Extra awesome bonus challenge! Try to decipher the Tree of Transmission messages without the translations at the bottom.

"I think what you should do to start this off is start making offhand remarks about the Underland. Maybe at dinner you can somehow mention what a great place it is down there, and how much we miss each one of them. How about something like calling mom 'Great maker of the Princess and most fearsome swatter.' As it progresses, they should get bigger and bigger until you are actually suggesting going down there." Lizzie glanced at him as if she was worried he would say no. "You could mention Luxa to her, when something comes up. Maybe if she somehow mentions something about wanting to impress a girl when you stay in the bathroom too long, like before." She spoke fast, as if stopping him from interrupting. Was she crazy? She knew that he would do anything to go back down.

"No need to stop me from talking, Liz. I'll do it, if it means going back." She sighed, a look of relief on her face.

"Good. We can start when she gets home. I'll give you some lines to say out Ripred and Luxa. I might think up some about Howard, he was nice to me too. I better include that…" She ran off, still in her train of thought. Howard. How could he forget Howard? The one that made up rhymes to sing to Boots, the doctor that treated his mom when she had the plague. He had walked Lizzie down the hall when she was lost? He was so concentrated on getting back to Luxa, he hadn't remembered any of his other friends.

Gregor's thoughts were cut off by something tapping him on the back. It was a roach. Gregor was about to scoop it up in the palm of his hand and put it outside on the windowsill, A/N Was it summer or winter when Gregor got back? but just then, it started tapping. Gregor recognized it instantly and started writing down the scratches and clicks.

| | / \ | \ / \ \ . / / / \ . | / / | | \ \ \ \ / | \ / | | / | | / \ \ / . / \ / | | / / | / \ …

The creature could not seem to remember the rest of the message, but then it added one extra thing, as if in an afterthought

/ / \ / | | | \ | / | / | . \ \ \ / | / / \ \ | | / \ | | | | | / .

Gregor decoded the message. It went something like this.

Help. us. Overlander. Stom. Urgent. Prophecy.

Oh no! Not another prophecy! But what was Stom? Was it some kind of Plauge, was it a creature? The roach's forgetfulness made him want to smash it. But wait! The roach wasn't done yet.

| / \ \ / \ / \ | | | | \ . | | | / / | / \ / | / | | | | . / / \ \ . / \ / | | | \ . | | \ / | | \ / | \ \ | / | .

Message. Coming. up. six. fifteen.

He checked the clock. 6:07. He still had time.

And with that, Gregor the Overlander, no matter how sick, would get down there. "Lizzie!"


She hoped the council wouldn't mind that she was the message.

Yes, there was another prophecy. The citizens had found one in the walls of the city. Yes it called for creatures named Stompers. But it was all jut really an excuse to see Gregor again.

It didn't actually call for the Warrior, but there were some vague things that might have been close, and she jumped on them before anyone else could, saying in meant the Warrior.

"Good, Luxa. I think it just might mean that."

Vikus had said that to her. They all knew that this was just an excuse, but it very well could mean him, and she needed a break. Luxa had tasked A/N is that a word? Temp to bring the message to Gregor.

"Temp will try, he will. Temp will try."

"Good, Temp. Be on your way."

Luxa had been so happy, she hadn't even thought about the rest of Gregor's family. At least, not until now.

Now, on Aurora, she thought of how she would convince them to let Gregor come down.

"Maybe if I can show them how happy Gregor and I were..." Luxa murmured absentmindedly.

"I'm sorry, what?" Aurora's purr startled Luxa, as she had not realized she was talking.

"Oh, nothing. It is okay, Aurora." Luxa patted her bat's neck.

The council had been hard to convince, but after a while they gave in. After all, she was only supposed to be delivering a scroll into the 'laundry room' as Overlanders called it. Luxa smiled. She planned on doing more than that today.

As they reached the grate, Luxa had visions of Gregor flash into her mind. His Rich, Brown eyes. A/N I would have said Chocolate, but I'm not sure they had that in the Underland. Bits and pieces of him laughing, the way he despised fighting, their first kiss...

She shook those thoughts out of her head like she had every day this month. Although today, she didn't know why. Gregor was just beyond that grate.


He started his letter to his mom two minutes ago, but Gregor didn't know what to write. A long letter would be impossible, because of the time. Finally, he decided on five short sentences.

Dear Mom, I have decided to return to the Underland. They need my help. Don't worry, I won't be in any danger. I am happy there, with all my friends. Please, don't send anyone after me and Lizzie, we'll be back soon.


He knew it sucked, but it was all he could come up with.

"Come on, Lizzie. Let's go."

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