Chapter 1 ~ The Return

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King's cross was exactly how she remembered it. Her brown curls fell on the tops of her shoulders. The same familiar dusty smell filled her reddening nose and a smile spread across her face. She wriggled out of Brian's grip as she embraced her daughter in a hug. She hadn't seen her daughter since she left for the start of her fourth year at Hogwarts.

"We've missed you so much Jessie" Meredith squealed as she tightened her arms around her. Mere I don't think she can breathe. Stop suffocating our daughter! Brian thought. Meredith received the message and released Jessie. It was then Brian's turn to hug his daughter. Over her shoulder he saw friendly familiar shapes appear behind Mere. They're here.

Behind Meredith were their adopted family. The first people Brian saw were: Joey, Jaime and their two twin daughters, Connie and Sam, and their son, Leigh. The twins had graduated three years ago, Connie as a proud Gryffindor and head girl and Sam as a respected Ravenclaw Prefect. Leigh was also a Gryffindor and was in fifth year. He was currently involved in a heated discussion about Quidditch with his best friend and roommate Mathew. Trailing behind him were his parents, Lauren and Joe Walker, and his older sister Mia. Mia was as small as her mother, if not smaller but packed a punch. She was this year's head girl and was one of the smartest Ravenclaws of the past decade. Mia never grew bored of rubbing that in Sam's face, when they were joking around. Next to them were the Criss'. Darren and Julia had just picked their only son Arthur. He was a third year Gryffindor. Arthur was currently being yelled at by his mother about the previous school term when he had been caught pulling one too many pranks, and had ended up in detention on multiple occasions. Darren just looked sympathetically at his son, no one wanted to be on the wrong side of Julia when she was angry, stressed or annoyed.

When Brian pulled himself out of the hug, Jessica turned around and sprinted off in the opposite direction. Brian wasn't surprised. I wonder where she's gone. I was wondering where Dean was anyway. Wizard God, they can't go anywhere or do anything without being with each other. It's so annoying! Brian thought sarcastically. Aww Bri, come on it's cute. They're best friends. Did we ever do anything separately? Hmm? Meredith retorted. Brian's sarcastic comment was cut off with the return of his daughter and her best friend Dean. Dean was a fellow Hufflepuff and was in the same year as Jess. Ever since they were children they had been inseparable. The two began talking as Meredith was approached by Charlene and her husband Chris.

"I see this is where our Dean went then, should've guessed. Can they do anything without each other" Charlene smiled. Told you! Meredith ignored her husband and hugged Charlene as Brian shook Chris's hand. After they had caught up with their children, the group walked towards the portal.

On their way they were joined by more of their extended family. They found Georgia and Brittany, two first years, being pulled apart by their parents. Dylan and Denise where holding on to Brittany while JoMo and his wife Tessa tried to gently remove Georgia from her best friend. The two Slytherin girls were as close as twins and hated being separated from one another. Living together in the same dorm had obviously not helped this situation.

"Come on Brit, we aren't asking you to never see G again, but we do need you to let go so we can go home. You'll see her again at the New Year's Eve slumber party and you can floo her every day until then, I promise. It's only six days…" Dylan pleaded with his daughter.

"G! We really need to go now. We need to go to your mother's parent's house. Apparently they need to check that their only grandchild has not been damaged by magic." JoMo protested. This brought a smile to everyone in the group surrounding them apart from Tessa who dropped her hand on Georgia and looked annoyed. Her hands found a way to her hips and attitude oozed out of her.

"That happens to be my parents Joe! They are just being concerned Grandparents. They don't understand magic, God, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it and I've been married to you for twelve years! You only have yourself to blame, you married me! Little Tessa the muggle!" Tessa argued, her eyebrow arching with her growing temper. Joe loved his wife dearly but sometimes he wished she didn't have such a short temper.

"Honey. Tessa, you know I don't mean it like that. I married you because I love you and I will never regret that. It's just your parents can be a little… erm… overbearing sometimes. I'm sorry." JoMo apologised as he dropped G arm and hugged his wife, her pixie hair tickling his nose.

"Apology accepted." Tessa sighed although she giggled into his shoulder when heard their daughter moan 'get a room'. When they heard the rest of their friends laughing they sprung apart before greeting each other again. During this time Georgia and Brit had separated which meant they could leave for the portal.

As the large group were about to leave, Meredith realised were missing two bodies. Where's Bonnie? I don't know sweetie. Meredith stopped dead in her tracks and turned to her friends.

