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For some reason, James would not allow Sirius to read The Prophet that morning no matter how many times he had asked for it. When he had finally managed to get his hands on the paper he almost didn't see the column in the corner till he thought he recognized the face. It was Regulus, looking serious as ever just blinking up at him and looking a bit sickly if he was honest. Sirius had actually reached to touch the moving photo before he actually read the title of the article.

"Black Heir Found Dead"

He dropped the paper without even realizing that he had, feeling as if someone had knocked the air out of him he stood up. James entered the living room once more, his eyes wide as he saw Sirius trembling — more like shaking — and he dropped his cup of tea so to go over to him. Sirius jumped at the sound of the china shattering on the floor, his heart was racing and his head felt light as the room started spinning around him.

"Sirius! Sirius, mate. Calm down," James called to him, shaking him but he couldn't feel him. James seemed so far away and the world around him was falling to pieces around him.

Sirius felt his knees shaking, the floor beneath him moving too much for him to stand anymore as he fell to his knees. His breaths came in heaves, his chest aching as his vision began to blur due to the tears that started to form. Regulus was dead and Sirius had done nothing to save him. They were two different people, but Sirius had always hoped that one day his brother would find the strength to find his way to the right side. Sure, he'd heard about him getting the Mark and he'd hexed Peter's mouth shut when he'd called Regulus a dirty coward. But still he hadn't really given up hope on his brother.

Now all he could think about was feeling Regulus hold his hand for the first time, Regulus following him around the many rooms in Grimmauld Place so that they could hide from their mother in one of her worse moods. Sirius had done his best to save him, but he knew the moment that he left that he could not save Regulus anymore. He couldn't save him now because he was dead.

He was dead. Sirius curled up onto himself on the floor, his elbows to his knees and his entire body shaking as he sobbed. Regulus was the one person he failed that he had never meant to hurt, the one person he should have never failed but he did. Fingers in his hair he tugged slightly, letting out choked sobs as he continued to shake because now all he could think about were tiny fingers in his hair. The nights he would sneak into Regulus' room when he knew that his brother was upset and their parents wouldn't let them sleep together. Regulus had to learn to self soothe, but Sirius never liked it when he cried and he it was easy to fall asleep with Reg's fingers in his hair.

"I'm sorry," he choked on a sob as he let that out hoarsely. "I'm so..so sorry. Little Prince, I'm sorry."

Those sobs leaving him because he didn't care who heard him, he didn't care who knew that he was hurting. His little brother had been killed and he had done nothing to save him. He had failed him again.

We're sorry to inform you, Mr. Black, but you've failed to save your brother.