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She spends all her time painting.

She isn't even that good at it, she's just kind of…average, but painting is the only thing she can do.

She paints the floating lights near her bed (where there are curtains so she can cover it up when necessary), there are millions of them, all floating around outside the castle, while she sat on a hill close to it, hair flowing behind her, looking longingly up at the floating stars, her eyes filled with hope and accomplishment, and love and-

"Katniss! Katniss! Let down your hair!"

She pulls the curtains hastily, almost knocking over her paint, quickly she opens her little cupboard and shoves them inside-

"Katniss! I haven't got all day! I'm not getting any younger down here!" her mother called, the wind carried her voice perfectly.

She panicked, hoping her mother wouldn't notice the splatter of yellow paint on the floor


"I'm coming mother!"

She quickly rubs the yellow patch on the floor with one dark purple shoe, putting a pillow over it for good measure.


She wipes her hands on her dress before hurrying over to the window and throwing meters and meters of her jet black locks to her mother.

"finally!" she sings, Katniss can feel the slight tug on her hair which means her mother is getting into the basket, the pain of the tug gets more bearable as she ascends up the tower.

Katniss' mother, Coin, comes in through the window, hitting her head on the top.

And was it just Katniss or did her wrinkles look deeper? And was that a grey hair?

"Good morning mother." Said Katniss, pulling her hair up from outside and dragging it in, buttercup the cat immediately began to gnaw on the ends

"Oh no, no Katniss, no time for hellos, just sing! Please!" her mother said, with an odd tone of urgency lacing her voice.

"Alright mother."

Her mother all but shoved Katniss onto her stool, (which was getting a little too small for her) she grabbed a brush from her little dresser and tugged it through her hair. She did not go gentle.

"Sing, sing!" she urged

Katniss sighed "deep in the meadow…" she started, the words subconsciously continued to flow out of her mouth as she watched her dark hair begin to glow.

"Here is the place, where I love you." She finished, the glow immediately faded from her hair.

"Well done Katniss." Her mother said the grey hairs and wrinkles had just about disappeared; it must have been Katniss' imagination.

It was quite creepy that her mother liked to hear her sing so much, but then again, all mothers were a little creepy. Weren't they?

But Katniss had never seen another mother to judge.

She'd just have to trust here's, after all when has her mother ever lied to her?

"Mother… well, it's a special day soon…" Katniss began, the words caught up in her throat.

"What? Out with it girl!"

"My birthday!"

"No, no, I distinctly remember that being last year…" said her mother, dismissing her

"Well, mother, that's the thing about birthdays, they're kind of an annual thing."

Her mother sighed, Katniss hated it when her mother sighed, because it always meant she would say no.

Her mother lead Katniss over to the mirror, she could feel the weight of her hair dragging her back.

Katniss stared at their reflections in the full length mirror; her mother's smiled at her. It didn't reach her eyes.

"Katniss, look in the mirror. What do you see?" her mother asked

Katniss looked in the mirror, she saw a tiny plain looking seventeen year old girl, the seventeen year old girl smiled at her.

Katniss hated her for being so hopeful.

"Do you want to know what I see? I see a strong, brave, beautiful young woman."

Katniss, smiled, her mother had her moments.

"Oh wait… you're here too!" she said before dancing away, laughing hysterically

"Well Katniss, I have to go get some things, be safe! I love you!" she said, grabbing the end of her hair and stepping inside her basket.

"I love you too mum."

Her mother paused, before stepping fully inside the basket, her face darkened

"Don't. Go. Outside." She said, Katniss felt the familiar tug on her hair as her mother descended.


There was someone coming inside the tower.

It wasn't her mother.

If it was her mother, she would have called to Katniss first, Katniss held her breath as they got closer and closer.

She grabbed the first hard thing that she could find which turned out to be a frying pan and hid near the window.

Buttercup hissed at her.

"Shut up, shut up." She hissed back.

Katniss didn't even stop to see what it was before whacking it with the frying pan. As it made contact with the thing, it made a loud, terrifying sound. She could hear the thing drop to the ground.

She waited for a few seconds, her heartbeat thumping loudly in her ears.


When she was sure the thing was out cold, she emerged out of the shadows and inspected it.

She couldn't see clearly, they were lying face down on the floor, all Katniss could see was a suspicious looking satchel and a mop of light blonde curls.

Her fingers felt like fire as she slowly turned it around.

She gasped and jumped back like it was a hot poker.

It was a man.

The man's eye lids were screwed shut, he winced in his sleep. There was a mess of blonde on his forehead.

A man, a man, a man, a man, a man.

Katniss had never seen a man before (nor had she ever seen a blond person.)

She was scared of this man. After almost eighteen years of sitting by the fire, listening to horror stories about the scary outside world, about the terrible things that men could do.

Who knows what this man would do if he woke up?

He needed to be tied up.

Katniss found the chair by her dresser and dragged it near him. It made an embarrassingly loud screeching noise.

She stopped.

He hadn't woken up. She added that to the list of things she already knew about men, dangerous, sneaky, cunning, ruthless, heavy sleepers.

With surprising strength, she pulled him onto the chair. Her arms ached and tingled afterwards.

Dangerous ,sneaky ,cunning ,ruthless, heavy sleepers, heavy in general.

The man's head dropped as she sat him upright on the chair, still he slept.

Using the only thing she could as rope, Katniss tied him up with her long, black hair.


He made a strange sound when he woke up, in between a snort and a sigh. Katniss backed away, that sound could be dangerous.

She couldn't stop the giggle that escaped her when buttercup climbed on to his shoulder and licked his ear.

That man screamed then turned to look at her with eyes that looked like they were judging her.

"Where's my satchel?" was the first thing he asked, she watched in awe as his blue eyes opened wide in urgency

"And where the hell am I?"

Katniss couldn't speak, it was for a reason between the facts that she was incredibly scared and that she didn't know it was possible for eyes to be that blue.

Gathering up all her courage, previously hidden away, she began to speak, "I've hidden it!"

"What!" the man exclaimed "give me back my satchel! I'll do anything!"


"Are you from…outside?" Katniss asked

"Outside what? Look… I don't even care! Just give me my satchel!"

"Outside there…" Katniss said, pointing to the window, looking at it longingly.

"Well, duh." The man said

"Take me to see the floating lights."


"Take me to see the floating lights and I'll give you your satchel." Katniss said confidently, he wouldn't hurt her, and risk never finding his precious satchel, would he?

"I don't even know what you mean, just give it to me!" he said, struggling against her hair

"The floating lights! They happen every year on my birthday! They seem to be coming from this…big castle."

The man looked like he was considering it for a moment "yeah…no." he said

"What! Why?"

"Look, the kingdom doesn't exactly like me." He said

"Do you want your satchel back or not?" she spat

"Well, so what you're saying is that if I take you to see the "floating lights" you'll untie me and give me back my satchel?"

Katniss simply nodded, she dragged her foot around on the wooden floor.

"Well then you leave me no choice…prepare yourself for…the smoulder!"


The man gave a ridiculous pout and looked up at her with, bright, blue puppy dog eyes


. .

There was a silence, Katniss could hear buttercup breathing in the background. The man sighed and let his face fall.

"Look, this is an off day for me… that normally works." He said "I'll do it."


"I said I'll do it. I'll show you the floating lights that seem so important to you, but only if you untie me and give me the satchel."

Katniss grinned triumphantly.

"is that a deal?" she said to the man, whose hair stuck to his face with sweat and looked like he wanted nothing more than to escape.

"It's a deal." Said the man

Just then, something occurred to Katniss.

She was a terrible daughter.