"Guys, has anyone seen Bonnie and Danny?" she asked no one in particular. She saw a couple of shaking heads and many confused faces as they all turned and searched the crowded platform. The voice they heard was so quiet that Meredith nearly missed it.

"Danny was on the train with me and G. He was still on the train when we left. Maybe him and aunt Bon are over by the train?" Brit suggested. Meredith turned in the direction of the train and as if by magical coincidence Bonnie appeared pulling a flustered Danny behind her. When she reached the group she was out of breath.

"I-I'm so… sorry. Dan took a long time to get off the train and then we couldn't find you guys," she puffed her explanation.

"I'm sorry Aunt Bon, I couldn't find my case…" apologised the tall black haired boy beside her. For being her nephew, Danny looked nothing like his adopted mother. He didn't even look like his deceased father. Well, that's what Bonnie had always told him as he had never met either of his parents. When he was being honest with himself, he really didn't feel like he had missed out on anything. His father sounded pure evil. He had used the imperious curse on his poor muggle mother and forced her to have his child. When his father had become weak from a magical illness, she was released from the spell and fled, never looking back, leaving Danny with his father. When his father died when he was two from the same magical illness, his aunt Bon had taken him in. Danny never felt like he'd missed out on anything because he had his Aunt Bon and his second family. He never felt alone.

"It's cool Dan. Anyway have we decided yet?" Bonnie enquired. Her friends chuckled slightly.

"Well, hello to you too Bon!" Lauren smiled. "Do you honestly think we would decide where we hold our New Year's Eve slumber party without you guys? That would be breaking a twenty four year old tradition!" Ever since they had left Hogwarts the group had decided to meet up one day during the winter break. It used to be Christmas, but as the children grew up, they moved it to New Years as their houses were crowded enough with just family, never mind their second family as well.

The children stepped back as the adults created a tight circle. Charlene put her wand on the ground as she held the party last year, muttered a spell and stepped back out of the circle. As soon as she was out of the circle the wand began to spin. Everyone was watching it intently. Who's it going to land on? It better not be us, we held it two years ago! Bri calm down. If it's us, it's us. The bottle slowed until it eventually landed on Lauren.

"Dammit, I'm going to have to clean. I mean… yay! Slumber party!" Lauren tried to cover up. The rest of the adults laughed at her slip up.

"Okay, so I guess that's sorted, see you guys on New Year's Eve at the Walkers. We gotta go. Grandparents to visit! Have a good Christmas everyone!" JoMo replied as he, Tessa and Georgia left for the portal. Soon after, the rest of the group said their own goodbyes and headed for their respective homes.


News Year's Eve came quicker than expected. Everyone lounged in Joe and Lauren's living room, each in different styled onesies. The adults were seated on the corner couch and Joe had conjured up multi-coloured bean bags for the children to sit on. Lauren was last to enter the room, levitating behind her were a multitude of food and drink: chocolate; crisps; wizard sweets such as Bertie Botts every flavour beans, chocolate frogs, exploding bon-bons, and Licorice Wands; muggle sweets such as Redvines, Pumpkin Pasties, treacle tart, and lemon drops; pumpkin juice for the children and firewhiskey for the adults. Lowering her wand, Lauren placed the food on the coffee table and in different places around the floor, careful to avoid the mass of the duvets and pillows.

"So guys, what are we going to do first? Truth or Dare? Twister?" Lo asked. The group pondered for a moment before Sam answered.

"We kids have been talking and we were wondering if you guys could tell us the story about what you guys did Hogwarts? We all know that you guys met at Hogwarts but that's all we know." Sam asked on behalf of all the children. The children had always wondered what happened to their parents at Hogwarts and when any of them had asked they always received either cryptic answers like 'I slept for months', or 'I learned magic is dangerous, as is time' or 'I found myself ' or they were fobbed off with replies like, 'not now' or 'I'll tell you later'. The adults all stared at each other. They all knew this day was coming, but they didn't think that day would be today. Maybe we should tell them. What do you think? Mere, I don't know if they are ready, though maybe we should. Brian turned towards the other adults.

"I think it's time they knew guys…" Brian started and the other adults nodded in agreement. Lauren faced Sam before she replied.

"Well, Sammy-Sam, Where do what us to start?" She enquired. After a couple of seconds of deliberation, Sammy answered.

"Why don't you start with how all you guys met?" The children all smiled at their parents.

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