-A wonderful little challenge: Get a dictionary, flip to a random page, and point to a word without looking. Voila! You have a prompt!-

a/n [I think I'll start out doing 10, but if this gets popular I'll add some more. Review, pretty please?]

Chop: v- to sever with a sharp tool


Tremble in fear before me. Don't you see? This is a game about killing. Kill or be killed. Approach with strategy. I see your strategy didn't work, did it? No.

You were cute, running around like you had a plan. It was sweet; you thought you could best me. But you can't, because in this game no one ever wins.

Johanna, the weakling. Johanna, the crybaby. Bet you wish you'd been a bit kinder. It doesn't matter; in the end you're all the same. A bug crushed underfoot.

See my silver knife? Chop; there goes your beloved head. Sweet dreams.