The truth can bring two things. It can bring happiness, pride and joy to one. To know that the truth is right, and glorious. That one can always look back, and find hope and pride.

Hope can also bring hate and fear. Some may go too far with what they believe, only to be proven wrong. They then begin to tear their own life away, go into denial and refuse the Truth.

This is the story, of a truth that cannot be ignored


October 7th.

Naruto Uzumaki was asleep at his desk, dozing off during his lectures at the Ninja academy. He hadn't slept for days. he simply had no energy.

Naruto wore an orange Jumpsuit ( probably the only clothes he owns). He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was the most energetic person you would ever meet( aside from today).

Naruto was usually an excitable person, full of life and mischief. But during the month of October, he always went quiet. Why? His Birthday.

Naruto wasnt a bad kid. Sure he was goofy, and played immature pranks, but he hasn't done anything that was illegal. He had grown up without his parents, and was starved for attention. He had never felt the love of a mother, or the pride of a father.

Unknown to Naruto, his father, the fourth Hokage, sealed a demon known as the Nine tailed Fox , just a few hours after his Birth. The Hokage died during the action, so he could never explain his actions. He requested he be known as a hero of the leaf village, for carrying such a demon

That was the thing about Naruto. He wasn't seen as the container o the demon. He was seen AS the demon.

The nine tailed fox. Had attacked and blown up half the village on October 11th. The same day as Naruto's birthday. He was always taunted, beaten- even attempted to be killed. Despite all the hatred Naruto received, he never once used it as an excuse to moan, cry or sulk. He tried, tried and tried again. And when he failed, he got up and tried again. His dream kept him going, from morning until night, Naruto's dream kept him going: to be the most respected ninja in the village: the Hokage.

His teacher smiled When He heard Naruto talk of his dream. Iruka was one of the few people in the village who didn't hate Naruto. He knew what a tough time it was for him, and let him sleep. He would give him a brief summary of his lecture later.

It wasn't just the adults of the village who hated him. His fellow students had followed their example, and took every opportunity to embarrass or humiliate him.

"Iruka Sensei!" One pupil cried " Naruto's sleeping again" she said it with a sly grin, as she knew what she was doing.

Iruka wafted his hand " He's fine like that. Leave him alone."

The pupil put her hand down, and had not been the reaction she wanted. She had wanted to get Naruto in trouble.

She wasnt the only one. Almost everyone wanted nothing more than to watch Naruto fail, then laugh at his failures. Truth be told, they didn't know why, they were just following the examples of their parents.

There was only one or two people who didn't make fun of Naruto. The obvious one being Hinata Hyuga.

Hinata was one of the quietest people you could hope to meet. She barely spoke, and when she did, she spoke with a stutter. She avoided confrontation and hassle when she could. But she admired Naruto. His courage always was an inspiration. Hinata had watched him for years. Watched him for...


The bell went. Naruto snapped up into his seat, and looked left and right to see everyone getting ready to go. He got ready too, until Iruka called him " Naruto! Could you come and see me when you've packed away?"

Naruto sighed . Now what? " yes Iruka Sensei."

Once everyone had left, Naruto plodded down the stairs " yes, Sensei?"

"Don't worry. Your not in trouble. I saw you were sleeping in class." Iruka said

"S-Sorry Sensei..." Naruto began. He was cut off by an understanding Iruka

" I know what happens this time of year Naruto. I just want you to know that you don't have to worry about sleeping in class. I'll give you a Brief summary of what we have done in class." Iruka said

Naruto smiled greatly " thank you Sensei! "

Iruka smiled " if you need anything, let me know, okay, Naruto?"

"You betcha, Sensej!" Naruto said, running out the room

Iruka smiled. "Where does that kid get that energy from? He gets next to no sleep, he just woke up and he's gone like that."


