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Summary : Detectives Ryan and Esposito run into Alexis during the Supernova-con episode. Cue flustered Ryan, sexy cosplayer Alexis, and plenty of seuxal tension and fluff.

A/N: This takes place during Final Frontier but doesn't really respect the time-line of the episode. Just go with it.

As he and Esposito made their way through the crowd of the convention, Kevin Ryan's eyes got caught by a slender, barely covered figure.

She was walking a few steps in front of them, with two other similarly half-clothed girls, but somehow she stood out, the same way she stood out from the crowd. All he could see was her long silky hair and her creamy skin. She was perfect in every way and utterly mesmerizing.


Esposito's voice broke him out of his daze.


"Dude, were you just checking that girl out?"

"What? No," he tried to lie but it only made him more flustered.

"You totally were!"

His partner laughed at his discomfort.

"Shut up."

"Like hell, I will. It's the first time I see you looking at a girl since the whole Jenny thing. You didn't even seemed to see that Space Amazon girl practically shoving her boobs in your face earlier."


"That's what I'm talking about man. Look, I know it's still too soon for anything serious, but I'd say it's good sign. You're getting ready to move on, man," Javier said, clapping him on the shoulder. Being the only one who knew about his failed marriage made Javier even more protective of his friend.

"Why? Just because I was staring at some girl like a creep?"

"Ah ah! So you admit it?"

"Just...Shut up."

Ryan let his head fall in his hands.

"Hey, is that her?"

"Where?" he asked, jumping up to catch a glimpse of the beautiful creature. Javier's mocking smile at his enthusiasm didn't escape him, but he chose to ignore it.

"Over there, see? It's the red-head, right? You're so Irish, by the way."

He nodded, not trusting his words. It was her. She and her friends were laughing. She had her back to them, and he couldn't see her face from where they were but he could see her creamy, delicious thighs.

"Don't just stand there staring like some perv, go and talk to her, man."

"What? No, I can't do that," he said without taking his eyes off of the girl.

"Why not?"

"I'm—I'm still married. Even if things are over with Jenny, I'm still married. I can't get involved with someone."

"You don't have to get involved. Just get her number or something. Here, let's go, I'll be your wingman. Come on, you know you want to."

He tried to protest, but Javier was already dragging him to the stand where she and her friends were.

He stopped complaining, and let Javier have his way. As they got closer, he was getting more and more nervous. His mouth was dry, and his heart beating fast. She was getting prettier the closer they got.

Javier was getting ready to tap on her shoulder, when they both recognized her musical laughter.

They looked at each other horrified.


He was so stunned, that her name escaped him. She turned around, and he quickly looked down to avoid her eyes.

That didn't help. Down were only beautiful, endless legs, a perfect flat belly and amazing, perky breasts he didn't know she had. Her purple outfit didn't leave much to his imagination. He thought he was going to die, or maybe spontaneously combust. He was probably redder than her hair by now. Oh, god.

"Ryan? Esposito?"

"Hey Alexis."

Thankfully for him, Javier recovered much more quickly.

"We thought it was you, so we came over and said hi."

"Hi," she said.

"Hi," Ryan said pitifully.

He didn't quite dared to look her in the eye, but he didn't know where else to look. Everywhere his eyes went there seemed to be more exposed, tantalizing, creamy skin.

"Well, I guess I should have expected it, I ran into my dad and Beckett earlier. Are you guys working a case?"

"Yep. I guess we should get back to it and let you and your friends alone."

She nodded and smiled. Had he really never noticed before how beautiful she was when she smiled?

"Oh, okay. Good luck with your case."

Right before parting, she seemed to notice Kevin's lingering gaze. She raised an eyebrow at him. 'What', she seemed to say. He shook his head discreetly. 'Nothing'.

He was ready to escape this strange mixture of Hell and Heaven, featuring a half-dressed Alexis Castle, when she stopped them.

"Wait," she said.

They turned back toward her. She was blushing slightly. For a second he thought she was going to confront him, which was stupid because he hadn't done anything, not really.

"Did you—How did you guys know it was me?" she asked gesturing to her costume.

Kevin looked at Javier, praying for him to save him again, but his partner wasn't coming up with anything. They shared a desperate look before Kevin blurted out:

"Your hair. It's a dead give away."

Alexis shook her head and laughed.

"Right, I'm silly. I can dress up as much as I want, everybody always recognizes me, no matter how big the crowd."

She sighed. "Sorry about that, see you later guys," she said and ran back to her friend, her ridiculously short skirt lifting slightly as she did.

"Dude, stop looking."

The charm was broken. They walked away in silence, getting back to their duty. Ryan couldn't look at his partner.

"Can we swear to never speak a word about what just happened ever again? Especially not to Castle?" he finally asked after a long silence.

"Agreed. Just—I've got to ask, did you know it was her?"

"Of course not, why would you even say that?"

"Because of what you said about the hair and stuff."

"I didn't—It was just the only logical thing I could come up with. I had to say something."


They went back to their duties in silence.

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