Hello all my favorite jalice-shipping-cat-cookie-collectors! This is fuchsialight with a special announcement!

I've come up with my new fanfiction theme! That's right! You asked for it, and you're getting it! I'm currently writing the pilot and it should be up within the next day or so. It will feature (neko) Alice and Jasper, but with a new twist! It will also feature a number of different species, familiar faces, and Alice's neko background will be different than it was in "Lucky Cat".

Because I love all of you, and you are my muse to write, I'm going to give you a little insight.

When Alice runs away from her abusive home, she finds refuge in an unexpected place. "Welcome to Cirque de Nightmare, where all your fears come alive? Well that doesn't sound too bad."

Stay tuned! I'd love to hear what you guys think! And again, thanks to all of you who are so supportive to me. :3 I seriously wouldn't have any motivation to write without you.

With lots of love and cat-shaped cookies, fuchsialight.