Naruto went out on to the playground to do what he always did: sit on the swings. Alone. He saw other children playing with their friends. Naruto had tried to mingle with them From time to time, but the result was always the same; kicked out on his face. At one point, Naruto just gave up trying to mingle with them. He just watched them play.

Naruto sighed. What had he done? What crime had he commited to be hated so?

He was about to sit on the swing set, when he saw a lavender eyed Hyuga sitting on the set, just watching others play, like Naruto did.

Naruto sighed . " should I even bother trying? Or is she gunna kick me from my spot again ?"

Naruto took a deep breath and walked over to the girl. If she forced him away then that was that.

"Um... Hi.." Naruto said

The Girl jumped of the swing set and looked at Naruto. She went bright red and looked away from Naruto's direct stare " O-Oh! H-Hello... A-Am i I-in your way?"

"No... It's okay... What's your name?" Naruto asked ' well' he thought ' this is going well. At least she hasnt hit me yet'

"H-Hinata H-Hyuga." Hinata managed to say

"U-Um, do you want to play on the swings with me?" Naruto asked

Hinata just went bright red. She was talking to her crush, and he wanted to play with her? Hinata fell back, and fainted. The last thing she hear was " hey! Are you alright?"


Hinata woke up to find herself Propped up against a tree. The other kids were still playing, so she couldn't have been out for more than ten minutes, which is actually a short amount of time for Hinata.

She looked around for Naruto, but he was nowhere to be seen."D-Did he change his mind?"she asked herself, sadly

Just when Hinata was about to leave, Naruto came out of the building, with a plastic cup full of water, and came towards Hinata. " oh, your Okay."

Naruto knelt down by Hinata and handed her the cup " Here. You went red hot and you passed out. "

Hinata went red again, but tried desperately not to faint. She nodded and slowly took the cup " T-Thank you."

"No prob-Owww!"

Whilst Naruto was talking, someone had thrown a rock and pebbles at him " Demon!" They yelled, and ran away

Naruto just sighed. He picked up the same rock, and hid it in a hole in the ground, in the vain hopes that it would be one less thing the villagers could use against him. He knew it was inevitable though. They'd find new weapons regardless

Hinata, who had been watching people do this to Naruto for years, managed to speak " W-Why does E-Everyone H-Hate you?"

Naruto sighed " I don't know. I wish I did. I've asked the Hokage a hundred times and he always says I'm too young. I asked him about my parents and he says its not worth knowing. It won't bring them back. So... I just gave up trying."

"W-what do Y-You mean" won't bring them back?' she asked , confused " did they leave you?" Hinata asked

"They're dead" Naruto said, his voice void of Emotion . He spoke calmly. The truth was that Naruto was used to it. He had grown up in pain. The fat that he never knew his parents sort of helped. What he didn't know couldn't hurt him, but he still wanted to know. Like who they were, what they did. He knew if he didn't know, it couldn't hurt him, maybe that's why the Hokage wouldn't tell him, but he desperately wanted to know.

"T-That's horrible..." Hinata gasped

"Honestly, you get used to it." Naruto sighed, his eyes fixed on the ground.

Hinata just stayed quiet. She had no idea Naruto was all alone, no parents, no siblings, with everyone around him taunting him , hating him for crimes he did not commit. And all the while, he somehow managed to keep his usual smile on, like all was right with the world.

Naruto threw on his trademark smile again. It was clearly a fake smile. " Anyway, drink up." He said, gesturing to the cup

Hinata nodded, and took a drink "T-Thank you."

"It's ok." Naruto grinned, still with his fake smile.

Just then, the bell rang again. Naruto sighed " I guess that's it."

Hinata nodded,slowly. She had more than enjoyed Naruto's company.

"Uh... Do you wanna sit together?" Naruto asked

Hinata almost immediately shouted "Y-Yes!" Then Blushed madly afterwards.

