"Well FUCK you too, bitch! I don't need this piece of shit place anyway! Peace!" said Naruto with a middle finger as he walked away from the orphanage. He had just got done beating up 3 kids who tried to pick a fight with him. Needless to say, they'll be sleeping peacefully in the hospital for a while. This 5-year-old kid is not like your normal little kid. He isn't curious about the world, he doesn't care about punishments bestowed upon him from him acting up, he does what he wants whenever he can. His name is Naruto Uzumaki, self-proclaimed biggest badass ever to walk the planet. He was currently walking the streets, looking around with a critical eye as people glared at him. He didn't give a shit, let one of them fuckers TRY and fuck with him, they'll be sorry. He couldn't guarantee payback would be immediate, but he has ways of finding where a person lives. As he was walking, he noticed he wondered into the bad-side of the village, where rules pretty much took vacation and left town. It wasn't chaotic, but it sure as hell wasn't peaceful. He grinned as he saw a suspicious looking person on the corner. He has black hair in a ponytail, a red plain shirt, blue jeans, and an opened black trench coat with black shoes. He walked up to him and smiled at him. This unnerved the man who looked fidgety.

"Go away, kid. You're bad for business." he said and puffed out smoke from the weed he just took out. Naruto merely smirked at the man.

"Ya know, sir, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were a dealer." The man's eyes widened and he started coughing up a storm. He quickly reached into his coat and pulled at a knife. He grabbed Naruto by his collar an drug him into an alley and placed the knife near his throat. Naruto began to sweat a little, but kept his cool.

"Who the fuck are you, huh? Workin' with the Uchiha police, you little shit?! I could kill you right now and go fuck my girl like nothin' happened. Start talkin'!" said the man in a dangerous tone. Naruto looked a bit nervous. He had planned this out in his head and he expected this to happen; he just wasn't prepared for it.

"I-uh-I'm kinda want to start doing what you guys do." he said quickly. The man looked confused, but he still held the knife to Naruto's neck.

"...What you guys do? And what is that exactly?"

""Yo-you know...drugs...?" He froze when the knife dug into his skin. He was starting to get scared now.

"The only reason you're alive now is because you're a kid. So humor me, how did you even know I was apart of that type of thing, and why are you interested?"

"Well for one, you didn't look right. At first glance you seem like the average joe, but looking a bit closer I saw how nervous you were. You had some sweat on your forehead on a cool evening, your eyes were narrowed and looking from side-to-side ever so often, and you never took your hands out of your pocket. And secondly I'm interested because from I can tell it brings a lot of money, something I need." explained Naruto. The man looked surprised and impressed with the kid. He even chuckled as he lowered the knife from his neck.

"You're alright kid. I'm glad you pointed that out to me, I'm kinda new at this thing. What's your name kid?"

"Naruto Uzumaki." The man's eyes widened.

"The demon kid? Damn, isn't this something. And why should I accept your offer? Being who you are, if you get caught, you'll face far more worse punishment than me."

"Well you could use me. Who would suspect a 5-year-old kid to be in the drug business? Also, if I could be a look out for you if you ever need it. I could tell a normal person from a undercover cop. It's the way the Uchiha carry themselves; the arrogant cold look in their eyes vs the bored casual look in others. I can be a big help if you let me." suggested Naruto. The man actually looked interested and was now in thought.

"And how I do I know you're not an undercover kid working with the police force?"

"Oh please, look at them! They wouldn't allow a kid to take credit for their bust! Now do we have a deal?" asked a hopeful Naruto. The man looked at the little blonde with interest. He smirked.

"Fine, deal. Let's see how this goes, and if it goes will, I'll let you meet the boss. If not, than I'll have to keep you from snitching, and I think we both know what happens then." He said with a smile as he held his hand out. Naruto gulped and nervously shook his hand. "By the way, the name's Jack. I can't honestly tell you my real name for obvious reasons. Let's do this, we don't have much time to sell this stuff."

