AN: So I signed up for the Sailor Moon Secret Santa. And I got assigned a lover of all things Zoicite/Kunzite and Zoicite. Unfortunately for me these two are not my specialty so I had to get a bit creative on how to create my present. A 100 theme challenge seemed like a good idea since I could keep them short and still write about them. Still write more than one plot idea.

Please note these are unbeated. I will get my beta to comb through it at some point but considering how late this present is coming I just wanted to get these started posting.

A lot of these stories are AUs in which the events of the Dark Kingdom and thus Sailor Moon didn't actually take place. That means there will be character name changes and the like as I see fit.

Most of the drabbles are going to be ZoicitexKunzite short piece. But occasionally it will focus more on a character than a pairing. Don't expect any other pairings though.

A Note to holmiumandafascinatingworld: I am so, so sorry about the wait. Life got a bit crazy between traveling and getting sick for a second time this month. So here's how your present is going to work. For the next 100 days (unless otherwise noted, there are a couple of days I am traveling and can't guarantee with 100 percent accuracy that it will go up) you will get a short themed drabble either going around Zoicite, Kunzite, or around the pairing. Most of the short stories are Zoicite/Kunzite stories. And several of them are interconnected. As noted in the beginning notes of the theme. Once again my apologies for the wait, I hope they are worth it. And yes I know you have seen theme 1 all ready but that was just a sampling of the themes. I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway I hope everyone enjoys it. And see you tomorrow with theme 2.

Theme 1: Introduction

AU Setting: Mamoru (referred to as Darien in this fic) opens up a bar and Zoicite (referred to as Zachary) attends opening night. Same Universe as 2, 5, 7, 42, 73, 75 (as of now, list may extend before writing is over)

Zachary hated being dragged to these kind of events. He much preferred being at home in his study, to quote one of his friends 'nose buried in one of his many books'. But he had promised Darien he would at least show up for this event so here he was. Attempting to mingle with a bunch of drunks.

"There you are Zach!" he heard Darien call over the noise.

"Yeah here I am," he muttered more to himself turning to face his childhood friend.

"Thanks for coming. I know you probably would like to be back in your home office more right now than here," Darien said giving him a smile.

"Anything for a friend. How's everything going," Zachary said trying to wave off the thanks even if the later statement was true.

"Pretty good actually. Looks like the advertising paid off at least," Darien said glancing around.

"That's good," Zachary said with a nod.

"Oh that's right I wanted to introduce you to some of my other friends." Darien commented dragging him off to a corner of the bar. There was a trio of guys ranging from slightly younger than him to a few years older.

"Zach this is Jason, Nick, and Kevin. Guys this is Zachary. The one I was telling you about earlier," Darien said motioning to each of them in turn.

"Nice to meet you," the one that Darien had said was Kevin said extending a hand in greeting.

"Zachary," he said taking the offered hand. Huh, maybe tonight wouldn't be so bad after all

End Theme 1

AN: That's it for today. See you tomorrow with Theme 2: Love!