One Year Later

Letty's POV

It's been a year since Dom and I got married. Two days from now it is Mia's wedding and we were getting ready for her bachelorette party. I was standing in the bathroom putting on my makeup when Dom came in behind me. He grabbed his tooth brush and started brushing his teeth.

I furrowed my brow at him.


"When did we become a boring old married couple?"

He stopped brushing his teeth and had his tooth brush hanging out of his mouth.

"Us? Boring."

I laughed, "Look at us. You always used to grab me. Just take me where ever. Now I'm here all alone and you brush your teeth."

He laughed this time and grabbed my hips. "Let if you want to have sex, all you have to do is ask."

"Maybe I just want us to be spontaneous like we used to be."

I pushed him back and walked out while Mia was waiting. I left him there, he seemed a little surprised.

Mia and I were at a club with a bunch of high school friends. We were dancing around and I decided to just get drunk. Dom and I were fighting, well more like little spats recently. I was so worried about it. We weren't ourselves. I still loved him, but I felt like I was boring him.

Maybe he didn't like being married, it took the adventure out of things. All of a sudden I felt hands on me and I turned around.

"Listen buddy. I have a husband that can beat your ass. I would, but I'm not to sober."

I almost fell over as I waved my finger in his face.

"You must be drunk Let."

I sighed when I heard his voice. It was Dom. Everything was a little blurry. We started dancing together on the floor.

"Why are you here? Girls only"

"Let, they sent me to come find you. They left an hour ago. You wouldn't go with them. Its 3 am."

"I don't want to go home."

"You aren't going to like me if I have to carry you out."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me"

I looked at him and raised my eyebrows. I decided to just go with him. I took his hand and he held me tight. We made it to the car.


"Yeah babe?"

"Do you still love me?"

I knew it was the vodka talking right now. He pulled over the car and looked at me.


"You heard me."

"Of course I love you. Why would you think I didn't?"

"You don't seem like you do. You never want sex anymore."

"We had sex two nights ago."

"That's not the point. You don't show that you care anymore. We just don't go out for a car ride, you haven't told me you loved me in 3 months. I did something."

"It's not you."

"So what aren't you telling me."

"I feel like I'm holding you back sometimes. And maybe if I just let go a little you would find your own path."

"You're an ass. You know we've had this conversation. And you better drop this. I mean now. I am happy. But I need you to just love me like you used too."

"Fine, but you have to promise me something."


"If you want to do something else, you tell me."


I was going to kiss him but the vodka was coming back up and I opened the door and threw up. I closed the door and sat back. Dom started driving back to the house and we got to the bed. I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to an empty bed. I sat up and grabbed my head. Ouch, head ache.

Dom walked in with a tray of something.

"Hey sleepy head."


He sat down beside me and put the tray down. Advil, coffee, orange juice and toast. I love him.

"Thank you."

He nodded.

"I meant it. Last night. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. If I need to get away I will tell you."

He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"I'm surprised you remember the conversation."

"ha ha, funny."

He laughed and put the tray on the ground. He kissed me and straddled me.

"Woah baby."

He kissed and pulled my shirt off.

"I've been thinking"

I kissed him.




He took his shirt off.

"You were right"


"Can you repeat that."

He laughed and kissed me.

"You were right, I was being dumb. I want us to be the old us."

I put my hand on his mouth and looked in his eyes. I kissed him hungrily and we made love. Then we decided to shower together. Hours later we were on the couch watching some weird movie making out. I pulled away.

"I have to go."

He hugged me tighter.


"Yup, your sister needs me."

"She can do it without you."

"If you behave tomorrow, we'll have the dirty wedding sex."

I kissed him and got up. The next day I was helping Mia get ready.


She nodded, "Weren't you?"

"I didn't have a chance. And I was on pain killers."

She laughed, "I could go for some of them right now."

I turned her around and put my hands on her shoulders.

"No you don't. Listen, to me. Brian is awesome. Just look in his eyes and no one else. Every worry will be gone."

She hugged me, "Thanks Let."

"You're welcome."

We were at the reception and Dom came up behind me.

"I like this new-old you."

"Me too. I missed you."

"I missed you too."

I turned around and looked at him.

"I want to have a baby."

He chocked on his beer.


"A baby."


I nodded and he hugged me and spun me around.

"Let's do it."

"We better start practicing."

He laughed and carried me to the car. We made love, everything was great. We were starting a family. We were happy again.

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