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Of Second Chances and Serendipity

Chapter 1:

Aya ran her hands under the scalding water, wincing at the heated temperature but enduring it. Hot water was the best way to get blood off ones skin, after all, and the red, raw feeling was a sort of punishment for her. Because she knew she was doing wrong—knew she deserved to be berated in some way.

But no one would give that to her.

Glancing up, she looked at herself in the mirror and flinched. She looked remarkably like her mother for a moment.

What would her mother think?

I'm sorry, Mom.

Sighing, she dried off her hands on a nearby towel and exited the bathroom. From the kitchen, she heard Maria bustling around, probably preparing for dinner. Not that Aya had eaten dinner for a long time now. Always, she was too engrossed in her studies, her obsession. Often, eating was the last thing on her mind.

She'd much rather be playing.

Knocking on the door resounded throughout the seemingly tiny home and Aya bit her lip. Another patient.

Another doll.

Pretty lips formed into a tiny smirk, and then a full out grin that resembled her father's.

Dio's one good eye shot open with alarming speed as he sat up, gasping for breath. The golden orb darted around, looking for signs of any danger as he was accustomed to while he was alive. Finally, it settled on a woman.

"Mrs. Drevis," he said politely, giving her a small smile as he rose from his spot on the ground. Glancing at his surroundings, he noticed that he was in the same spot he died in—both times. At the Drevis Mansion. Or rather, what was left of it. Piles of burnt wood and ash littered the yard where such a grand home used to stand.

"Dio," she answered, and she was just how he remembered her; beautiful, and extremely powerful. Even deadly. A quick peek at the dirt proved that her feet did not touch the ground, and her hair flew about her face in a way that was terrifyingly lovely, even though the air was calm. Still, her own lips curved upwards into a look of graciousness. She was glad to see him.

Which meant she needed something.

He ran a hand through his messy, debris-matted hair, noticing that his bandages had come off, leaving a gaping hole in his face. He made a mental note to remedy that as soon as possible. Most people didn't appreciate his looks. In fact, young girls even tended to fear him for them.

Dio looked at the older woman expectantly, and she at least had the decency to blush, knowing that he knew he was not brought back to life because of her mercy. "I need your help again, Dio. The past is repeating itself."

The blonde's eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. Repeating itself? "But your husband's gone," he said. He'd like to say dead, but his body was never found. He had his suspicions that the mad scientist had been taken to another world, like Dio had. He could only hope the world was as twisted as the Doctor's mind, he thought cruelly.

Then, he shook his head. In the afterlife, grudges were what got you in really big trouble, so he'd best stay away from them.

"That's right," the lady before him agreed. "He is, for lack of a better word, gone. But Aya... she isn't."

Dio liked to think himself sharp. He'd gotten good grades in school, and while he couldn't afford higher education, he believed he was reasonably bright while he was alive. But Mrs. Drevis had him totally lost now, and it was clear on his face. "I thought you wanted her alive and well," he stated, which was the truth. That was exactly what she had told him.

"I do," she conceded, "But she's not well. I need you to help her."

Alarmed, Dio stiffened. He'd taken a liking to the small, then-eleven-year-old. She had a firey spirit and an amazing determination and will with her refusal to quit, even when it was the right thing to do. He respected that. He had the inkling that she'd grow up to surpass even her mother's beauty, with a bright soul that no one could tamper with. She would be an unstoppable force, but one of good. She seemed to have her head on straight, and had done the right thing in leaving the house, her father, and all the bad history behind. "What's happened to her?"

"She found something," Mrs. Drevis said. "A book. One of her father's old journals, I think. And when she read it—she must have seen something there. Something that intrigued her or prompted her to go absolutely insane."

Insanity—Dio knew that well. He himself had gone insane under Mr. Drevis' care. He could picture that word being slathered in poison. So crazy, he had gotten, he'd gouged out his own eye. Technically, it was the scientist's fault, but at Dio's own hand.

"What has she done?" he asked. Oh, he hoped she wasn't gouging out her own eyes. They were far too pretty to lose. He hoped she wasn't locked up at some asylum, also. He could get her out, to be sure, but she might come out... wrong.

Mrs. Drevis sighed deeply, burying her face into her delicate hands. "She's... experimenting."

"With what?" he asked, and then he knew.

Like father, like daughter.

"Oh, no," he mumbled.

"Oh, yes," was the response he received. "I can't have her suffer the same fate as that horrible man I loved. I can't watch that happen to my baby. You need to find her, and you need to help make her better. Take her away from her studies—far away. Watch and protect her, as I'm sure she's made enemies with this. Just, please... fix my little girl."

Dio nodded with determination. "Your wish is my command, ma'am."

She placed a hand on his shoulder. "Thank you, Dio." Removing the limb, she continued, "She's in the woods not to far from here in a little cabin. It's North, away from town. Can you find her?"

"I can."

"Good." She smiled at him, and then turned serious. "Be careful, Dio... I fear she may be even more dangerous than her father."

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