A one shot that might become two.

Han and Leia struggle to become parents. AU as far as the EU goes but not part of my AU.


Leia felt like crying as she stared at the home pregnancy test: negative.

Her and Han had been trying for nearly three years to have a family but all of it seemed to be in vain.

Her and Han had married shortly after the fall of the Empire and decided to wait a few months to start a family; a family that felt just out of her grasp.

Leia tried to seek solace in the Force but peace eluded her.

She quickly threw the test into the trash, washed her hands and headed for the sitting area of her and Han's apartment.

As she stared out the window in front of her at the skies of Coruscant she wondered what type of mother she would be. Breha Organa hadn't been a true mother to her. It was as if she only existed to be shown off like either a pet or an accessory.

Maybe that's why she sought out the vague memories she had of her real mother.

Leia wondered if her mother would have been better than Breha or if the nameless woman would have lived up to her expectations. She knew the image of her biological father had been shattered when Luke had dumped her with the news that she was his sister and that he was Darth Vader's son.

Bail had raised her well and taught her valuable life lessons. She briefly wondered what Anakin Skywalker could have taught her.

She pushed her thoughts aside. There was nothing to gain by dwelling on the past and what her life could have been.

Sometime later Leia felt Han's Presence coming towards her and forced herself to smile.

A minute later the front door opened and Han came in.

"Hey sweetheart," he said with a smile as he came over to her.

Leia stood and hugged her scoundrel.

"How did the meeting go?" she asked, pushing some of his hair out of his face.

"It went better than I thought it would." He answered.

"Are you hungry?" Leia asked as she headed for the kitchen.

"Some of last night's mashed tubers would be nice." Han called out to her from their bedchamber.

Leia was heating up the mashed tubers when she remembered that she had forgotten to throw the covering for the pregnancy test away.

She didn't want Han to tell her that they would keep on trying. It was beginning to her too much.

She felt Han approach her.

Tears ran down her cheeks as he gently pulled her close to him.

"Leia, maybe it's time to see someone about this.

The last thing Leia wanted was speculation on the visit to any medical specialist. She had been torn into when her and Han had married and she was all too aware that gossip rags were wondering why she and Han hadn't produced any children for the next generation of Jedi.

But if they could learn why they weren't having any children then they could hopefully fix it.

"Alright," she whispered.


A few days later Leia and Han sat in front of two specialists. One was a Mirialan and the other was a Kaminoan.

In all the talk she hadn't caught exactly what each of them specialized in but one of them specialized in fertility.

"The tests have come back and there is nothing wrong with either one of your reproductive systems." The Mirialan said.

Leia could sense a 'but' in there and she could tell that Han picked up on it too.

"Since we couldn't find an issue in the reproductive systems we scanned your DNA for faults. And we found something both fascinating and baffling" The Kaminoan said.

"Baffling?" Leia heard Han ask.

"Knight Solo has DNA strands that don't belong to a human or any known sentient species." The Kaminoan answered.

Leia frowned.

"But I look human and all other scans of my genetic code say that I am human." She said.

"On the surface it looks human but it isn't." The Kaminoan said. "We wouldn't have known something was off if we hadn't been looking for flaws or other oddities in your DNA."

"Which parent?" Leia asked; hoping that she would be told it was maternal. It would be a walk in the park to find her mother if that was the case.

"The foreign DNA comes from your father and he got it in turn from his father. After that it is unclear where it came from after that. It is almost as if your parental grandfather just popped into existence." The Kaminoan commented.

"The simulations that we have run show that it will be difficult for the both of you tp conceive. And then you might not de able to carry them to term."

Leia felt as if her chest was being squeezed.

She might never have children.

"There is hope since your mother carried twins that you too will be able to have children." The Mirialan commented.

Leia just nodded.


It had been nearly three months since she and Han had seen the specialists. She had felt numb for so long.

She felt cheated by the Force. She wanted children so badly but the Force decided that she wouldn't.

She had silently begged the Force for an answer but she hadn't received an answer.

She suddenly raced for the refresher to relieve her stomach of her breakfast.

After she was finished she retrieved the home medical kit to check her temperature. She couldn't afford to come down with any type of virus since she had said that she would help Luke with the new students. She had promised to show them proper etiquette for social functions.

Not to mention she had promised Mon Mothma that she would be present for an audience with Dacus Reel the Prime Minster of Tatooine.

Finally the thermonitor beeped and Leia checked it and frowned when she saw that her temperature was within an acceptable range for a normal human female.

Curious she reached into the Force and searched her body for an answer for her sudden nausea.

A smile suddenly formed on her face as she found the answer to her question. The Force had answered her.