Naruto smiled. A genuine had finally met someone who hasn't immediately tried to upset him,hit him, or beat him up, and for that, he was so happy.


the rest of the day went by quickly, but for the first time in his life, Naruto wasn't looking forward to running out to go and commit his pranks all over the whole village. He was enjoying the company of this Hinata girl. For the first time in his life, Naruto felt like he actually had a friend, and he couldn't be happier.

Before Naruto could even blink, class seemed to be over. That's when Naruto remembered what day it was. 7th October. In Four days, it was his Birthday. Birthdays had always been Naruto's most hated day of the year, but for everyone else, it was their favourite day. Why? Why just him? How come everyone else got to have such a good damn time while he was suffering?!

Naruto calmed himself, and just got ready to go home. Asking all these questions wouldn't solve anything. One day though, he would get the answer, even if he had to break into the Hokages palace to find out.

"Um...D-Do you want to...Want to walk with me?... I-I mean... Y-you got to the crossroads, R-Right?..." Hinata asked, going about as red as humanly possible.

"Sure" Naruto smiled


There were only a few people who knew the whole truth about Naruto. That the fourth sacrificed himself to seal away the Nine tails into Naruto, and what he wished for Naruto. Without Naruto, the whole village may have been destroyed, but the villagers didn't see it like that. They saw his as the demon. the ine that killed their family and friends. They had no idea that Naruto was the fourth Hokages Son.

"There's no doubt in my mind that he would be treated drastically different if they knew the truth." The third Hokage said to his council, the only people who knew the whole truth.

"I'm sorry; but I don't see how telling the people of the village will benefit anyone" councillor Danzo said " Naruto acts as a lightning Rod to the whole village. He may be abused, but he brings the villagers together"

" in an effort to kill Minato's son. That's not what he wanted." The third Hokage said

"But to keep our village united, isn't it worth the pain he bares through for the good of the Village?" Danzo asked

"Danzo, you and I both served together in the Second war. I understand you have the villages best interests in mind, but imagine if Naruto could harness the Nine tailed Chakra. He could be both happy, and powerful. He could serve the village as the ninja he aspires to be" the third said " and in addition, I will not have the village against the Hero of this village. Without Naruto, this village would be gone. I will not allow the people to kill him for being the container of the Fox."

Danzo remained silent

"Regardless of what the council here thinks, the truth must be made apparent to all the village. Naruto is no different to the rest of the people in the village, but if he did to them what they do to him, you would leave me no choice but to have the AMBU arrest him, yet when the villagers do such a thing, you want me to encourage it!" The third said

"Regardless, he is still the demon ! " a councillor yelled " he has the demon in him! Why- what if he goes on a rampage?! He's more than capable of taking out all of our AMBU units without even breaking a sweat!"

"Has Naruto ever lost control once? Has he ever rampaged? No. The sands shukaku, or one tail, has rampaged on a monthly basis" the third said " if Naruto ever lost control, I would be able to understand what you were saying, but it has never happened. This child seems to have more control over the nine tails than the previous Jinjuriki- the fourths wife"

Everyone remained silent. None of them had thought about that. Naruto had not ONCE Gone one a rampage. They were all acting on the basis that if he went on a rampage. Considering he had not once rampaged, he seemed to have control of the beast.

"I believe it is an advantage of having lived his entire life with the Fox inside of him. Minato's wish was for him to be viewed as a hero. We have failed Minato for the past 9 years. I won't have the mistake last a decade. I will make the announcement on the 11th of October." The third said. He then Left the council stunned. This could go both ways- good and bad


Naruto and Hinata walked down the road together, mostly in silence, until they reached the crossroad that set them on their speedster paths.

"Well thanks for the company." Naruto said gratefully

"O-Ok N-Naruto." Hinata blushed

"Thanks... It's been so long that I've had a friend..." Naruto sighed

Hinata blushed.' Did he just call me his friend?' "I-I-I'm happy to be one N-N-Naruto."

"Thanks " Naruto grinned " I'll see you then"

Hinata watched until Naruto was nowhere in sight. Then she blushed, and fainted.


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