When three exchange students suddenly arrive the team get suspicious, obviously. But when MI9 gets involved it's not easy to keep their cool. First Stark arrives and goes undercover as a teacher, then MI9 agents do an 'inspection' of the school two special agents have been called back to lend some assistance...

'Oscar come on, you're going to be late for school' agent Davis shouted up.
'Right, just coming!' oscar answered grabbing his bag and his shoe and running down stairs.
'Bit late today' he said ruffling his hair.
'Yeah, sorry about that' oscar said smiling as he slipped his shoe on. He was only late because carrie wanted to talk all night long about some actor she thought was really hot.
'Come on then, I'll give you a lift' Davis said and oscar followed him outside.

'Rose come on!' her dad shouted from the front door.
'Just a minute dad!' rose shouted back stuffing her million textbooks into her bag. She grabbed her communicator from her bedside table and ran down to meet him.
'You took your time' he said seriously but he ended up smiling and rose smiled back 'Come on'.

'Carrie, don't you want breakfast?' her mum asked as she ran by.
'Already had it' carrie shouted over her shoulder before running through the door her dad was about to walk through.
'Hey rose!' carrie called as rose' car pulled up in front of her.
'Hey caz' she said back as she jumped in beside her.
'Did you finish the biology homework?' rose asked and carrie froze.
'What homework?' she asked hesitantly.
'Did you even try?' rose asked smiling.
'Can i have a peek?' she asked doing her best puppy dog face.
'Fine' rose said digging in her bag and handing carrie her biology jotter.
'Love you' carrie squealed as she grabbed her biology jotter and scribbled down the answers.

'Bye oscar' agent Davis called and oscar waved as he drove off.
'Oscar didn't i tell you he was hot' carrie said walking up behind him with rose and her finished homework.
'Come off it, Robert Downey jr. is not that hot' oscar smiled as they walked through the playground.
'You're in for it' rose grinned and carrie started talking and went on and on about the possibilities of her and Robert getting married and having 200 children, she kinda stretched the truth a bit. Rose dropped her books into her locker and pulled out a few other jotters.
'Rose, does it ever occur to you that you have 50 million books?' carrie asked and oscar chuckled. As rose and carrie argued about the number of books oscar looked over his shoulder and caught sight of three people he hadn't seen. Two girls and one boy, all standing with each other, watching the students that passed carefully.
'Hey, have you seen them before?' oscar asked the other two and they turned round.
'They must be the exchange students, the ones Mr Flately was talking about' rose said as the others gave her blank looks.
'Bad luck for them, this school sucks' carrie said and the other two laughed. The bell rang signalling first period and the trio made their way to french.
'French first thing on a monday, not the best of subjects' carrie moaned.
'Its not that bad' oscar said.
'Oscar, you know 14 languages fluently, nothing's hard for you' rose said and the three of them laughed. As they walked into french the three students were talking quietly with Mrs King. The took their seats and waited for the rest of the class to show up.
'Hey man, i don't ma coat of for no one, ye get me' scoop said walking into the classroom with his posse and Mr Flately behind him.
'Ok then sco- I mean Timothy' Mr Flately corrected himself as Mrs King shot him one of her death glares.
'Right class, i would like to welcome Lavender Shields, Gale Pevense and Caspian Finnigan' she said and the class mumbled a long welcome to saint hopes. Lavender and gale, a blonde and a black-haired girl, walked over to the far side and sat in the empty seats side by side where-as caspian had to sit beside oscar, Avril was sitting beside Troy, a boy who had moved here a while back.
'Hey, i'm oscar' he said nervously.
'Caspian' he replied smiling and oscar smiled back.
'Any good at french?' oscar asked.
'Yeah, you?' caspian said.
'Yeah' he shrugged and looked to his right, catching carrie spying on him. Oscar stuck his tongue out and she crossed her eyes smiling.
'Right class, today we will be learning how to ask questions about your partners family' Mrs king said writing a few sentences on the board.
'Pft, easy' oscar and caspian mumbled.
'Now, using these examples i want you ask your partner about their parents and siblings' she said smiling.
'C'est tellement ennuyeux' groaned caspian.
'Ce n'est pas si ennuyeux' oscar said back and caspian looked at him.
'Where'd you learn french?' he asked.
'When i was five, you?' oscar asked.
'Same, what other languages can you speak?' he asked and oscar listed off the other 12 languages he knew. Caspian was quiet before he looked at oscar.
'Same here' he smiled but oscar noticed his eyes. They were the brighest gold he had ever seen.
'You have gold eyes' oscar said astonished and caspian frowned.
'Yeah, i always get teased for it' he said looking down.
'Why, i think they're cool' oscar said smiling and caspian looked up.
'Really?' he asked.
'Yeah, never seen someone with gold eyes' he chuckled and caspian sniggered.
'I do hope you two are talking about family' Mrs King said eyeing them like a hawk.
'C'est Mme King, elle garde les portes de l'enfer' oscar said and caspian burst out laughing, drawing attention from a few rows including rose and carrie. The two of them turned around and saw oscar and caspian sniggering and and going red.
'Good to know they're getting along' rose said and turned back to her books. Carrie watched them for a bit longer and realised the other two transfer students were watching the pair closely. She was so lost in her thoughts that rose had to shove her to get her attention.
'Come on' she said holding up her communicator.
'Right i'm coming' she said, made their excuses and waited for oscar. He arrived a few minutes later.
'What took you?' carrie asked and oscar shook his head still holding back a grin.
'Ok then' rose said eyeing him suspiciously as she scanned her thumb and pushed the door open.
'Its nothing' he said as they both stared at him.
'Fine then' carrie said pulling the lever and sighing.

