Author's Note: Inspired by the Airborne Toxic Event's Changing. The third in my Karaoke! series. I hope you guys like this. The song is awesome and pretty catchy. =)

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Vergil turned the radio dial until he heard a familiar strain of music coming from the speakers. Stopping at the random station, he let the music play. Moving about the kitchen, he steadily cleaned up the mess Dante and Nero had made the night before. Nutella covered hotdogs inspired by who-knows-what didn't make for an easy mess to clean. Vergil shook his head, a smile ghosting across his lips. He wiped down the counter-top before moving onto the stove, which bore the brunt of the mess.

Vergil subconsciously bobbed his head to the beat as he sang along, "All these buckets of rain, I've heard enough about it. You say that I lie. I am a gentleman, didn't I ask for a place I could stay? What were we both thinking? The next part just got in the way. You were just always talking about changing, changing. What if I was the same then, same then. The same I always was."

He finished wiping down the stove and proceeded over to the kitchen sink. He poured dish detergent into the bottom and flipped on the hot water.

He drummed his fingers in time with the song as he waited on the water to fill the sink, "All these things that you say like I'll forget about the mind numbing games that you play. I am a gentleman. Didn't I pay for every laugh, every dime, every bit, every time, and then you feed me some lie. I won't hear one more word about changing, changing. Guess what I am the same man, same man. Same man I've always been.

"And days pass turn into weeks where we don't even speak, we just lay wide awake and pretend we're asleep. And you go home alone and you're checking phone and you're looking at me like I'm something you own."

Vergil finished up the dishes and drained the water. He started when he felt two slim arms wrap around his waist. Turning around in the embrace, he met the mischievous grin of Lady. She slid her arms up around his neck and pulled him into the middle of the kitchen.

He started to sing as he twirled Lady around the kitchen, "All these buckets of rain, you can't forget about it. You say I'll never try. I am a gentleman didn't I answer every time that you called? Pick you up when you fall? But you never listen at all, you were just always talking about changing, changing. Guess what I am the same man, same man. Changing changing, guess what I am the same man, same man. Changing, changing, guess what I am the same man, same man."

As the music came to an end, he set Lady down on her feet. He flipped the radio dial while she linked their hands together, silence settling into the kitchen as the two left.


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