Gregor was dying. He knew it. The rat had him pinned under his claws, gasping for breath, flailing around in the dark of the cave. He had stabbed the Bane, but the Bane wasn't dead. He just shook it off and kept fighting. Ares was though, Ares… Gregor liked the fact that he could very well join Ares in a few seconds. The only problem was that this was all a dream. Gregor shook off that feeling. "As long as I'm alive, I still have a chance of getting back to her…" Those were his positive thoughts in the heat of the moment. He knew his mom would never let him back down. No matter how hard he, Boots, or Lizzie tried. Faces flashed in front of him. Faces of people he loved. Luxa, Mom, Vikus, Dad, Boots, Lizzie, even Ripred was there. The last one was Ares, staring at him in disgust. "Ares, help!" Gregor choked out, but Ares stayed put, a hurt expression on his black face. "Why didn't you save me, Gregor? Why did I die?" Gregor let out a strangled cry. "I tried Ares, I really did! Please, please..." The words almost killed Gregor, just as the rat was killing him now. How ironic, his friend and his worst enemy both working to kill him... The scene shifted until Gregor was still laying on the ground, the rat on top of him, but this time in Hades Hall. Nibblers were raining from the ceiling, calling out for help. "What kind of warrior are you? One asked. Why can't you save us? The earth started to rumble. The bane roared, then stumbled off Gregor. He wanted to move, but he was still winded form a Giant rat laying on top of him. The Bane watched as Gregor was almost crushed by rocks, with a look of pure hate on his face. He looked at Gregor now, and started to laugh. "Look, oh look! Is this how the warrior looks without his bond?" Laughing, laughing... How could he be laughing? Ares had just been killed! That thought brought new strength to Gregor. He charged the Bane, feeling the Rager feeling wash everywhere. Just then, as if the rat had pulled a switch, a fissure in the rock floor opened, letting him and the Nibbler bodies fall, fall, fall… With that Gregor awoke to find his family members surrounding him, concerned looks plastered on all their faces. They couldn't all fit in his room, so it was just his mom and Lizzie, but he could hear Boots' voice, kind of singing "Gregor? Are you all right? Da-da? Is Gregor all right?" His mom tilted a bottle towards his mouth. "Here, drink this." He obediently swallowed some, then his mom set the rest of the bottle on his dresser. "You can get us when you need us, son." He could hear his dad's voice, coming from the back of the troop. he nodded at them. "I'll be fine." They all obediently left except for Lizzie. Slowly filing out of the room, sneaking backwards glances at him, or rather, his dark green scars. Hs mom lingered for a second, saying "I'm taking all the shifts today, and your dad will be out looking for another job. It had been a month since Gregor was down there last, and he was still thinking of her, and them, but mostly her. He said 'Her' or 'Them,' not wanting to start a painful kaleidoscope of fun times. Her purple eyes, Vikus' caring smile, her laughs, Mareth's jokes. He never would try to forget them permanently, but sometimes he just had to force them out of his mind. Now was not one of those times. He tried to concentrate on her, in his mind and he smiled. He must look weird, holding Lizzie's hand with closed eyes and a goofy grin. He knew Lizzie understood. She missed Ripred almost as he missed- "You miss her a lot Gregor, don't you." Gregor wasn't surprised. Lizzie figured out everything eventually. "Yeah" was his response. "How do you know?..." Lizzie gave a snort."Please. It was obvious, even before Ripred told me. But down to business. I have a plan, a plean to get us down there." With that, Gregor sat bolt upright. He missed them whenever, but just now more than ever, because they were impossible to get to. Just a walk down the hall, into an elevator and down. But still impossble. He was beginning to have bad dreams, some of Regalia being torn apart, people dying all over. some of Ares rejecting him verbally. But the worst one were when he was back on the first quest, with Luxa, Henry, Ares, Aurora, and Temp, but instead of him falling, it was Luxa. Gorger had pushed her, but for some reason, it still broke the rocks. He would tell Ares and Aurora to save her, push them even, but Ares went to save Henry, and Aurora, Gorger. When her body burst open on the rocks, He would kneel down and cry, weep until there wasn't a tear left. Then Luxa would appear, no rise out of the rocks and say those same words that Ares had just about killed him with. "Why didn't you save me, Gregor? Why did I die?" Gregor knew he would not last much longer up in the Overland, without a stray bit of knowledge of what was happening. his mom did too, but she insisted on taking him to Overland doctors and Therapists. Through each of the Check-ups, he would just stare blankly out of the window, not caring anymore. Not caring about anything up in this world, where there was light all over, where he was imprisoned by his long clothes. Where he had to live under the false identity of that eleven-year-old Gregor, the one who didn't kill things. The one who hadn't fallen in love with a Queen. The one who hadn't witnessed genocide, killed a fourteen-foot monster rat, and leaped off a cliff. The boy that he used to be. Their mom wanted to move in a week, the only problem being Gregor was sick and had an infection. Now, since Lizzie had a plan, there was hope. Lizzie's plan's usually succeeded. They could just go down there, just once to visit their friends, to visit her. But Gregor knew he couldn't abandon his family. He just hoped Lizzie took that into account when she mad this 'plan'

"What is You plan, Lizzie?..."

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