperation, nearly everything peeta did was exaggerated.

Cato locked his hands together and lowered them so Peeta could step on, giving a small wince when he felt Peeta's boot come in contact with his hands, slowly, Cato lifted his interlocked hands so peeta could get up.

At the last second, Peeta's boot came off.

He muttered a million curse words under his breath.

"Oi! Marvel! Toss my boot up!" he shouted, grinning when a single long brown boot came rushing towards him, a hairs breadth away from his face.

Gingerly, peeta put the boot on and tied it up; he picked up the satchel with the crown on it and looked down at the brutes.

"Help us up now, pretty boy!" Cato shouted

Peeta grinned down at them

"I never liked that nickname." He said, before speeding off, listening to the sound of their outraged cries.

As he passed a particularly big tree, he saw a poster


Peeta mellark

Dead or alive

A large sum of money will be awarded to his captor.

He sighed; they just couldn't get his nose right, could they?

Peeta was annoyed.


Eventually, Peeta found a tangle of plants near some rocks. They looked very suspicious.

He tilted the plants back, sure enough, there was a secret tunnel there, peeta scoffed no one could fool Peeta Mellark.

The tunnel was dark and damp, even if it was short; the walls were made of grey stone that made him more than just a little claustrophobic, as he edged towards the light at the end of the tunnel, thinking that it probably had some sort of metaphorical significance.

As he emerged, he caught sight of a large shape blocking out the sunlight.

A tower.

A freaking tower.

Peeta couldn't stop the sound of awe that escaped from his mouth.

The tower was white and beautiful, it seemed a little worn in places, and even a little cracked. But there was a beauty in the way the ivy clinged to the towers walls.

Now, that would be an awesome shelter.

Breaking to a sprint, he ran towards it until he could feel the cool dampness of the tower underneath his palms.

With a little jump, he began to climb, satchel bumping against his thigh.

There was a strange sense of accomplishment when Peeta Mellark reached the top. He unslung the satchel off his shoulder and sighed.

"Finally." He said, aware that talking to himself was weird, but who was there to listen anyway?

Before he could talk to himself anymore, he was hit on the head with something hard.

He fell to the ground with a thud.

The world went black.