Final Fantasy VIII 2: After the Armageddon

(You Know. The one that never happened!)

Authors: Confesser Kahlan and Anara

Disclaimer #1: They're mine. All mine! (Sees lawyers coming) I… uh…well… Actually Squall and company belongs to SquareSoft. But you could give them to me. Give, give, give! Please?! No?!? (pouts) Tch… fine…

Disclaimer #2: No characters were high or drunk during this story. The authors on the other hand, had had TOOOOO much Sugar.

A/N: (Anara made me write this) When Irvine is alone with a girl, Don't Take It THAT WAY! Okay? Good!

Chapter 1: Squall

Squall Leonhart walked towards the doorway of the Ragnorak. President Laguna Loire had asked to see him. He spotted Laguna talking to Kiros and Ward. Laguna looked up.

"Squall! How are ya doing?"

Squall rolled his eyes. "Whatever. You wanted to see me?"

Laguna cleared his throat nervously. "Um… Squall… I… uh…"

Squall sighed impatiently. "Yes?"

Laguna took a deep breath. "I'm your …"

Squall felt a chill run up his back. "My…uncle?"

"Noooo. Your…"

"My uncle's best friend?"

Laguna shook his head. "No. Your…"

Squall took a deep breath. "My uncle's best friend's father's sister's son's cousin's mother's former roommate?"

Laguna blinked. "No. I'm your father."


Squall felt the room close in on him. He saw the open door, looked at Laguna.

'Door, Laguna, door, Laguna. Choices… DOOR!'


He ran to the door and jumped. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…"

Laguna ran to the door and saw Squall, falling through the air.


Laguna looked over his shoulder. "Zell! Quistis! Someone help!"

Zell came running, Quistis close behind. Zell looked around wildly. "What?! What is it?"

Laguna was near tears. "Squall… He… Jumped out… the dooooor…"

Zell looked out the door. Squall was sitting on the ground, right next to the parked Ragnorak, looking confused. He looked at Zell. "What happened?"

Zell just shrugged and glanced at Laguna, who was still babbling. "Hurry! We can still save him! Hurry! Get a rope!"

Zell raised an eyebrow, looked at Squall, who was looking around, and glanced back at Laguna. "Um…Laguna? I THINK he's safe."

Laguna stared at him. "What are you talking about? He's falling to his death!"

Quistis cocked her head. "Laguna. The Ragnorak is parked. I seriously doubt that Squall is in any danger of falling to his death."

Laguna's jaw dropped. "What?!"

Zell nodded. "Look for yourself."

Laguna liked out the door at Squall, who was now standing up. Laguna grinned. "Squallie! You're alright!"

He ran out to hug his son. Squall saw him coming, screamed and fainted.


One hour later, in the Ragnorak…

Squall slowly opened his eyes, only to see Laguna looking at him. "Laguna?"

He slowly sat up and groaned. "I had the worst nightmare, Laguna. I dreamt that you said that you're my father."

Laguna grinned. "Well, Squall…"

He glanced at Zell and Quistis, who were shaking their heads franticly. He continued. "That wasn't a dream. I AM your father!"

Zell threw his hands in the air and Quistis hung her head and groaned. "Here we go again. Zell, be ready."

Squall nodded his head. "Really. My father."

He calmly stood up and turned toward the door. He glanced once more at Laguna, then at Quistis and Zell. "Excuse me. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

He ran towards the door. Zell, Quistis, Laguna and Kiros (who had wisely stayed in the background until now) ran after him and caught him. Squall struggled to get away, screaming. "Nooo! You can't be my father! It's impossible! How can you be my father?!"

Laguna blinked. "You mean you don't know? Squall it's time we sat down and talked about the Birds and the trees."

Kiros rolled his eyes. "Laguna, it's the Birds and the BEES. And I don't think that was what Squall meant."

Laguna blinked again. "Oh. Sorry."

Squall broke free and looked at the door. The hallway seemed to grow, the door was a mile away. Laguna was also looking at the door. He frowned. "Weird. The hall just grew. Squall, did you see that?"

Kiros turned to stare at Laguna. 'Oh boy. Now he's seeing things!'

Squall was looking at Laguna, then at the door. Laguna… Door… "Eeep."

Everyone stared at Squall. Squall recovered. "Whatever."

Squall frowned. 'Great, Laguna and I have something in common.' "Eeep."