princess in the tower

She was born a Malfoy. She died a Gryffindor. But she was still Narcissa's Princess - a freeverse telling the rather tragic story of Andromeda Narcissa Malfoy from her mother's eyes

Prompts used: Princess, cherish, gone too soon

She was born exactly seven minutes after her brother.

and as much as she hated to admit it,

she was the one she was most excitedfor.

Lucius would m-o-l-d young Draco into his heir

and his daughter would be left to Narcissa to deal with.

Because girls didn't belong in Pureblood society.

They were nothing but *pretty* little decorations,

empty and hollowed out so they could be what their Pureblood husband wanted.

Narcissa didn't want that for her daughter.

Her Princess.

So she named her / Andromeda / in hope that she would follow her Aunt's footsteps

Even if that meant marrying a mudblood.

Andromeda g-r-o-w-s.

Draco g-r-o-w-s.

And it's clear that, whilst twins, they looked nothing like each other.

Draco was like his father.

A Malfoy through and through.

/Silver hair and silver eyes and a pale face with pointed features/

Andromeda was like her mother.

A Black through and through.

/Golden hair and grey eyes and a pretty porcelain face with soft features/

Narcissa loved them both.

When Andromeda is seven, she asks an important (?) question (?)

"Mother, why do you and father not love each other?"

Narcissa is silently impressed with her little Princess.

Not many people would look past the facade of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, loving husband and wife.

Because they didn't love each other - they were an :arranged: marriage and put up with each other.

Tolerated each other.

Hated each other.

But she couldn't tell her that.

So she tells her

"Because Pureblood women are not supposed to love their husbands."

She hated how Andromeda's little face f - e - l - l in front of her eyes.

She understood.

Four years later, Narcissa sends her children to Hogwarts.

She doesn't cry... In front of them.

She saves the tears for when she's behind closed doors and her children are on the train to Hogwarts and her husband is at the Ministry.

She's never felt so alone.

Narcissa prides herself on knowing everything about her children.

She knows that Draco is afraid of his father.

She knows Andromeda hates how the Elves are treated.

She knows that Draco loves Chocolate Frogs by hates Licorice Wands.

She knows that Andromeda is terrified that she's going to fail Potions.

She knew Draco would be in Slytherin.

She knew Andromeda wouldn't be in Slytherin.

But she didn't expect Gryffindor.

(Anything but Gryffindor, Princess, your father isn't going to like that!)

But Narcissa thought before she acted and she realised that this was a good thing

Because her daughter will be brave enough to do what Narcissa could never do.

There's stories that the Dark Lord was at Hogwarts and Harry Potter defeated him once more.

To be honest, Narcissa couldn't care one knut about the orphaned Boy Who Lived.

She wanted to check her twins

(Her golden haired girl and her silver haired son.)

She never expected Andromeda to step off the train with the previously mentioned orphaned Boy Who Lived

She sees Draco glaring at them as they hug and Narcissa is reminded of another Potter and should-be-Slytherin hugging like that

And Narcissa's heart breaks

Because look how James and Sirius turned out

/I hope you know what you are getting into, my Princess/

Over the Summer her Dragon does nothing but practice Quidditch and her Princess does nothing but read in her room.

Lucius is not happy with Andromeda but Narcissa knew he wouldn't be

But she won't be disowned because family means something to Malfoys.

Narcissa tries to talk to her but she's c/h/a/n/g/e/d -

She doesn't agree with what she was raised to believe and she pretends not to notice when her owl sends a letter to the Weasley or muggleborn.

Narcissa is losing her daughter.

She gives it a few years before she becomes another Sirius and runs away.

Her little ones - although not so little now, Cissy - return to Hogwarts.

Lucius tells Andromeda to - stay away - from Potter.

Andromeda rolls her eyes and runs away without saying goodbye when someone shouts Andy!

- can you remember when you called your sister that? -

Narcissa makes do with/ smothering /Draco but can't let the memory of her Princess running away from her without a backwards look leave her mind.

She feels much better when she writes to her the next day to vent about Potter and Weasley's latest adventure.

Narcissa feels like she's getting her daughter back.

Narcissa and Andromeda exchange letters all year in a way that a younger Narcissa and the first Andromeda did.

Narcissa had never been happier because she has her daughter and her sister back.

When she comes back, she reveals what happened last year

And her father's part in it.

Narcissa says nothing about it to him and she can feel Andromeda's disapproval.

"Who don't you stand up for yourself, mother?"

"Because it is not my place to tell your father what he can and can't do."

"That's not a marriage. That's like a man and his slave."

Oh, my little Princess, have you not realised that is basically what marriage is for us Pureblood women.

They go back for their Third Year and Narcissa is terrified

Because Sirius Black is out there.

He has no reason to come after her or her husband or her children

But Andromeda is close to Harry Potter and Sirius is obviously going after him

Oh, Princess, stay safe!

Andromeda lives another year and returns to the Manor for summer.

The Quidditch World Cup takes place and Narcissa and Andromeda are forbidden to go by Lucius.

Andromeda is angry



She spends most of her time in her room and Narcissa spots her owl -f-l-y-i-n-g- to and from his mistress as he sends letters back and forth between her friends and her.

She doesn't talk to Narcissa about it.

Instead they do each other's hair and Narcissa is just happy to see her smile, even if she did choose to talk to the muggleborn about her problems instead of her.