-3 Months Later-

Life was good for Naruto. He and Ken-the guy Naruto met- hit it off nicely. Naruto helped him avoid narks- undercover cops- and helped him sell. At first the addicts didn't want to buy from the demon kid, but dangle some meth, cocaine, or crack in front of them and they were easy to convince. Ken handled the weed, since they didn't need it need it like the others. Both Naruto and Ken made a lot of money. Ken decided he wanted to ensure Naruto's loyalty and offered him an invitation to bunk with him. Naruto happily agreed to it. He still didn't meet the boss, but he didn't complain. Money was money, and he got a lot of it. Although Ken got 70% of the cut while Naruto got 30%, he appreciated it. he was a kid after all. Naruto's normal attire consisted of a white shirt with an orange swirl on the back, black shorts and ninja sandles. As much as he wanted to be flashy, he didn't want to draw attention to himself. He had enough hate as it is. The 3rd caught wind of Naruto's living arrangements, and immediately questioned Ken on his intentions. Ken was scared to death, how the hell was he suppose to know the kid had closes ties with the Hokage?! But than he should have, Naruto did hold the 9-tailed fox. After being grilled by the 3rd, he accepted Ken as overseer of Naruto, but he was told he'd be watched closely. This freaked him out at first, but the 3rd said he would turn a blind eye toward Ken's activities, however, if harm were to come to Naruto, than he'd face the highest level of the law. Ken agreed pretty quickly. He was actually surprised the 3rd knew about what he did, but he didn't dwell on it, what was the point? After clearing all that up, he was officially the legal guradian of Naruto Uzumaki.

Currently Naruto was eating take out, considering Ken couldn't cook for shit. Also, some nights he could barely sleep, since true to his word, Ken would as he put it "fuck his bitch" some nights. If they were one-night-stands or whores, Naruto would never know. All he knew was that Ken was an asshole. He shouldn't even know what sex was! Son of a bitch Ken...

"What's up, kid? How ya doin'? Don't answer that-" insert glare from Naruto "- I've decided to finally let you met the boss. He's been interested ever since I told him of our partner ship. Get dress when you're done eating." and with that he left the room, leaving a giddy Naruto. He'd finally meet the boss! He couldn't wait! If he pulled this off, he'd probably be making more money! Oh the ryo...so much ryo. He quickly finished his meal and got dress. He went outside to meet up with Ken. "That fast? Alright let's go."


Naruto found himself at restaurant. 'Here? That's unexpected. Although that's probably the point.' Naruto walked in to see it cleared out entirely. The only people there were 4 men who looked to be acting as bodyguards, and a young man who had an aura that cleary said "Dont fuck with me." He had long hair and looked surprisingly young. His skin was slightly pale and he had a cold demeanor. He wore a business suit, and he had a Katana sitting on the table, which was about 3 feet long.

"Welcome Ken. I am glad you could make it."

"Of course, sir."

"And you are Naruto. Am I correct?"

"Yes sir."

"I'm surprised you've got an interest in this kind of business, given your reputation. Allow me to say first off that I don't hate you, you've made me money, so why should I? Now that we got that out of the way, let me say this; this is a family, Naruto, and family means loyalty, do you understand?" Naruto nodded. "Good. Now, even though you both are new, I see you both as my family. Family means trust, and trust means loyalty, you understand. Now, normally, family looks out for each other. That's what's suppose to happen. In family, you ask for help, you get it. When it is done, you expect to be repaid, it doesn't matter if the payment is instant or over time, as long as in the end you get paid. What I'm getting at is, someone's holding out on me, and that's disrespect, and disrespect means I lose face, and I can't have that, now can I?" Both Naruto and Ken shook their heads. "I'm glad to see you both following me. This man borrowed money from me a few months back to open up a food stand. Now he's down two payments. Now I'm trying to be patient, but I can't be nice about this. He has to know that a deal is a deal. The point is, I need you two to handle it. Normally I'd send out one of my more experienced guys, but I've decided to test you. Accept and the pay is bigger than normal. Decline, and I'll send you on your way, no harm done. Make your choice." Ken and Naruto looked at each other. Naruto nodded his head. Ken looked at the man.

"We accept, sir." He smiled.

