"So Penny, what did you think about your first episode?" asked Gumball

"It was fine, as long as I'm up here with you I guess I can handle this" said Penny

"So what did you think sirs?" asked Gumball on the video phone

(Back on Earth)

Jeff locked himself into a closet

"Jeff, are you in there?" asked DG

"Go away" said Jeff

"Look I'm sorry that I haven't sold the invention yet" said DG

"If you're sorry then give me back my money" said Jeff

"And all you care about is money, so I got you a gift" said DG

Jeff opened the door, snatched the present, and went back in the closet. A big explosion happened inside

"That should teach him" said DG

He turned towards the video phone not knowing Gumball and penny just saw that

DG quickly ran towards the console

"Sorry you had to see that" said DG as he pushed a button on the console and the screen faded out

"That's the end of this episode, I'm going to take a little break from this series for a couple of days so don't expect a new episode so soon. Please review