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The man eyes widened as the girl he bumped into was arguing with him.

"What do you mean 'shouldn't I say excuse me' you're the one who bumped into me!" Serena rambled on.

He pointed at Serena and pointed at himself and said "Wait aren't you going to scream my name and try to cling to me and get my autograph?" he said really confused.

Serena crossed her arms and looked at the guy as if he was handicapped, "I just bumped into you, even if you are good looking, it doesn't mean I'll cling on to a stranger? Hell, you could rape me." Serena said with a brow raised.

The man stared to giggle and then bent over in laughter, and Serena flushed red.

"Hey! That's not nice, what is so funny?" she asked getting embarrassed, thinking she said something stupid.

"Sorry," the man tried to say in between laughs, "It's just that your hair is so funny" and continued to laugh.

Serena covered up her two hair buns that's Darien used to call 'meatballs'

'Uugh! Why am I thinking about him'

She turned her head "Well sorry if it looks bad, but I like it " she said.

The man stopped laughing and gave Serena a soft smile, "No, no, no! I I've them actually, I think they are really cute" and he gave her a wink.

Serena blushed once again "th-thanks" she tried to say but stammered.

The man straightened his back and extended his hand, "Hi my name is Seiya, nice to meet you dumpling" he said kindly.

Serena smiled and shaked his hand " My name is Serena, nice to meet you too and what did you mean by dumpling?" Serena said blushing for another time that day.

Seiya chuckled " Well that's because your hair looks like that's and also your very cute I think dumpling is nice, say what school do you go to?"

Serena looked puzzled and asked "you're not going to come and rape me are you?" and Seiya laughed and shook his head, "of corse not dumpling, I'm going to go to Tokyo 5 stars highschool, where do you go?"

"Oh," Serena said shocked "Thats where I go, cool are you a transfer student?" she asked.

"Yeah I guess so." Seiya answered.

Just before Serena was about to say something two more men came calling for Seiya they were wearing sun glasses, one had silver white hair and bright lime green eyes, the other one was really tall with light grey and blue eyes.

"hey Seiya we have to go, we got the uniforms" the one with silver white hair said.

"Okay Yaten," Seiya answered and turned back to Serena. " See you later dumpling!" he waved and ran to catch up with the two men who was just there.

As Serena got home she didn't feel like she broke up at all,

She felt like she just found love.

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