"Good, that's good. Now here's where you need to go. Go there and 'remind' him of the debt he owes. Don't hurt him, it's bad for business. Only if you have to, break some things to really get the point through. Go, and do me proud, boys." They Ken took the package as he and Naruto got up. They bowed to the man were about to exit when he stopped them. "Excuse my rudeness, Naruto, but I haven't told you my name. I go by Akechi Mitsuhide. You may go now."


"Well he was nice." commented Naruto.

"Yeah, but don't get on his bad side. He's respectful to all his workers. He believes in order to earn respect, you must first give it. It's those who cross him that have to worry. Man, the shit I heard he does to them...anyway lets open this thing and see where we got to go...hmmmm... Ichiraku Ramen? Huh, unexpected."

"Ramen? Never had it before. I wonder what it taste like."

"Well don't worry about that. Business before pleasure." Naruto gave him a look.

"Yeah fucking right! I'm surprised I haven't got a hospital bill saying the price of medication for your S.T.D." Ken looked annoyed.

"Fuck you! At least I get some." He said with a smirk, which fell when he remember who he was talking to. "Shit I forgot.."

"Yeah, unless you have sudden pedophile urges I need to know about." That earned him a smack to the back of the head. They arrived at their destination and took their seats. They waited for someone to take their orders, which surprisingly was in the form of an 8-year-old girl.

"Hi. Can I take your orders, please?" asked the girl sweetly. The duo now felt a little guilty, well Ken did, Naruto didn't really give a shit since she seemed to be older than him. Ken was hesitant, Naruto noticed, so he decided to take the initiative.

"Hey. Can you do us a favor and go get your daddy? We're friends of his." he said in a friendly tone. She smiled and nodded. She hummed to herself as she walked to the back of the shop.

"Damn man... I feel kinda bad now. He has a little girl working here." stated Ken. Naruto merely rolled his eyes.

"What are you, a pussy? Feelings and doing a job don't mix in this business, so save them for later." Ken looked annoyed at the little blonde.

"Don't you think I know that you little shit? I'm just saying. Maybe he has a good reason he isn't paying up yet."

"It doesn't matter, the fact of the matter is that he didn't pay up, and now we're warning him."

"Yeah, whatever. It's like I'm talking to an adult...shit! I just thought of that after all this time! Aren't you a little too smart for you age? I mean, I've heard of geniuses, but you're different. You came straight out of the orphanage and then instantly decided you wanted to be in the drug business. You knew where to look and how to spot me. You know how to talk to certain people, you aren't flashy, you actually budget your money instead of spending it all over the place, and you don't mind the risk of being caught. Plus, your understanding level far exceeds that of a 5-year-old, and I can actually have conversations with you on a peer-to-peer level. What the hell is up with that?" questioned Ken. Naruto was about to say something in a smart-ass way, but then paused.

Ken did raise a good point. How come he was so smart? Well not smart, but understanding? The moment he was kicked out of the orphanage, he immediately thought of being in the drug business. He didn't think about finding shelter nor did he think about how he was going to survive. His first thought was to find away into the drug game. He knew what to look for, and he knew his way with words. He didn't even consider right and wrong, he was basically killing people, tearing apart families with the drugs he put helped put out, and all he thought about was money. The fucked up part was, he didn't really give a shit. He just went with the flow of things. It's like by instinct he knew what to do and how to do it. That's what puzzled him the most. He decided to dwell on this later as he heard footsteps. He looked up to see the owner and chef of the shop, who had a smile on his face.

"Welcome to my shop. How may I help you on this fine day?" Although Ken was a little guilty after seeing the little girl, he knew better than to back down. It's one thing to fail Mitsuhide, it's an entirely different story to pussy out.

"Yeah, ya see. We're here to talk about that debt you owe to a certain someone." Teuchi's eyes widened and he held his daughter in his daughter near him protectively. "You're behind 2 payments, Teuchi, and the boss was nice enough to send you a reminder. Paying time is coming up soon, and he's hoping to get his money. We don't want him getting his hopes up only to have them come crashing down, do we?" Teuhci looked a little frightened now.

"Li-listen, please listen! Business has been a little slow lately and I have bills to pay and a little girl to feed. I try, I really do, but the economy isn't at where it needs to be. The Kyuubi attacked happened just 5 years ago and money is hard to come by these days. Please just give me a little more time, and I swear I'll have the money. I just need more time to get it, that's all." said the scared man. Ken looked at him closely.