It's the twins Fourth Year

And a student dies

And the Dark Lord is back

It's only a matter of time before her daughter leaves

Fifth Year for her children comes and goes and her twins return home.

All four are home and Narcissa knows that this is the last time everything will be like this

And Narcissa's no Seer but her prediction comes true

Because the next day the g/r/o/w/i/n/g fight between Lucius and Andromeda erupts and Narcissa tearfully watches as she walks out of the door with her bags in hand.

She doesn't look back and she's glad because she wouldn't be able to cope if her grey eyes met hers

It would've been like watching her sister leave all over again

Narcissa wanted to cry because she had lost another Andromeda

And this hurt so much more

Because Narcissa couldn't find it in her to call her back and convict her to a life like her own.

She tells Lucius it's for the best that she's gone

/And meant every word/

She's heard that Andromeda is at the Weasley home

- maybe they can give her the family she deserves -

And Narcissa has to stop Lucius from going and dragging her back from that hovel.

But she doesn't stop him from disowning her Princess.

Because Andromeda is smart and Narcissa is too and she would be able to look after her without Lucius finding out like she did for Sirius

- no one knows about that and no one ever would because Sirius is dead and her lips are sealed -

Lucius and Narcissa take Draco to the Platform and she finds it heartbreaking when she spots Andromeda's beautiful golden hair - so much like her own - amongst the sea of red

Lucius says nothing

Draco glares

Narcissa blinks

"It's done."

Severus looks close to breaking point and Draco looks no better

But at least he is not a murderer

"Thank you."

She tells him when Draco has left the room, pale and shaking. She went to f-o-l-l-o-w before she halted but didn't turn around to face him.


"Fighting with the Order."

Narcissa nods because she expected no less of her Princess.

It's a full out war now and Narcissa fears for her family.

Bellatrix and Lucius are the most infamous Death Eaters and they should be safe

But Lucius is not exactly the Dark Lord's favourite anymore

And Bellatrix would gladly kill her sister and her family if it pleaded her Lord.

Narcissa is not religious but she prays.

She prays for her husband.

She prays for her son.

She prays for herself.

And she prays for her daughter who failed to turn up for her last year at Hogwarts.

Stay safe, Princess. Please, stay alive.

"Are you proud, Narcissa?"

Primrose Parkinson /sneers/ the question and she elegantly raises an eyebrow.

"About what?"

"Your daughter's marriage to the Weasley, of course!"

Her giggle is fake and Narcissa wants nothing more than to glare at the woman.

She's not happy but yes, she is proud.

"And what of your daughter, Primrose?"

Primrose shuts up because Narcissa could tell many stories of what Pansy Parkinson has done.

A mudblood.

A blood traitor.

Someone who may be Harry Potter.

Her daughter.

Narcissa ignores the others and saves her daughter.

She digs her nails into Andromeda's soft skin when she starts to protest and drags her to her room which had not been touched since she left.

She slaps her.

She hugs her.

And then she walks away.

Lucius sends her to Hogwarts a week later.

This is it.

This is it.

This is it.

The Dark Lord is seething and she hopes that the next person to cross his path is Harry Potter so, in one way or another, this ends.

The death.

The torture.

The uncertainty.

Narcissa waits with the Dark Lord in the forest with Lucius by her side. He's shaking and she's sure she is too but she remains s-i-l-e-n-t and so does he.

They breathe a sigh of relief as he - Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, Andromeda's Friend! - walks towards the Dark Lord.

He's not afraid.

But Narcissa is.

The fear doesn't leave her even when Lucius grabs her hand.

Narcissa walks forward at the Dark Lord's order and checks the boy's pulse.









(This wonderful, miraculous boy!)

"Are they safe? Draco? Andromeda? Are they safe?"

He nods slightly and she closed her eyes.

Her Dragon.

Her Princess.



When Narcissa was young, she wanted nothing more than to be a perfect Pureblood woman.

She wanted to be the perfect wife.

She wanted to be the perfect mother.

She wanted to be the perfect socialite.

"Was everything worth this, Cissy?"

The voice sounds like the taunting voice of Bellatrix.

A worthless husband.

A pampered son.

A daughter who's...

She can't even think the word.

What would've happened if she had run away with Andromeda all those years ago?

"Come with me, Cissy!"

"You're going to die, Cissy!"

"Cissy, listen to me!"

She should've gone.

She should've run away.

She should've lived like a muggle and married for love and gotten disowned

Maybe then, she wouldn't have been staring into the lifeless eyes of her Princess.

She stands at her daughter's funeral with her son and husband on either side and her daughter's wedding photo clutched to her chest.

(So beautiful and happy and smiling and he looks at her with so much love. She couldn't have wished for a better son-in-law)

Harry Potter is speaking.

Hermione Granger is sobbing.

Ronald Weasley is somber.

The Quartet has b - r - o - k - e - n and Narcissa wants to cry.

These three brilliant and brave kids helped her daughter escape a life she would've hated.

And it led to her death.

Andromeda Narcissa Malfoy-Weasley

Born June 1980

Died May 1998







Narcissa didn't want Andromeda to have the life she was forced into

Her Princess deserved more than an unloving husband and an unfulfilled life

So Narcissa let her daughter g - o

Because her Princess didn't deserve to be locked up in a tower.

And Andromeda didn't deserve to repeat her mother's past mistakes.

Andromeda didn't deserve the life she was given.

She was gone too soon.

Princess, I hope you were happy.

Princess, I'm sorry I never did the right thing by you.

Princess, I love you.