Serena was walking to school the next day still in depression mode but, she had a tingling happy feeling to meet the guy named 'Seiya'. She couldn't help but reflect what had happened that afternoon but frowned when she remembered the situation after her encounter with Seiya.

Flash back (woot woot \(^-^)/)

As Serena walked home with a little jump in her step until she saw something that made her break into a million tiny pieces.

Darien's Red car.

'what's his car doing here?' she thought to herself and walked into the door only to see Rini saying bye to Darien.

"Bye, Darien!" Rini waved good-bye.

"Bye Rini, I'll bring Shiori again tomorrow and you can meet her" Darien said and saw Serena enter the house.

"Hi Serena." Darien said blandly.

"Hi Darien, dropping Rini off I see?" Serena said in a her usual cheery tone.

"thanks for stating the obvious meatball head"Darien said in a rude tone.

That's what riled her up and just like a bomb she set off. "Uuuggh! What's up with you, lest I remind you for you are in my home so if I talk to you stop acting as if I'm following you or some shit-" Serena got cut off

"Serena! Rini is here! Don't cuss!" he yelled at her.

Serena face darkened drastically "Oh no,no no no no no! When she cursed an I scolded her you yelled at me! So don't think you can come here bossing me around you big jerk! " Serena exploded poking him in the chest whiles she was at it.

In the middle of their fight they hadn't notice the young woman come up and saying excuse me.

"excuse me?" she said politely in a soft tone.

"excuse me?!"she said a little higher gaining both of their attention. She stood there blushing at her sudden outburst.

"Darien you told me to wait in the car, let's go already I want to go on our date now." she said and Darien smirked.

"Okay Shiori I'm coming" Darien answered and left Serena there dumbfounded.

Serena felt weird, inside her because she was not sad she was not hurt she was not intimidated for some reason she felt a rush of relief overthrow her. Serena shrugged it off and headed towards the kitchen, Damn she was hungry and she didn't even notice.

Rini hadn't talked or spoken to her for the rest of the day, she for once took her bath by herself and ran up to her OWN room and didn't interrogate her room.

Of corse this hurt Serena inside but it wasn't her fault it was Rini's words not hers, but it still hurt inside that Rini hated her.

(flashback ends (/.\) awww )

As Serena approached her school she saw Mina, Rei, Amy and Lita and a bunch of other girls crowding the front of the school.

"Hey! What's going on!? Also Rei why are you here, you don't go to our school!" Serena said trying to voice over the girls screams and 'waiii's '

"Serena you didn't know these hotties famous boys are transferring to your school!" Rei answered still looking for their car to come.

Serena only blinked dumbfounded but really lost somehow " Who is the group?" she asked and the girls around her and the number of screaming girls became dead silent.

"uhh, maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to say" Serena said in regret

And all the girls suddenly found a chair and wheel double sided black board.

They forced her to sit on the chair like the student and began teaching their knowledge of the three lights.

" Theyr'e the three lights." a girl name Yuna started

Serena head fell to the side in confusion and said "so all of you guys are head over heels over 3 lightbulbs?" she asked innocently.

"How dare you speak of them in that way they are not light bulbs! Now look here and pay attention" Ayame said and pointed to the chalk board with the stick and Yuna began her lesson.

"You see the first one is Taki he's tall fun loving and nice blah blah

And Yaten he has attitude and la la ala al trololololo blah" Serena wasnt just hearing Yuna say that and didn't pay attention, hey she didn't pay attention in class who could blame her.

"and last but not least the best of all them Se- ahhhhhhhh they're here!" Yuna forgot about her lesson and dashed forward towards the limo only to have men in black keep her away from raping the three lights.

Serena was still sitting in her chair still confused and trying to find out what happened.

Even through the crowd Seiya managed to see through and find a pair of golden dumplings with hair flowing down with her head tilted to the side which looked adorable.

Seiya ignored all the plea's and cries for him to touch them or look at them and walked over in Serena's direction everyone shut up and just watched silently as to what he was going to do.

" Yo! Dumpling!" Seiya yelled towards her.

Serena turned around with an innocent face when she heard the nickname and fell off her chair with an aggravated face and pointed at him.

"W-what are you doing here and don't call me that!" Serena said blushing like a tomato.

"awww, it touches me that you remeber me dumpling so how about you give me a tour?" Seiya said and linked arms with her.

"u-uh n-no I will not and, -hey! Where are ou taking me!?" she stammered as Seiya dragged her into the school.

"it must be destiney for us to meet up again huh? Dumpling " Seiya said with a smirk and Serena kept quiet blushing madly and everyone behind them to go crazy.

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