"That's not for me to decide, mister. Don't worry, our jobs was just to come here and remind you of the debt, that's all. I'll tell him what ya said, we'll see what happens. You're lucky that he sent us and not others, or they probably would have resorted to breaking stuff to drive the point."

"Us?" questioned Teuchi. Ken pointed to Naruto, much to the shock of Teuchi. "My god... he's recruiting kids to work for him?" before Ken could say anything, Naruto beat him to the punch.

"Hey old man! I'm not being forced to do this if that's what you're saying! It may not look it, but I choose this on my own will, nobody forces me to do anything! I can see it already, you're thinking this kid doesn't know what he's getting into, well I do! I'm pulling my own weight, rather than sulking in self-pity because everyone around me wants me dead. So take your opinions and shove them up your ass!" exclaimed Naruto. The entire shop was silent when his speech was finished. Ken little uneasy at the attention that was turned his way. Meanwhile Teuchi was surprised at the determination and conviction in Naruto's eyes, especially considering he was but a mere 5-year-old child. People noticed the demon child was in their holy presence, so they grumbled and began leaving the stand. Naruto noticed this and he looked a little guilty since he knew it was actually his fault. He sighed, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a 2 rolled up folds of ryo. "Here," he said as he placed it on he counter, much to the shock of both Teuchi and Ken. "Take it. It's my fault now that you most likely won't have your next payment since people recognized me. I read how much you owed, this should cover 2 of your payments, the rest is up to you. I'm sorry that I've possibly driven some of you business away. To make sure that doesn't happen I'll leave right now and never come back, it's the least I could do. Come on Ken, let's go." he got up from his seat and began to walk out.

Ken didn't even object to being ordered, he was so shocked by Naruto's behavior. This greedy son of a bitch just gave 2 stacks of money away, while when he asked to borrow some he gets a middle finger. He wasn't really mad about that, he was simply surprised. Naruto is a selfish, greedy, "look out for my own self" and "fuck everyone else" type of guy. Being nice and sharing wasn't something the Naruto he knew did, or maybe... he didn't know Naruto at all? All they did together was sell drugs, spend there money on whatever, go home, and repeat. This Naruto he's never seen before, why though? Was it Ken's personality; no that couldn't be it. He and Naruto bickered back and forth and joked in a friendly manner. Maybe it was because they never really did anything together. They knew each other as business partners, and nothing else. It's a shame since they've been living under the same roof for 2 and a half months. He realized he never even tried to get to know Naruto at all, really. He treated Naruto as his business partner, and him being a kid, no matter how smart, accepted it as a way you were suppose to act. Ken's eyes were now open because of his epiphany, it's not that he didn't want to get to know Naruto, he was afraid to. That's why he engaged in sex and alcohol so much, to drown out his sorrows. He was afraid to get close to people, to anyone, ever since...It hurt just to think about it. He made up his mind, he would make it his personal mission to get Naruto to see him as a friend, maybe even a brother. With a newfound goal, he began to follow Naruto, when they were both stopped someone calling them.

"Hey kid, come back for a second, I need to talk to you." said Teuchi. Naruto was curious and obeyed while Ken did the same. They both sat back down in their previous seats. "Both of you, what kind of ramen do you want, first one's on the house." They were both confused now. Ken spoke up first.

"But we work for the guy who you owe money to. Why?" Teuchi smirked at him.

"I'm getting older, and I know a pair of good guys when I see them, even if they don't know it themselves. Now have some ramen, first one's on me, the rest you'll have to pay." he said. Both Naruto and Ken looked at each other, shrugged.

"Okay." they both said. Ken said, "Give me chicken flavored, and give Naruto the best ya got, he's never had any in his life."

