Bonnie opened her eyes and immediately wondered if she had. The darkness seemed as black and stifling as it had done with them shut, she blinked several times to no avail. If any it was lighter with them shut shadows of colored stars shone behind his eye lids. She screamed, it was more of a reflex action and the sound did not break cleanly it had almost a muffled sound, cautiously Bonnie stretched out her arms to explore her surroundings she seemed to be lying on a bed of silk and her body slid like a mermaid against it. For some reason aside from being in the pitch black in a completely strange place a sense of unease was building in her throat as her hands touched on padded walls. Immediately she attempted to sit up but a solid wall a few inches away from her face knocked her back down again. And then she began to scream in earnest.

Her knuckles torn from hammering at the lid of the coffin she admitted defeat curled as best she could, crying her heart thumping desperately in her throat was she dead? Dying? Was this what death was like? Would she like here for an eternity and feel her skin melt into luminous bones and into dust?

And then the lid flew split through the sky with a crack and illuminated her liberators face. He was a vampire she could see that at once but unusually aged at about forty, his olive skin weathered round his handsome face and his eyes a liquid empty coal. Bonnie opened her mouth or tried to instead her lips spread into a sort of pout. She just stared up at him "It's been awhile my dear." He said with a voice like a snake. Then suddenly Bonnie's body began to act in a way as though it did not belong to her as though she was barely attached her fingers tugging dreamily at strands of red hair. She rose from the grave in one single movement rocking back on her heels to a standing position she turned and looked down at the broken grave. A single lily lay on the heap of red silk. But when she turned back the man had disappeared.

Suddenly Bonnie took off, her hair and white lacy nightgown stinging against her skin as she took in the surrounding wasteland. It looked like a scene of Scottish highland. The plane stretching ahead of wet grass was green and grey and the flayed night jaded blues, purples and reds. From the corner of her eye she could see the candle lit glow of a small village down the valley. But her legs would no more let her turn to its sanctuary than her mouth would let her cry out and she carried on drifting the crown of jet black stones in the distance. He was standing there in the middle of the circle and for the first time Bonnie understood what it was like to be on the receiving end of one of her visions for as she spoke the voice and words were unrecognizable to her.

"What is your problem Radley?" Her voice had a piercing quality to it and rang off the stones. He was in full evening dress she noticed through another bolt of silver a sleek tuxedo and spoke with a crisp British accent "Now, now you would blame me, but I have not brought you here that is your own doing." The girl, who was not Bonnie laughed bitterly "I have been dead for over fifty years why should I disturb myself now?" Bonnie or the part of Bonnie that was Bonnie shivered dead? The man shrugged "More of my daughter's concern than mine I'm afraid Caitlin I can't really say I noticed you too much when you were alive, but then who did? Such a short little life..." The girl interrupted suddenly "You can't have it, I do not possess it any longer and I shall never tell you who does." Radley scoffed "Please I am already aware you gave that to Adalie at your death, it's not piece information easily kept Caitlin, but enough about my daughter since you've brought me here, you'll be pleased to know I've decided to be a gentleman." He smirked. The girl snarled "Gentleman?! You bastard! How can you even speak of such things?" "Now my dear." He reproved "Family business is family business. This is quite another thing, seeing as you brought me all the way here…" "Debatable." She muttered under her breath "I've decided to give you a sporting chance." He paused, to allow his generosity to sink in. "There is a certain American young woman who has been causing all sorts of pretty little waves where none are wanted, changing the course of history and things like that. I'd think you'd like her" he added conversationally leaning against a great black stone. "Though you can imagine, Adalie never would, well this young woman and her little friends have caused a lot of trouble in a rather quiet part of the western world called Fell's church and the simple and most obvious solution would be to kill her." This time Bonnie was glad that the person who seemed to have possessed her appeared as horrified and anguished as she felt. "You can't do that she's just a child! There has to be something else I won't let you!" But Radley seemed non plussed he walked over to Bonnie towering over her at six foot inside Bonnie cringed away from his wolfish face, but she held his gaze fierce and strong. "Then give Elena Gilbert a message from me tell her to run." Bonnie's face twisted in confusion "Elena Gilbert who the hell is…" "Who knows?" Radley laughed walking away from her "I think you and I are not the only one's watching my dear and surely some one wants to know will pass the message along, you always did have such a gift for the sight and such lovely red hair." And he turned into the shadows and suddenly she was falling the landscape rushed by her in a blur.

Falling, falling to a certain rave she suddenly became in control of herself again and twisted her neck just in time to see the lettering on the polished moonlit stone thumb. Caitlin Rosalind MacLachlan 1930-1951 and she were lying paralyzed in the dust and dirt of a newly dug grave. A patter of footsteps against the wet grass and a tall girl dressed stunningly in a silver fishtail of a dress knelt down to the green grass and looked down at Bonnie. She was the prettiest girl Bonnie had ever seen with an oval shaped face, high white cheekbones and forehead, a heart of pink quartz colored lips and huge lilac almond eyes her dark hair pinned into a chignon. As she knelt at the graveside she crossed her self and then reached up to undo a silver chain at her neck. "I think you deserve this more than I do darling." Her voice like the other girl Bonnie now realized had the slightest hint of French at its accent. She let the little silver crucifix hang swaying between her fingers. "I will avenge you, you know," She whispered "I'll put my hands around his throat and enjoy it" The goddess smiled quite to herself "I love you." And let the chain fall. As it landed across Bonnie's eyes darkness claimed her once again.

She woke in the dormitory she shared with Elena in Meredith in a state of complete terror, which swelled in her throat as she found the room empty. But the sun was shining from the curtains it was a unusually warm October morning. Bonnie twisted to look at her radio clock Midday! Not even a nightmare! More of a day mare she thought in disgust and stretched getting out of bed. Taking a large gulp of water she waited for a moment as a wave of nausea hit her and dashed to the bathroom. As her hands slammed onto the china sides she heard s strange unfamiliar chink from her left hand. When she was done she held her hands in front of her wondering if she had put Lady Ulma's opal ring on the wrong hand by accident but twisted around her index finger like a reminder, was a silver chain. Bonnie got dressed so fast., pulling a summer dress over her body and shoving mints into her mouth, that she was surprised to find herself minutes later standing outside her door. And wondered if her body had been over taken again but this was defiantly her own heart beating and her own legs racing. She ran outside and spotted by way of Elena's golden hair perched on top of a picnic table. They were all there even Damon lounged across a bench like a black panther. "There you are sleepy head." Meredith laughed as she approached her skin glazing cold "You've been working so hard we just didn't have the heart to wake you, do you want to get breakfast Elena and I thought…" Bonnie gulped she could not afford to be the hysterical little girl any longer, her visions were pointless if she could not properly convey them but where to start breathe… think… and the words came all by themselves "Percival Radley has a message for Elena. Run."