So sorry about all the neglect that's been going on.

Have you guys ever heard of Homestuck? It's a web comic, and it's kind of addicting. But I still love you guys and I'm sorry about how long it's been.

Disclaimer: Even though I can sing the whole poke-rap from memory, I do not own Pokemon.

"Good guys win every once in a while. Full grown men get to learn from a child. Now and then, just when you think it won't happen again. The good guys win."

-Good Guys Win, Jimmy Buffet

Gary didn't mean to spy on his rival; he was simply looking for wild pokemon when he happened upon the cocky trainer. Yup that's it, just a coincidence.

Regardless of the reasoning, Gary is now crouched behind a bush, trying to deny the creepiness of his situation. Ash is surrounded by his usual two friends, plus some kid that Gary has never seen before, but frankly doesn't care about.

"Bellsprout!" Ashs's shout cuts through the trees, and his friends yell as well. This is puzzling, Ash has never had a bellsprout, and if Gary remembers correctly his two friends are water and rock trainers. The new member seems to be almost in tears by this point, it must be his.

Why are they helping that brat? Gary narrows his eyes as Ash reaches forward to pat the stranger on the shoulder, shooting him a reassuring smile.

"We'll find it!"

The small boy smiles back, and the group continues through the woods, their voices echoing off the trees until they disappear from Gary's sight.

Gary stands up with a grunt and stuffs his hands in his pockets. Ash is too soft; he should be focused on training his pokemon not helping random boys in the woods. He begins his trek back to the nearest village, and if he happens to see a bellsprout he'll point it in the right direction.

So yes Gary is a creeper?