Gavroche's Tale

Valjean was praying in the chapel, on his knees. He was very weak.

Next to the crucifix on the altar were Valjean's two silver candlesticks, in which two candles burn.

"Upon this wedding night I pray, Take these children, my Lord, to thy embrace And show them grace..." He paused. "God on high, Hear my prayer, take me now to thy care. Where you are take me now Bring me home"

He was soon joined by the ghost of Fantine. She took his hand as he prayed.

"M'sieur I bless your name..." She whispered gently, brushing the hair out of his face.

"I am ready, Fantine..." Valjean said, looking up at her.

"M'sieur lay down your burden. You raised my child in love, and you will be with God"

Cosette, Gavroche and Marius rushed round the cloisters and entered the chapel in the middle of the cloisters. Valjean turned at the sound of the door opening.

"Cosette?" He whispered, tears form in his eyes. Cosette rushed to him, knelt before him, and took him in her arms.

"Papa, papa, I do not understand. Are you all right? Why did you go away?" She asked, tears clinging to her eyelashes.

"Cosette, my child! Am I forgiven now? Thank God, thank God, I've lived to see this day" He reached up a hand to caress her face. Marius knelt beside them.

"It's you who must forgive a thoughtless fool! It's you who must forgive a thankless man!" He said earnestly. "It's thanks to you that I am living, And again I lay down my life at your feet" Cosette and Gavroche looked at Marius, not sure what he was talking about. He son explained. "Cosette, your father is a saint! When they wounded me, He took me from the barricade, carried like a babe, and brought me home to you!" Cosette gasped and looked back at her father with love and admiration.

"Now you are here again beside me. Now I can die in peace, for now my life is blessed..." He trailed off and Cosette shook her head.

"You will live, papa" She said firmly. "You're going to live! It's too soon to say goodbye" Valjean smiled weakly.

"Yes, Cosette, forbid me now to die!" He tried to smile. He held a letter out to her. "On this page I write my last confession. Read it well when I at last am sleeping.
It's the story of one who turned from hating a man who only learned to love when you were in his keeping" Cosette took the letter and kissed it.

"I know, papa" She whispered. Valjean looked toward the ghostly Fantine who held a hand out to him.

"I'm ready now, Fantine" He whispered. His breath left his body and Cosette began weeping. Gavroche wrapped his arms around her and Marius hugged them both.

"He is with God" Gavroche said in her ear. "He is happy now"

Jean Valjean was buried in a cemetary not as a criminal but as a wonderful loving father who gave all he had to protect his daughter. Marius and Cosette lived a happy and fulfilled life with Gavroche, who was able to attend school, university and finally became a doctor to help people like he had been helped.