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Peeta Mellark is sitting in a chair, wrapped up in hair.

He doesn't even know what to say to that, it's simple enough, he takes her to see some "lights" she gives him his satchel, then they never see each other again. It doesn't even matter that she is really freaking pretty, the fact that he was wrapped up in her hair outweighs all of that, it outweighs the fact that her skin was so undeniably smooth, he lips so beautify pink, and her eyes, oh her eyes, he can't even begin to describe-

Shut the hell up, you are Peeta Mellark the great, son of Zeus, brother of Jupiter, king of the thieves. You don't need a girl.

Especially not one who has you captive in her hair.

"Katniss, Katniss! Let down your hair!" comes a shrill voice below, she looks panicked, her grey eyes bulge and she stares at Peeta for a few seconds,

"I'm coming mother!" she shouts, now Peeta is really confused

"Get in the closet. Do not go out. Just don't." she said fiercely

"How, am I supposed to do that when I'm tied to your hair, babe?" Peeta replied confidently

Katniss untied him with what seemed like a swish of her hair, and all but shoved him in the closet.

She shut it tight and Peeta can hear the click of a lock, before he could say anything, he was engulfed in darkness.

He could hear her whispering against the soft purple door

"Don't come out. Don't talk. Don't even breathe, and for god's sake do not call me babe!" she says, in the darkness, Peeta rolls his eyes, it was only a matter of time before she gives into the Mellark charm, all girls do.

Being locked in a closet gives you a lot of time to think. Peeta wasn't interested in the mindless chatter of the girl and her mother, so he thought instead. His life had been turned upside down in just a few hours, he started off stealing things, just like he did all the years before and now, he was being forced into taking some uptight girl to see some lights.

He also thought about other things, like, why won't Katniss give into the Mellark charm? What will Cato and Marvel do to him when they find him? Why does Katniss have such long hair? How come some apples are green and others are red? Some questions, it seemed, were impossible to answer.

Peeta wasn't always like this, a thief who thought way too much of himself. He grew up in a small neighbourhood, dirt poor with an abusive mother who just thought of him as one more mouth to feed, he spent all his time painting with squashed berry juice, helping his father bake bread, staring at his damp, mould covered celling, or reading stories about the brave hero Finnick Odair.

Finnick Odair was Peeta's hero, he grew up with him, Peeta had spent all his life reading about Finnick's adventures and how much everybody loves Finnick, and sometimes, he couldn't…help but think, that maybe, just maybe, his mother would love him if he was just a little like Finnick Odair.

But of course, he never was like Finnick Odair, he was just the messed up accident.

It was a relief to leave home, he did it on a whim, a fight with his mother turned out to be the straw that broke the camel's back, he left a note that explained that he had left and they shouldn't bother to find him.

He planned on becoming an artist, he could paint so much that the king would find out about his talents and as him to paint a portrait, then it would be so good that Peeta would become rich and famous and never go hungry again.

But of course, as the saying goes, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. His paintings didn't sell, and Peeta ended up turning to thievery to support himself. His plans of painting a portrait of the king flew out the window, (he doubted that the king would ask him to paint him a portrait if he ever met him) but Peeta learned to live with himself, he was happy, it was a good life.

His thoughts were interrupted by the door suddenly being yanked open.

The girl pulled him out, then immediately tied him up again.

"Are you ever going to let me go?" peeta asked

"Maybe" she smirked, leaning over him, Peeta could smell her hair, it was intoxicating. He vaguely wondered how she washed all that hair.

Katniss was still smiling; his helplessness seemed to amuse her.

"I could let you go," she said "but promise you won't do anything…bad, otherwise you won't ever see your satchel again."

Peeta chuckled, completely the opposite reaction to what Katniss was expecting

"What do you mean bad?" he said, wriggling his eyebrows

Katniss didn't notice the…dirtiness of what she said.

"Oh, you know, murder, lying, cheating, stealing."

Peeta cringed inwardly at "stealing" also; kind of hurt him that Katniss thought he was capable of all those things (actually, he was capable of all of them, except maybe murder).

"Now, babe, however did you get such a terrible impression of me?" he said, again, hiding under his "cocky bastard" mask

"I'm not stupid; I know what men can do. And don't call me babe."

Peeta smirked "okay, I Peeta Mellark the great, son of Zeus, brother of Jupiter hereby swear that I will not commit any of the previously mentioned crimes" he purposely left out the "king of thieves" bit

"Good," said Katniss, finally untying him, after he was untied, she seemed to stay at least five meters away from him at all times, it kind of hurt.

"Katniss…" he said softly "you know you can trust me right?"

"Um… sure." She said

"Good, it's not like I'm going to leave without my satchel anyway…babe." Peeta said, he was never one for mushy moments anyway.

"Don't." she warned

Peeta reached the window, he began climbing down, carefully, slowly, one false step and he could fall to his horrible death.

Katniss slid down on her hair.

She had been waiting there a full ten minutes by the time he reached to bottom.

He wouldn't call it waiting, It's not like she'd been doing nothing those ten minutes anyway, when he saw her, she was staring at a flower in awe, running around with her dark hair flowing behind her, contrasting with the pale colours on the ground. Peeta couldn't help but think that she looked beautiful, free.

Again, he hid it behind his "cocky bastard" mask

"Let's just get this over with." He said