Chapter 9: My Mistake

"Hey Quistis have you seen Irvine?" Selphie looked around.

"No. Why?"

"Huh? Oh, no reason."

Irvine peeks his head around a corner (big mistake #1) Selphie sees him.

"Hey Irvine!!"

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" Irvine runs down the hall towards the room with the stairs (big mistake #2). He skids to a stop right before the stairs and looks up. Selphie is at the top looking down at him.

"EEP!!" Irvine spins around and runs back the way he came. Wait a minute!! If I go this way then she'll cut me off again. He stops running and turns around. Ok I just have to make it to...


Irvine looks around for a place to hide (big mistake #3) but finds none


Selphie walks through the doors into the cargo area and looks around. "Hmm.... now where can he be? We need to talk about something!" Selphie looks at the door under the stairs. "He's in there I just know it!!


From his hiding place under the stairs Irvine peeks his head out and looks around. She'll never find me in he.... The door opens and Irvine sees the shadow of a small figure surrounded by light. He holds his breath.


Selphie looks around the narrow room for any sign of life. "Hmmm.... Irvine? I know you're in here!" She walks into the room and looks around a little but doesn't find Irvine anywhere. Selphie shrugs and leaves the room calling, "Irrrrrvineeeeee??"


Irvine lets his breath out and crawls out of the heating duct. "Man I'm surprised she didn't look in there!!" Irvine stands up and was dusting himself off when the loud speaker came on.

"Irvine, Selphie, and Zell please come to the cockpit we have a situation!"

"Great! Wonder what's going on now!" Irvine runs out of the room and up the stairs to the little elevator. When he gets there he feels someone tap his shoulder so he turns around and jumps at the sight of seeing Selphie behind him.

"I was looking for you Irvine! And you ran from me!" she crosses her arms and glares at him.

"You were? Oh wow! I didn't know that!!" Irvine tries his best to look innocent. He looks at Selphie glaring at him. "What? I didn't know! But, I... My mistake?"

"Yeah right! Your mistake, HA!"

All of a sudden Zell runs around a corner and bumps into the two of them. "Oh man! I'm so sorry Selphie! Don't hurt me please?" Zell cowers before her.

"Why would I hurt you?"

"Because you...wait did you just say why?" Zell gets up and looks at her with wide eyes. "You mean you won't hurt me?"

"As I said before why would I hurt you? I might hurt him!" Selphie points to Irvine. "But I'm not gonna hurt you!"

"WWWWWOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!" Zell yells and jumps up and down. "You're not going to hurt me!!!"

Irvine looks at the giddy Zell. "Yeah but what about me?"

Selphie looks at Irvine. "Don't hide from me next time!" She pushes past the two guys and gets on the elevator. "Are you two coming or what?"

Zell jumps on the elevator platform and gives Selphie a big hug. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

"Ok Zell that's enough!! You can stop hugging me now!........... Zell.........Zell!............ I'm getting angry!"

Zell lets her go and stands with his hands behind his back. "I'm sorry Selphie."

"It's ok Zell just don't let it happen too much!" She looks at Irvine. "So you gonna get on or what?"

Irvine looks at Selphie with a worried look but gets on the platform any ways. He pushes the up button to the cockpit.