It was April 18th and I was sitting around in the cafeteria. No one was there yet, is it really that early? The bowl of soup sat infront of me but I wasn't to hungry. Suddenly I heard a different voice, it wasn't Kanda's nor was it Komui's. It was male though. Could is be "Bean Sprout" or whatever that kids real name is? Well being new around here isn't easy and I'm only knows.

The boy who walked in was a boy with spiked up red hair and a eye patch over his right eye. Whats up with the eye patch? The silence didn't last long when the person randomly yelled, "Strike!" This is all to confusing. Who is that guy? He quickly took a seat next to me and asked a simple question, "So whats your name? I'm Lavi Bookman." He said with a smile that looked kinda fake.

"Lavi? Your name is Lavi and your a Bookman?" I question without even answering his question. The thought of a bookman in the order doesn't make much sence to me but whatever I guess. The smile on his face vanished and he gave me a weird look then smiled again.

"That doesn't matter does it? So what is your name?" He asked me again. I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell him.

"I'm Lilac Rose. I'm one of the newest exorcists." I finally asnwered his question as Leena Lee walked into the room. This is going to be a long day I have that strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. Lavi was looking at me like I was some sort of prize and that very much bothered me but then I saw his gaze wonder onto Leena Lee.

"Oh hey Leena Lee. Have you meet Lilac yet?" He smiled as he elbowed me lightly. This is so confusing, I only know Leena Lee because Komui doesn't shut up about her, plus he has pictures of him and her together in his work area. Something makes me think he gets out of his work...alot... Oh well there is no use even questioning, I will find out soon enough.

Leena Lee looked at me and smiled,"I can't say I have but my bother told me something about a new exorcist, I asume this is her. Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Leena Lee and its very nice to meet you Lilac" Her hair goes slightly past her shoulders and looked like a dark green to me. She seems nice though, not a smart ass trying to try me into dating like this "Lavi Bookman." Nothing can expalin whats going on in my head anymore.

"Hi Leena Lee, your brother Komui Lee talks about you alot. Kanda not so much." I said trying to look happy. I'm sure I would be happy if this Lavi wasn't here but whatever. Then they both had shocked faces.