Author's Note: Inspired by The Coaster's Yakity Yak. Part four in my Karaoke! series.

Disclaimer- Ivory Tears doesn't own Devil May Cry nor does she profit from this work of fiction.


Yakity Yak

Lady, Trish, and Lucia wanted to surprise the twins with a cake on their birthday. Usually no one had any free time to celebrate any type of holiday, except maybe Christmas. This year proved to be a little different. Nero had talked Dante and Vergil into investigating an area supposedly overrun with Frosts, so the girls had plenty of time to get everything ready.

Lucia set up the old record player in the corner of the kitchen as Trish and Lady combined all of the ingredients for the homemade strawberry cake.

"I haven't heard this in such a long time!" Lucia smiled and placed the needle onto the record.

Trish put on a serious face as she sang along, "Take out the papers and the trash! Or you don't get no spending cash. If you don't scrub that kitchen floor, you ain't gonna rock and roll no more."

All three girls sang together, "Yakity yak! Don't talk back!"

Lady pointed her finger at Trish, "Just finish cleaning up your room, let's see that dust pile with that broom. Get all the garbage out of sight or you don't go out Friday night."

"Yakity Yak! Don't talk back!" they grinned at each other.

"You just put on your coat and hat and walk yourself to the laundry mat. And when you finished doing that, bring in the dog and put out the cat," Lucia sang.

"Yakity yak! Don't talk back!"

Lucia and Lady tried to imitate 50's style dance moves, but failed miserably as Trish laughed and placed the cake into the oven. Then all three tried to make up dance moves, laughing at each others terrible coordination.

"Don't you give me no dirty looks. Your father's hip, he knows what cooks. Just tell your hoodlum friends outside, you ain't got time to take a ride.

"Yakity yak! Don't talk back!" the trio chorused.

The three devil huntresses collapsed against the counter in a fit of giggles as the song tapered off.


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