"Comin' right up!" Teuchi went to the back to prepare the meals. Little did he know, was that his financial problem would be solved faster than before. Naruto's family tree dates back to ramen addicts, and he was no different. After the free meal, Ken and Naruto -who will from now on go by The Duo (lazy author)- reported the successful mission to Mitsuhide. He was pleased and stated from this point on, they were apart of his family. They did, however, leave out the part where Naruto paid Teuchi the 2 payments worth of money, not knowing how the crime lord with react. He paid them a heavy sum of money and dismissed them. They were currently at their apartment, and Ken was feeling uneasy. He told himself he wouldn't form bonds with anyone ever since... that day. But now he was seeing it was a mistake. And besides, he has the Kyuubi in him, and he's suppose to be start ninja academy in a few months, he should be able to protect himself. Speaking of which... should he tell the kid about the Kyuubi? He has a right to know. But he should ask the Hokage first. Maybe the he and the old man could talk about that. He was sure the 3rd planned to tell Naruto sometime in the future. But that sometime had better be soon. Anybody can tell you that finding out a secret from a stranger or on your own is worse than being told by a friend or family. Ken can attest to that.

"Naruto, come here for a sec." Ken called from the kitchen table. Naruto came to table and sat down, looking at Ken expectedly. " Do you wanna... hang out later on or something?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Shouldn't we be focusing on the selling 'the stuff'?" Ken sighed; he was right. Naruto DID see this only as business partner relationship. He'll have to fix that.

"We can worry about that later. Right now let's try to have some fun. We haven't done that since we met, which is a shame, actually." Ken chuckled to himself. "So, anything you want to do today, just name it. You already know we have the money for it." offered Ken. Naruto brought his hand to his chin and looked in thought. He then snapped his fingers and looked at Ken.

"Let's go to park. I've never been there before and from what I see, it's fun." Ken chuckled to himself again. It seems Naruto actually did know he was kid after all. Who would have thought?

"Ok, brat. Let's go."

- 5 months later-

Naruto would soon be starting the ninja academy today. Ken didn't see the point in allowing a 5 year old in the academy, but who was he to judge? He fucked up people's lives with drugs. In the past months, Naruto and he had gotten closer than ever before. They still argued and talked shit to each other, but only in a more friendlier way. They now saw each other as brothers, which Ken was glad about. Ken told Naruto some things about his life. Ken was 22 and he had ran away when he was in his teens. He got into drug dealing later on and that's pretty much it. Naruto, however, could tell their was more, much more. He saw the hesitation in Ken's eyes as he talked about about certain subjects. It's not that Ken wouldn't tell Naruto about his life, he couldn't. Something held him back. Naruto decided to respect his privacy and would allow Ken to tell him about his life in more detail when he was ready.

Their business with Mitsuhide increased. He'd send them to collect money owed, bribe with dirty Uchiha's, and occasionally beat up someone, although it was Ken who did the beating, Naruto just watched. When things looked to tough for Ken, Naruto would grab his trusty bat and jump in. Him being a kid, no one would suspect him so he caught them by surprise. The fights would leave them both sore but the money from Mitsuhide was good so they didn't complain. As they continued working would him, they learned he wasn't the big cheese they assumed he was. He wasn't the head of the family. He was second-in-command of the Syndicate. There were 3 major syndicates in Konoha; together they were called the Sengoku. The three individual organizations were the Oda, run by Nobunaga Oda, the Toyatomi, run by Hideyoshi Toyatomi, and the Tokugawa, run by Ieyasu Tokugawa. The Duo were in the Oda Syndicate, apparently. The 3 syndicates were in an agreement of sorts. The deal was pretty much, "Don't fuck with me... and I won't fuck with you."

Naruto's visits to Ichiraku increased ever since his recently discovered addiction to ramen. He'd eat all he could before leaving, making Teuchi a happy man with Naruto's appetite. Naruto was getting ready for the academy. He was both excited and nervous. Will he make any friends? Will it be fun? But most of all, will they treat him like the rest of the villages? Naruto was scared to find out, but he strengthened his resolve. He wasn't a bitch with no balls! He was Naruto Uzumaki, the most badass of the bad! Who would fuck with him? Nobody that's who! Shiiiiiiit... he wished a motherfucka would! He'd go Bruce Lee on their asses! He'd be like hi-ya! He-yah! Wa-ta! Ka-

"Naruto! Stop hitting the wall and making those retarded ass noises and come the fuck on!"

