Summary: when Serena and Darien get into a fight and break up, what happens if Seiya and chibi chibi come into the story? Who will she choose? Inbox me and tell what the paring, for now serenaxseiya ;)


(a/n -she was trying to say bit**=a female dog)

"Hey look Darien! A bi-di-witch" Rini said happily as she pointed to a dog. Dariens eyes widened. He was just about to speak when Serena gasped and crouched next to Rini holding her shoulders.

"Rini! Where did you learn that type of language!" Serena said concern and scolding in her voice and love in her blue pools of eyes.

Rini slapped Serena's hand off her shoulder and gave her a look of pride.

"I learned this from a dictionary, something you never read and you don't know." she said with pride as she 'made a fool' of her mom.

"Excuse me Rini? Don't act so smug, I know what that is and I was thinking about treating you for ice cream, but now with your behavior you don't deserve it only me and Darien will eat it." Serena said much like a mother.

"Serena! Why did you have to be my mom! I wish you weren't at all." Rini cried out.

"What do you mean by that, pip-squeak?" Serena asked her fists clenched.

"Serena, stop acting like a 10 year old." Darien interrupted tried of hearing the two bickering and arguing once again.

"But Darien did you hear what she said? That's why I said no ice cream for her! And this brat started to give me attitude. She needs to change" Serena defended.

"Whatever lets just go get that Ice cream." Darien said as he picked up Rini and she hugged him sticking her tongue out, and leaving Serena behind alone.

When Serena finally caught up she saw that Darien had already ordered.

"vanilla and chocolate mixed for you right?" he asked just to make sure.

Serena nodded her head and turned to pay, she was confused when three ice cream cones we're brought to their table.

"Darien why did you order for her! She supposed to be on punishment" Serena exclaimed. Rini stuck her tongue out at Serena.

"Come on Serena, she just a little kid, and also she didn't even say the word" Darien said and turned to Rini "right?" he asked. Rini smiled and nodded her head "yeah!"

Serena was boiling, "Darien you're spoiling her!" she said

"No I'm not, she won't do it back again so calm down already, your getting annoying." he simply said.

"Oh my god Darien! I'm annoying just because I'm trying to tell her what's right!" Serena exploded jumping out of her chair.

"You know what, shut up Serena I'm sick and tried of hearing your pestering voice! You won't make a good mother at all you know what, We through, over!" and he took Rini's hand and walked away.

Serena who had tears in her eyes threw away her ice cream cone and ran home.

"I can't believe him! The nerve of that guy!" Serena stormed off in the direction of her home, only to bump into someone at the corner of the side walk, and she fell back.

The guy she had bumped into was hot, and his blue lake eyes matched with her blue pool eyes.

"aren't you going to say sorry?" the guy asked his voice was like melting caramel, sweet and soft but yet a sticky substance that can really get on your nerve when stuck on your teeth.

"excuse me? " Serena said as she got up.

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