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Kili was next to his brother and grabbed him instantly when he suddenly fell over. Slowly sitting down on the ground, taking the other with him.

"Fili." Kili tried shaking him slightly, looking at his face over the shoulder, but Fili's eyes remained closed.


The now shouting dwarf - while still in danger of goblins and maybe others - got the other dwarves' attention. Gandalf and Thorin came to crouch next to the brothers.

"What happened?", Gandalf asked and looked at the younger.

"I… I don't know… I…", Kili swallowed. His eyes wandering from his brother's head to his uncle, to the wizard and back again.

"Calm down, Kili.", his uncle said harshly but yet had a comforting touch in his voice.

Kili took a deep breath. "We came out… and we stopped… we… I don't know. He just fell over, fainted."

Thorin frowned, Gandalf glanced at him sideways before slowly checking Fili's head. He stopped after some seconds and pulled out one hand from behind the unconscious' head.

Kili gulped, Thorin growled and Gandalf surely didn't look pleased. An injured dwarf is the last thing they needed now, especially if unconscious.

His hand had blood on it. Not too much to alarm the wizard, but enough to worry him.

"You seem to have lost all your bags, does anyone still have bandages though? Otherwise I need some cloth to patch him up as much as possible.", Gandalf spoke loud enough for everyone to hear, even if by now they all stood around the four on the ground.

Oin as the apothecary and healer always kept a small bag with him, which had few stuff for treatment in it. He pulled some bandages out, also some liquid to put on the wounds.

Gandalf worked fast on the injured head of the blond dwarf. Making out two bleeding wounds and one with a big bump at the hairline.

Kili got more pale the longer he watched the wizard and his older brother still not moving or giving any sign of waking up.

"What happened?!", Thorin roared at everyone and no one at all.

"I didn't see him…", Kili said and his shocked look met his uncle's questioning one.

"When we talked to the goblin king, I didn't see him. He was around me, before and after, but … not there." He supported his statement with a hand movement moving away from him.

Thorin turned to look at the others, the question unspoken, but everyone knowing what he wanted to know. There were several mumbled No's and shaking of heads. He turned back to Kili.

"When did you see him the last time?"

One could see on Kili's face how much he tried to think.

"We were shoved along, towards the platform and… Fili told me to stick as close as possible to you."

"I don't think he knew something, most likely he just wanted Kili to be safe.", Gandalf said suggestively.

Thorin nodded. "And then?"

His younger nephew looked down at his brother.

"I know he was next to me for a bit after that, but when we reached the platform and I ended up next to you, Fili… he was gone. I think."

"He left the platform with us, that's for sure. Now that I think about it… when I threw his weapons, he was further away than I had expected.", one of the other dwarfs said from behind.

"Behind you were quite a lot of goblins, it's possible that he was with them.", the wizard stated and looked into the far distance as if deep in thought.

Thorin figured that Gandalf knew more than he said, or at least had an idea. But they were in no position to start an argument of what had happened. They were still in danger of pursuers. Not the right time nor right place. Especially not with an injured and unconscious dwarf.

Fili was patched up and still hadn't moved at all. Without talking they all thought about how difficult it will be to continue with him. Some of them had walked away again to keep an eye on their surroundings, in case the goblins decided to leave their cave. The last thing they needed right now was to be attacked without being prepared for it.

Kili leaned down, Fili's head in his lap, and put their foreheads together.

"Fili, please… wake up. Don't leave me alone here."

Except for Thorin and Gandalf the other dwarves had all stepped away now, to give Kili some privacy with his brother.

"You promised. Only to die while fighting next to me.", the younger one whispered this so quiet, that not even his uncle and Gandalf could hear it.

Kili's eyes were closed, pressed tightly together, furrowed eyebrows. Thorin watched his youngest nephew.

He was in pain.

The pain Thorin felt was nothing compared to his nephew's. Kili was in much worse pain. Everyone could see that. They both had been inseparable since the younger was born. Fili looked after him, was all proud to have a brother and wanted to teach him as much as possible.

In hard times, when Thorin needed a break, he visited his sister and her sons. They were refreshing to watch, a handful most of the time, but would bring a smile to his face nonetheless. They grew up so fast and learned even faster. He always teached Fili something when he came to visit. The next time he came, Fili had teached it to Kili, who was old enough as well by then.

