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The land of Waves, Naruto found, was a , quite frankly, cruel nation, full of poor people, struggling to stay alive. The rich wanted nothing to do with the poor, and kept to themselves.

It was like a hell on earth.

After a few days, Kakashi was well enough to move again. He had to use a walking stick for a while, but he was now able to perform Jutsu. So, in carrying on with his plan, he called for his summoning partner

"Summoning Jutsu!"

A dog, grey fur, appeared out of the had a lea headband around her neck, and seemed like a wild dog which had been tamed.

"Kuki, I need you to send a message to the Leaf Village."

"Gotten into more trouble, like in the land of Earth?"

"Just tell the leaf council that... Complications... Are beyond what we were equipped for. Tell them they need to send ANBU to this mission."

"ANBU? What have you gotten into?"

"Just go."

The dog, Kuki, nodded,and leapt down from the table she was perched on and dashed on out of the door. She would track Kakashi's scent, and deliver the message to the leaf council, then lead the ANBU back to Kakashi.

"Uh, Kakashi Sensei?" Naruto asked, gobsmaked. "What the hell just happened? Who was that?!"

"That was Kuki. And that was a summoning Jutsu. It allows me to summon an animal to help me. Mine are dogs that can talk. " Kakashi said. "I know what your thinking, but you aren't skilled enough to learn such a move yet."

Naruto sighed.

"Okay, so we have a 3 day gap until the ANBU will arrive, if it takes them as long as we did." Sasuke said "plus the three days it will take Kuki to get to the leaf. That's about a full week. what are we supposed to do until then? Obviously we aren't strong enough to take on this Gatö. "

"We will train and protect Tazuna until they arrive. Carry on our mission." Kakashi said. And I have quite the technique for you. Come."


Kuki ran, weaving inbetween the trees, to throw of potential trackers. She had to get to the village as fast as she could. Kakashi was depending on her. She had never let him down once, she wouldn't start now.

The air changed. The scent...

She was not alone.

She darted behind a tree. Where was this person? We're there any natural thing she could use to trick him?


A large hand chocked Kuki, cutting off her air supply, making her unable to speak. Who was it?... Whoever t was, they was bringing her so she could see their face.

Zabuza, of the bloody hidden mist!

"Ah... Kakashi calling for backup?" Zabuza spoke softly. "Ah... Such a... Coward."

Kuki realised why she had to get to the leaf ASAP. Kakashi had been fighting THIS guy.

"So Kakashi knows how to summon dogs?... Interesting... No message attached to you... So you can speak?"


Kuki's body fell to the ground, her neck feeble and broken. She was dead, and so was any chance for reinforcements.

"You shalt speak no more."


The Shinobi hunter, that had appeared to have killed Zabuza, jumped from the trees. " the dog was sent by the ninja."

"Indeed Haku. Now take off that fiendish mask. It brings back... Unpleasant memories."

"You find it disturbing?" Haku said, taking off the mask. It revealed a young, gentle face, behind a pair of innocent blue eyes.

"Of course not. I simply prefer, being followed by Haku, not by a Shinobi hunter ."

"Because of the Mist?"

"Indeed." Zabuza looked down to the dog he had just killed. " well it seems Kakashi was calling for reinforcements. He must be weak. Lets deliver the crush ."

Haku jumped in front, Of Zabuza , blocking his path. "Zabuza sir. Your body is not yet ready to handle a battle with an opponent as powerful as Kakashi. You must rest, for two days at least. Or you really will die!" Haku said this, almost with a smile.

"Your some soft brat aren't you? No doubt, it's why I like you." Zabuza said

"Well, I'm only a child!" Haku said, still smiling.


Kakashi led his team through a forest, to the closest thing that could be used as a training field.

Naruto was right behind Kakashi, Hinata just a few steps behind. Sasuke was a foot behind them, Naruto noticed. Usually he was about 5 foot behind, keeping his distance.


Naruto looked behind him to see Hinata, with a worried look on her face. He slowed down to he was level with Hinata " yeah? You okay?"

"D-Did you really kill Mizuki?"

Naruto sighed " yes. Apparently. He died of wounds. I never meant to kill him."

"May as well." Sasuke said. This was the first time he had joined in a conversation. " he was a traitor. He would have been put to death. Save the execution team a job."

"Sasuke's right." Kakashi said.

"Wait, I thought the traitors were... Thrown in jail or something." Naruto said

" they were, at one point. " Kakashi said. " you see, back during the first Great War, there were a bunch if traitors that were captured before they could sent their information to the enemy.