-7 years later-

"Goddammit..." mumbled Naruto. He'd failed again, for the third fucking time! How the hell was this possible! He aced everything but the fucking Bunshin test! He was the top in the throwing portion, 2nd to Sasuke in the fighting portion, top in the survival portion when they're made to spend a week in forest outside surrounding Konoha- of course they were being watched by ANBU to assure their safety-, he aced the Henge test, which he used when necessary for his drug life, although he failed the genjutsu portion, he was at least able to break a genjutsu so it was 50/100, and he aced the Kawarimi no Jutsu, but because of one. fucking. stupid ass jutsu he failed! What kind of bullshit it this?! He was waiting for Ken to tell him he failed AGAIN when Mizuki came to him.

(you've read it a thousand times, there's no need to do it again)

'Fucking idiot! Man, I can't believe he actually thought I was that stupid. Fucking dumbass!' though Naruto, who was sitting in a clearing waiting for Mizuki. He took out the 3rd and stole the scroll. Little did he know that the old man wasn't actually knocked out. Years of reading Ichi Ichi pretty much nulled him of passing out from nose bleeds. He decided to let things play out, and sent an ANBU to tail Naruto. He told him to lay low and don't interfere unless absolutely necessary. He wanted to know why Naruto would steal the forbidden scroll. He knew Naruto wouldn't do this by himself, there had to be another factor at play. He'll just have to wait and see.

Back with Naruto, he was looking through the scroll, looking for anything useful. He came across Kage no Bunshin Jutsu and decided to try that out first.

-hours later-

Naruto was dead tired, but he completed the jutsu. He looked at the scroll again and decided to read the extras. Turns out, his clones can do other things, like Bunshin Daibakuha, which makes a clone explode, Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, which clones shuriken as the name implies, and when clones are dispelled their retained memories are sent to the original. Naruto suddenly loved his new technique, the things he could do with it, the knowledge he could learn without actually lifting a finger himself, and most of all, the beautiful bodies he could gaze on without the risk of getting hurt. Yep, some of Ken rubbed off on Naruto it seems. He was growing into his teens, after all. He was interrupted from his thoughts when he saw Iruka.

"Naruto! What the hell are you doing?! Why did you steal the forbidden scroll?" yelled an enraged Iruka. Naruto mere smiled at him.

"Isn't this a test? I thought if I learned one jutsu from the scroll I'd pass." Naruto knew he'd get caught, might as well play the fool and blame Mizuki. Iruka was confused.

"What? Naruto, what are you talking about?" He was interrupted when he Mizuki landed in the clearing.

"Naruto, give me scroll and you pass the test. Iruka is trying to take it to insure you fail the test." Naruto had to resist the urge to give him a 'are you stupid?' look. He instead kept quiet as Iruka spoke up.

"Mizuki what are you doing? Have you turned traitor?" questioned Iruka. He was ignored.

"Tell me, Naruto, have you ever wondered why you were hated by everyone?" Naruto raised an eyebrow. THAT got his attention. He always did wonder why everyone hated him. He was curious.

"Why? Do you know?"asked Naruto.

"No Mizuki! It's forbidden!" yelled Iruka. Mizuki smirked.

"The reason everyone hates you is because-" that's as far as he got when the ANBU positioned to watch Naruto struck. He came from behind and stabbed Mizuki in the back, making sure to avoid a vital spot. Everyone was shocked at the scene, especially Mizuki, who was than knocked out by the ANBU. He dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The ANBU looked up at both Naruto and Iruka.

"Iruka Umino and Naruto Uzumaki, you are to immediately report to the Hokage's office at once. No delays." He grabbed Mizuki and disappeared in a poof of smoke. Both Naruto and Iruka looked at each other before taking off to the Hokage tower.


"Naruto, will you care to explain your actions today in your involvement with the forbidden scroll?" question the Sandaime Hokage. Naruto nervously explained the incident. "And you had no idea it was trick?"

"No sir. If I had known I would have told you right afterwards. I was desperate to pass and didn't think much of it at the time." said Naruto. Hiruzen knew he was lying, but he didn't press into it.

"I believe you, Naruto. Iruka, can you vouch for him by his actions or reactions from the time you found him to now?"

