Afew hours later I was walking down the hall carrying some books to Komui. One of the other scienitist said Komui has been lacking on his paper work. Somehow thats not very surprizing the way he ignores work by calling other people. While walking down the hall I come in connect with another excortist. Of course I said nothing until I tripped and dropped all the books on the floor. This is just great, what a wonderful way to drop stuff. With a simple motion I looked up to see who was there. It was..a white haired boy. Wait, white hair? With a marking over his eye, if its cursed then I might know who it is. Kanda explains alot of things to me. The boy helped me gather all the papers together as I slowly rose from lieing on the floor. "Here you go." The boy said with a smile while handing me the papers and books, I guess he is the friendly type.

"Umm, Thanks. Hey, If I may ask but are you Allen Walker?" The way I looked at him made it feel like it was a bad question.

"Yeah, who told you about me?" He asked simply and I didn't really want to answer but then the name slipped out.

"Kanda", I looked down then took the books and papers from his hand "He says your name as Beansprout. I never knew who exactly he was talking about all that time though." The words I spoke sounded weird to me but he made a weird face.

"Kanda told you about me?" He seemed a bit confused. Well Kanda doesn't like Allen, I guess Allen hates him too...that would explain a lot. The way I made my face expertion I could tell I am easy to read. Thats wonderful, now he can see my regret. It looked like he was about to talk until Komui called for us over the loud speaker or inner con. Me, Allen and Kanda all on a team or something? This is so confusing, doesn't Komui know Kanda and Allen hate each other? Oh well, this is going to be a massive pain. Me and Allen both looked at each other and started walking to Komui's office. Looks like me and Kanda will have to be at lunch tomorrow.

(part 2)

We are all in a dark lush green forest, walking along a stoned path. All I heard throughout this trip was Allen and Kanda yelling and getting ready to battle each other to death. Of course I have to walk in the middle of them to get them to stop. With a simple sigh they where both at it again. "Would you two really stop that?" I ask just wanting them to be quiet. Then they became silent.

It was nice that it was quiet. Then wind blowing though my hair and hard ground beneath my feet. But of course...they started at it...again. Why me? They yelled louder and louder as I simply kept walking forward. After being about 15 feet away from them I turn to look around. Everything seemed normal...well for Allen and Kanda it is anyway. Wait, is something different? Looking closely I notice that Kanda's swords were missing. Where did they go? Then there was a crack of a branch from up in the trees. With a large thud a girl fell from the tree. "Damn it! Stupid fucking tree branch" The young girl yelled cursing at the tree like it was all its fault.

Allen and Kanda stopped fighting within seconds and starred at the girl. Aparently Kanda noticed this girl has his swords. That made him extremely pissed, not like he wasn't already. Without hesitation he yelled at the girl "How dare you fuckin touch my swords you bitch!" He was very VERY pissed. Of course the girl wanted to be a smart ass and tick him off more by rubbing the side of Kanda's sword. He growls at the girl while Allen eyes got very wide, it looked as if Kanda was going to attack.

With a simple facepalm and walk infront of Kanda and wave my hand infront of his face for him to stop. Suddenly he seemed relax as the girl was laughing liek she was going to die. What is wrong with this work I mean really! Then a ask a simple a common question "Who are you miss and what is your name?" My voice soft and abit scratchy, guess the proves I'm weird. Oh well.

"It doesn't matter who I am I pissed of the sword girl. But anyway my name is...