To ensure the info wasnt leaked, they were killed. It's still that way today. The risk of information getting to our enemies could be used to launch an invasion, or retake occupied land. "

Naruto looked to the floor. He knew he would have to kill to be a ninja... But reality was hard. He struggled to keep it down.

"Right, here we are." Kakashi said, stopping his team in a wide open field.

"So what're we gunna be learning then?" Naruto asked, his previous emotions put to one side, replaced with eagerness.

"This exercise is meant to help your chakra development. " Kakashi said " we're going to climb trees."

Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata all raised an eyebrow simultaneously. "H-How will that help?" Hinata asked

"This won't be an ordinary exercise. You'll have to climb, without the use of your hands."

Naruto's eyes widened a bit. 'This sounds like fun!'

Hinata just stared on ' huh?'

Sasuke half closed his eyes ' is he serious?'

"Perhaps it would be easier if I just showed you." Kakashi said , putting his hands together " first, focus your chakra into the soles of your feet." A gust of wind blew leaves from Kakashi's feet. He walked to the tree and...

" he's walking... " Naruto started

" without using his hands..." Hinata added

"His feet parallel to the ground" Sasuke finished

Kakashi placed himself under a large branch, and flopped upside down, like a possum, and looked to his students. "mastering this is a challenge, for even ninja at the caliber of lord Hokage. You have to focus solely on the technique. And if you think this looks hard, you will have to use this while in combat. In battle, circumstances are always changing, and a true Shinobi must learn to use those circumstances to their advantage"

All three Genin nodded. Naruto had a big grin on his face.

Kakashi held three kunia in his fist " enough talk. The best way to learn is by doing." He threw the kunai into the ground, by the feet of his students. " use those to make how high you get."

Naruto pulled the kunai out of the dirt, rubbed the dirt off it, and got ready to charge at the tree.

"Remember- focus your chakra into the soles of your feet." Kakashi reminded them.

Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke did so, the wind beneath them blowing away the few leaves by their feet, and then all ran to climb the trees.

Naruto managed to get up about 3 feet, before slipping and falling to the floor. "Owww.."

Sasuke did a bit better. Up to 7 feet , before his tree cracked, and he back flipping down to the ground.

"This is tougher than I thought." Said Sasuke. "Too much force, and you end up like me, to little force, and we end up like you, dunce."

Naruto glared at Sasuke. "Shut up."

Naruto turned to see how Hinata had done... Only she wasnt there. She was still going, without and difficulty whatsoever!

She managed a couple more feet, before climbing onto a solid branch.

"Way to go Hinata!" Naruto cheered.

Hinata blushed lightly and smiled back down.

"Can't let you get the best of me, though!" Naruto shouted, and attempted to climb again, falling only a few metres higher than were he was before.

"If I were you Hinata, I'd get comfy." Sasuke said from his tree

Kakashi watched his students train. He noted how Hinata was the first to climb the tree, and how Sasuke seemed to be interacting more with then than before. Naruto and Sasuke were roughly on equal levels, which was much easier for Kakashi. Plus, they were rivals, so it would help them push themselves further.

Naruto had gained more height than he had previously, but was t getting any better.

"Hey, Hinata!" Naruto called.

Hinata had been resting under a tree for a while, but perked up a bit when she heard Naruto.

"Hey, Hinata, can you give me a couple tips? I'm not really getting anywhere." Naruto asked

"O-Okay. " Hinata said, standing up.

Kakashi watched on. 'So Naruto has really started growing up. The Hokage wasn't lying when he said Naruto had matured since he learnt of his heritage.'

"Got it! Thanks Hinata!" Naruto smiled, before dashing back to his tree to try what he had learnt.

First, focus solely on what he was doing. Block out everything else. Only the tree.

Second, make a target. Naruto scanned the tree, and decided on a big branch about 20 feet high.

Naruto focused... Than ran.

He was able to reach 16 feet! 16! His previous record was about 10!

"Haha! Yes!" Naruto cheered. " thanks Hinata, I got it now!"

Hinata blushed and smiled.

Sasuke looked over to see how Naruto had done.

'What the-' Sasuke thought. A massive gap in progress, and he had caught up! How the hell did he manage that?!

Naruto's skill had improved greatly since he learnt of his father. Kakashi knew that much. It was weird. Granted, everyone who had known Beforehand knew it would have affected him somehow...this wasnt expected though. His abilities in combat would exceed the expected level at this rate.

Enough to kill anyone.