Rue; The Real Mockingjay

Summary: What if Katniss had been trapped and speared by Marvel? What if Rue and Thresh are saved till last, but she wins? Rue, the Real Mockingjay.

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I turn to Thresh. I'm sure his horrified face is mirroring my own.

One of us has to die. One of us will be killed by the other. And that one had to be me, the tiny twelve-year-old from District Eleven. How could it not?

In an instance, Thresh holds a knife to his throat and I'm immediantly scrambling at his chest - the highest place I can reach - to try to stop him.

"No! No! I have to die. Your grandmother and Dahlia!" I shout, but he just hugs me.

"Krysanthe, Kaeya, Fleur, Lotus, Crisanto. They can't grow up without their older sister. Your mother and father. You. You're too young, Rue, you shouldn't have to die. You shouldn't even be here! You're only twelve! You've never lived!"

I know his words make sense. But, if I lose him and win, I'll live with the guilt. The sadness in the eyes and faces of his grandmother and Dahlia. I'm sure he feels it would be the same, reversed. Seeing Krysanthe's sadness when she starts to work near him will never, ever let him be at rest.

I don't want to lose him, I don't want him to die. He's my friend. Like a big brother, who'll always protect me whenever. I need him, and I'm pretty sure he needs me too. It's a Hunger Games tribute's thing. When it's down to you and your district partner, unless you're a Career, you need them. You can't lose them.

The Capitol saw I was lonely, saw Thresh probably wondered how I was doing, so they took advantage. Telling us two could win. Knowing they'd make us fight to the death as soon as we were the last two. Sick and cruel, I call it. Terrific and exciting, that's what they call it. And I brought into it because I needed someone. I needed an ally, someone to protect me. I was the most vulnerable tribute in the Games at that point, I needed someone protective and strong like Thresh.

He throws the knife away, and pulls something out of his pocket. Berries. I've seen these berries before, not in the Games, in District Eleven.

Four years ago, I'd been walking along the orchard bushes, with five-year-old Krysanthe and three-year-old Kaeya. Kaeya saw a bush with lots of little dark blue berries on, so we picked all them off, and ran, laughing, all the way home. We set it on the table and two-year-old Fleur immediantly reached for one of those dark little berries. It was a centimetre away from her mouth when Mother gave a loud shriek, shocking us all. She ran to Fleur, knocked the berry out of her little hand and asked her urgently if she'd swallowed anything. Fleur shook her head, saying no and Mother breathed deeply of relief.

"Rue, they're nightlock. Never, ever, ever pick these again. You'd be dead in under a minute."

Nightlock! Thresh was about to eat them, to kill himself. I pulled his hand down.

"If they want a victor, there will have to be two. I'm not going home without you." I say quickly, scraping half the berries off his hand into mine.

"No, Rue. You're twelve-year-old, don't kill yourself!"

"Yes. I need you. On three, together." I say firmly, and we stand next to each other, breathing heavily.


They might not care if we die. They might just host another Hunger Games, a Quarter Quell. But everyone will remember me and Thresh.


Surely they must have a victor? Why aren't they stopping us?


I raise my hand to my mouth and Thresh does the same, just at the moment the trumpets blast and there's the panicked voice of Seneca Crane.

"Wait, wait! Stop! Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the winners in the 74 annual Hunger Games, the tributes from District Eleven, Rue Eavard and Thresh Underhand!"

It worked!

Yeah, I wasn't in the mood for killing off Thresh. So for the record, Rue's family;

Krysanthe - 9

Kaeya - 7

Fleur - 6

Lotus - 3

Crisanto - 1

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