"When I found him, he looked worn out. I questioned to him on why he stole the scroll, and he told me Mizuki put him up to it, saying it was a test to pass the exams." said Iruka. Hiruzen nodded and looked to the ANBU who was sent with Naruto.

"Is it all true?"

"Yes sir. Everything is as they described it from what had seen sir." Hiruzen nodded his head.

"Good. Naruto Uzumaki and Iruka Umino, you are both hereby rewarded an A-ranked missions pay for you efforts in stopping a traitor. The checks will be sent to your homes tommorow. Iruka, you are dismissed, however Naruto, you must stay. We have something to discuss." Iruka nodded and walked out of the room. The ANBU also left.

"So what is it we have to discuss, old man? Is this about what Mizuki was about to say?" Hiruzen sighed.

"Yes. I was going to wait until you were chunin to tell you, but I feel you're mature enough to handle this information. What I am about to tell you is highly classified, and only you have permission to tell others, but choose wisely. Anyone else who reveals this would be put to death. On the night of your birthday, as you know, the Kyuubi attacked our village. Many died from the attack. It was said that the Yondaime Hokage killed the fox, that was a lie. The fox can't be killed, since it is just raw chakra given a physical form. It had to be sealed, with it's power it couldn't be sealed inside of an object. We had to choose the next best thing, a living human baby who's chakra coils weren't developed yet. Do you see where I am going with this, Naruto?" asked Hiruzen. Naruto looked hesitant before answering,

"The Kyuubi... is sealed inside...of me?" he asked. Hiruzen nodded solemnly. Naruto looked down at the desk in shock. He was the container of Kyuubi. That's why everyone hated him? That's the reason? Naruto began to get angry. "That's why people hate me, old man? That stupid ass reason? THAT WASN'T MY FAULT! I DIDN'T HAVE A CHOICE IN THE MATTER! They hate me because of something I have no control of?! I've been treated like a plague ever since I was born! People ignore me, they look with disgust in my direction, they pretend I don't even exist, I hear the whispers, what they say about me. I go through this hell of non-existence because of something like this?! Now that I know the reason, I hate them even more now. They can all kiss my ass for all I care! I don't care what they think. I have Ken, Ayame, Teuchi, you, and that's all that matters to me! The rest of them can burn in hell for all I care!" by the end of his rant, Naruto was breathing heavily.

Hiruzen remained silent throughout the whole thing, allowing Naruto to release his anger. Though he was disheartened by Naruto's feelings towards Konoha as a whole, he was glad he had a few people, if only less than the number of fingers he has on his hand, that he cared about. He was especially happy to hear he was on that list as well.

"I...I have to go. I have to clear my head for a while."

"Take as much time as you need, Naruto. But before you go, take this. You are now a genin of Konoha for passing the cloning portion of the test." Naruto simply nodded his head and and took the head band. He walked like a zombie out of the office and close the door. Hiruzen sighed. 'I am glad Naruto has some bonds in Konoha. I just hope it's enough.'

A/N: I hope you guys liked it so far. This thought appeared to me after I beat GTA IV last month. I wanted to do a story where Naruto had a bloodline relating to GTA cheat codes. It was at first going to be a parody or just a humor story, but than it slowly turned into a serious, drama (I think), humor (I hope) centered story. You may have noticed Naruto's scoring is different. That's because he isn't an idiot like in the original, so Naruto isn't dead-last, Kiba is. That doesn't mean teams will change, or does it? You'll just have to wait and see.

GTA Bloodline:

Stage One: Complete healing and instant healing by eating any sort of food or sex.

Stage Two: Being able to summon Guns and Weapons long lost in the sands of time including armor of any kind.

Stage Three: Abilities such as super strength, super jump, shape shifting, hypnotic aggression which increases rage and the need to attack anyone, and gravity control. I wanted to add the ability to control time and being able to control the weather because you can do that with cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto with cheat codes, but that seems WAY overpowered. I also wanted to add the money cheat, but that's useless since Naruto has money.

If I should change any of his abilities tell him and give me an explanation why. I'll consider it if it is good enough. Also tell me if I should add anything, and I'll consider it.

The paring is unknown as of now, I'm more focus on the story than who he'll be paired with. And remember,

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