Gavroche's Tale

Summary: This is a Les Miserables story about what would have happened if Javert had discovered that Gavroche was still alive. Based on 2012 Les Miserables.

Inspector Javert walked among the bodies. He was searching for one in particular, but he stopped at the sight of a child, lying on the ground. Upon closer inspection, he saw that it was the little blonde haired urchin who had ousted him as a spy. Staring down at the boy, Javert felt a pang of sympathy for the boy's loved ones. He took off his medal and placed it on the boy's chest. It was then that he noticed the boy's chest moving up and down. He was still alive. He looked around and realized that he had two options. 1) leave the boy to die and search for Jean Valjean, or 2) Let Valjean escape and get the boy to a hospital. Javert sighed. He had been hunting Valjean for years, but when given the chance to kill him, Valjean had instead spared his life. Making a quick decision, Javert scooped the boy up in his arms and stepped out into the street where the other soldiers were. They stopped at the sight of the inspector gently holding a member of the barricade.

"This boy is severely wounded" Javert said. "I am taking him to the hospital. There is nothing back that way. I am sure everyone else is dead"

"Sir," The soldier who spoke was the one who shot the boy, not that Javert knew that. "He was fighting for the barricade. Why are you letting him live?" Javert looked directly at the soldier.

"Because he is a child. Children follow the adults who take care of them. They cannot be held responsible for the actions they were told to do by others" Javert responded. "I am truly amazed that one of you willingly killed a child" He walked away, leaving the soldier to feel incredibly foolish. As he left the barricade, Javert flagged down a carriage.

"To the hospital please" He said. At the hospital, Javert paid the doctor and left the boy in the care of the nurses.

Gavroche woke up slowly, the sunlight streaming through the windows hurt his eyes. It took him a few minutes to realize that he was in a hospital. A nurse was getting ready to redress his wounds.

"I can't stay here" He said.

"You must" The nurse replied. "You are not fully recovered" Gavroche frowned.

"Hospitals cost money" He said. "I don't have any"

"You needn't worry about that" The nurse told him. "The Inspector covered the bill when he brought you here" Gavroche was shocked. He had thought Javert was dead and he sure as hell didn't ever think Javert would save his life.

"Why?" He asked. "Why did he save me?"

"He didn't say" the Nurse replied. She sighed. "His body was found in the Seine two days ago" Gavroche was shocked. Javert had saved his life, and then drowned? It didn't make sense. He registered what the nurse had said.

" how long have I been here?" He asked.

"One month" The nurse replied. "You're certainly a fighter, young man. You had two bullets lodged in your body. We had to operate quickly and hope for a recovery" Gavroche sighed, almost afraid to ask the next question.

"What happened to the barricade?" He asked. "Were there any other survivors?" The nurse hesitated. "Please tell me. I have to know" Gavroche pleaded.

"There was only one other survivor, as far as I know. He recovered a week ago and we sent him home" She replied.

"Who was it?" Gavroche asked.

"Marius Pontmercy" The nurse replied. Gavroche was happy for Marius. Now he could be with that girl he had met. True love, he had called it.

"Can you get a message to him? Can you tell him that Gavroche wants to see him?" He asked. The nurse nodded.

Marius and Cosette were having teas with Monsieur Gillimond (I think that is Marius's grandfather's name) and Monsieur Fechelevent, discussing the wedding. Monsieur Fechelevent had asked to speak to Marius privately, after tea. They were disrupted when the maid entered with a nurse from the hospital.

"I am sorry to disturb you, Monsieur Marius, but there is a survivor from the barricade who has requested that you come and see him. He is still too weak; otherwise I am sure he'd be on his way here" Marius felt the first stir of hope since he had recovered.

"Who?" He asked.

"His name is Gavroche" The words were barely out of her mouth when Marius shot up and was making his way to the door. Cosette went with him and they took a carriage to the hospital.

"Who is Gavroche?" Cosette asked.

"He is like little brother to all of us who were at the barricade" Marius explained. "He had climbed through the barricade and was collecting bullets when he was shot. Courfreyac grabbed and took him inside, but with all the commotion, I guess we all thought he had died. He took a bullet to the chest and shoulder. I just can't believe he's alive"

Cosette squeezed his hand.

"Does he have a family?" She asked.

"I don't know" Marius replied, as they got out of the carriage. "As far as I know he's been living on the streets on his own" The couple entered the hospital and a nurse directed them to Gavroche's room. Marius hesitated outside the door, so Cosette opened it. They saw the clean, blonde haired, 10 year old boy, sitting up in bed. His upper torso was completely covered in bandages.

"Hello Marius" He said cheerfully. Marius felt tears prick his eyes. If it weren't for the bandages he would have hugged Gavroche. He opted to sit on the edge of the bed instead.

"How did you get out of the barricade?" Marius asked. He doubted that the same man who saved him had saved Gavroche, since Gavroche had been placed with all the dead bodies.

"I was unconscious" Gavroche explained. "I thought I was going to die. When Inspector Javert, (who was alive, surprisingly) was inspecting the dead bodies, I guess he realized I was alive. He brought me here and paid the hospital to treat me" Marius smiled when he realized that Monsieur Fechelevant had only pretended to kill the inspector.

"We must thank him" Marius said.

"We can't" Gavroche said. "He's dead" Gavroche told Marius what the nurse had told him. It was then that he noticed Cosette, standing in the doorway. He smiled.

"You must be Marius's girlfriend" He said. She smiled.

"Fiancée, now" She told him. Gavroche smiled back.

"Congratulations" He said. Marius cleared his throat.

"Gavroche, you've done so much for the barricade and for me. I'd like you to come live with me and Cosette" He said. Gavroche smirked.

"You aren't old enough to be my parents" He said cheekily. Cosette smiled.

"How about you be our brother than" She said. "We're both only children, and I've always wanted a brother"

"I guess I could oblige" Gavroche said, grinning. He didn't really want to live on the streets anymore, anyway.

(Everything else is the same, except with Gavroche at the wedding and at Jean Valjean's death. If you want me to continue on to show those scenes with Gavroche, let me know)