Run - Matt.

We have to run.

That's what Dad says.

I don't like running. I can't run.

I always lose at races with the others.

But we're running now.

Running and hiding.

From them.

I hate hate hate them.

They took everything away.

The aliens.

The aliens that came.

They said the aliens might be friendly.

But they weren't.

They blew up the cities.

They killed all the soldiers.

Now the moms and dads have to fight.

Now it's just the Second Massachusetts left.

Our group.

Just us.

Mom went outside to get food.

She didn't come back for us.

Nobody comes back.

We have to stay in.

I don't like it.

New York was the first city to be blown up.

Then London.

Then Paris.

Then Madrid.

Athens was last.

The aliens took over the world.

Hal's next to me.

Ben's gone.

Dad's out.

No Mom.

It's quiet.

It smells.

I'm scared.

There are noises nearby.

They're getting louder.

They're closer.

We're huddled together in a corner.

Everybody's quiet.

Everybody's scared.

Everybody's hugging.

This might be it.

Hal doesn't like it when I ask questions.

He's hanging onto me so tight it hurts.

But I have to ask my question.

I hang onto Hal tightly.

Will Dad come home?

He looks at me.


I'm scared.

There's the light in the sky again.

The one that kills electronics.

Computers. Radios.

Satellites. Cars.



There's the sound of the door close by.

Hal points his loaded gun at the door.

He pushes me back, behind him.

I stretch to see round him.

I want to see, but I can't.

There are footsteps.

Hal lowers the gun.

Dad waves.

He's back.

We're playing catch with the sticks we found.

I throw the ball at Dad, he catches it.

He throws it back. I catch it.

Again and again. Safe.

Neat. Good.

I miss Ben.

He got harnessed.

He was staying with his friend.

We didn't know he was alive until days ago.

But he is. He's alive. They have him.

Dad said he's gonna get him back.

Dad and Hal will find him.

They have to.

My name is Matt Mason.

I'm nine years old.

I saw the aliens.

I got scared.

My dad fights the aliens.

So does my biggest brother, Hal.

I don't know if they'll come back when they go out.

But they do. Every time. I'm glad.