The last thing he wanted was for them to join in on this journey to reclaim Erebor. A home they didn't know. Didn't love. Didn't feel like getting back. They came along because he was their uncle, their king - without kingdom a as a matter of fact. But it didn't change anything in their loyalty.

Fili had come up to him and requested to join. Kili not far behind, because they were a set of two. Sometimes Thorin wondered if his sister secretly had given birth to twins.

His nephews never knew war, only several orcs out there from short trips or hunting, but that was all. But knewing his heir next to him made Thorin give in to the request. He just had to make sure that nothing happened to them or his sister would kill him.

And now here they are, his oldest nephew injured and unconscious, the younger nephew in pain and worried to death. Really a set of two.

Kili never showed when he was worried or scared, Thorin wondered if he didn't have those feelings. Or perhaps he still was still too much of an child to know fear. But if something happened to his older brother, Kili was instantly in a state of shock, not moving from his brother's side if possible.

So he watched over them, hoping for Fili to wake up soon. Carrying another dwarf because of a mental breakdown wasn't really a pleasant thought.

Kili opened his eyes, lifted his head a bit and looked at his brother's face before moving down and kissing his forehead.

He never understood why Fili would take all the pain and blame and danger and depressing thoughts, just so that Kili is save and can live happily. Sharing would make it so much easier. Both carrying a part, but not one alone the whole burden. His brother never listened though. Keeping to himself and letting Kili have an easy life, no problems or stuff to worry about.

Even now. Getting in trouble, getting hurt and not telling anyone. Fili would be the death of the younger brother one day.

He adored Fili, loved him, wanted to be like him in so many ways. Fili was the best brother Kili could imagine. He could have fun with him, but at the same time he was reminded not to act like an extremely idiot and think about their family line.

The older had a lot of character like his uncle, even if the looks didn't quite fit. Kili often was teased because of his undwarvish looks, at the same time he was popular with dwarf and human girls. Not like he cared. As he had told Fili, only he mattered.

He would change places with Fili at any time, even if just for taking on the burden of being the next heir. Quite some things were expected from Kili as the younger heir to Thorin, sometimes he thought he couldn't bear it anymore. But he couldn't even imagine how much expectations were placed on Fili's shoulders. Yet he never showed anything, was just a little bit too serious sometimes, but that was all.

When Kili moved away from kissing he blond's forehead, he looked into blue eyes staring up at him, accompanied by a weak smile.


Thorin moved closer when he heard his nephew speak. Gandalf looked Fili over and asked a few questions regarding his state. Fili answered, but his look didn't leave his brother's eyes.

"You can explain later what happened, but you better have a good excuse why you didn't bother telling us about your injuries.", Thorin growled from the left side.

Kili felt Fili shiver. Not surprising if you think about how angry their uncle must be. No matter what they do, often it's ending in some disapproving rant from their uncle.

"We didn't have the time to worry about an injury. You know that, uncle.", Fili said with a low voice. Him not trying to sit up made it clear to his surroundings, that the injuries had quite some effect on the young dwarf. "We're still not out of danger, are we? We should get a move on."

Gandalf let out a small sigh while Thorin tilted his head and Kili got a smile back on his face. That surely was his brother. Even if he had done something wrong or was in trouble, the bigger picture mattered and in this case it meant getting away from here.

"You better can walk if you talk so determined on getting away."

Fili finally looked at his uncle and smiled.

"I just thought it's quite comfortable like this. In Kili's lap and all."

This earned him a cheek-squeeze from his brother, who still had a bit of worry written all over his face.

Fili lifted a hand to cup the younger's cheek and smiled again. The warm smile he only showed Kili to reassure him of something.

Kili studied him for a moment before his smile got wider and he seemed content that the older was okay. For now at least.

Thorin stood and held out a hand to help his nephew on his feet. Fili took it and was pulled up, with a bit of pushing from behind, Kili not letting this chance slip away to make fun of his brother later on.

Fili stood and they watched some seconds to make sure he wouldn't faint again.

Nothing happened, so they mentally prepared themselves for continuing when Gandalf's voice cut through the silence.

"Where's Bilbo? Where is our Hobbit? … Where is our HOBBIT?!"