'Ah team there you are' frank said walking out from the side, wearing the biggest pair of double-glazed goggles they had ever seen.
'Wow frank, what with the retro glasses?' rose asked as the other two grinned.
'Never mind those' he said blushing and throwing them to the side 'This is what i called you down for'. He wipped out a small remote from his pocket and pointed it at the computers. The three of them turned to the screen and saw three faces appear, three all too familiar faces.
'The exchange students?' carrie said frowning.
'Frank, whats this about?' oscar asked.
'We think that skul are using these three as spies' he explained.
'Why?' carrie asked and frank walked over to his 'scientific' corner.
'They want to get hold of this' he said holding up a small pencil.
'A pencil?' rose said rasing her eyebrow.
'Not just a pencil, this can activate any bomb with in a 10 mile radius, very lethal if it falls into their hands' frank said placing it carefully down on the table.
'So, what do we do?' carrie asked.
'Follow them, record any of their phone calls and don't let them out of your sight' frank said seriously.
'Ok, i'll follow caspian' oscar said shrugging.
'I'll tail gale' rose said.
'I'll go after lavender' carrie said cracking her knuckles and the others stared at her 'I won't touch her, promise'.
'Also, M.I.9 have sent in some help, rose i think you'll remember them' frank said smiling as the lift doors opened.
'Hey!, rosie where you been!' called a voice and the three of them turned to see a boy and a girl standing at the doors smiling widely.
'BLANE, DAISY ITS YOU!' rose shouted happily and hugged them both, oscar and carrie were amazed they didn't break.
'Oscar, carrie i'd like you to meet blane and daisy, friends and recruits of rose' frank said smiling as the three old friends broke apart.
'So, who's who?' carrie asked and daisy pulled out a pocket mirror.
'I don't look like him do i?' she asked frantically and the others laughed.
'It would be a blessing if you had good looks like me' blane said giving them a cheeky grin.
'Yeah right, with that nose' carrie smiled and blane snatched the mirror from daisy and looked at it. The others started laughing again and blane blushed a brilliant red.
'Right now, blane daisy i need you down here with me, we need to figure out where these transmitions are coming from and how to decode them' he said bringing up a message from M.I.9's mainframe. The two of them nodded and started to go through the many code breaking techiniques they knew.
'You three, try to gain the trust of the new students and if you can, bug their phones or anything used to communicate got it?' frank said and they nodded.

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