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Namaste, Draco

Draco was miserable. His parents had died 3 months ago, his girlfriend, Pansy, had left him for bloody Ethan Laughlin, saying that Draco was not paying enough attention to her. His best friend, Blaise Zabini had always been there, but getting drunk once a week was not helping Draco's morale or his health.

I need to go somewhere, he thought. But where?

Then he remembered. Before his 1st year at Hogwarts, Narcissa and Lucius had taken Draco on a trip to India. At the time, he had thought it was boring, and fairly dirty, but thinking of it now, he decided it was the perfect place to stay. He had a few contacts there, in a state called Andhra Pradesh. He called on one of them, Pradeep Simhasan, via Floo Network.

Draco threw some of the shimmering green powder into the fire, stepped in, and shouted, "Simhasan residence!"

Immediately, he began to spin, for almost 3 minutes, quite a long time for a Floo. When he stepped out of the fire, he brushed the ash off of his black vest and asked a house-elf, who was standing near by, if it knew where Pradeep was.

"Yes, Master Pradeep is being in his study, sir." The house-elf replied in it's high, tinny voice. It nearly gave Draco a headache.

"Thank you." He proceeded to walk to the study, since he knew where it was from Flooing there when he worked for the Ministry a year ago. He had quit that job because of the work, and it wasn't even necessary, he was filthy rich.

Draco turned the doorknob to the study quietly, and knocked on the doorframe. Pradeep without looking up from his work, began, "Iyra, I told you not to let anyone-"

At this point, he looked up. "Oh, sorry, Mr. Malfoy. I thought you had quit your job in the ministry though."

"I did. I'm actually here for some help." Draco replied.

"Oh, alright. Why don't we go to the living room? It will be moreā€¦ personal." Pradeep got up, straightening his glasses. He had a light Indian accent. If Draco had to imagine an Indian version of Harry Potter, he would look like Pradeep.

This of course didn't bother Draco one bit, in fact, after the war he had met Harry in a bar and after a glass or two of firewhiskey him and Potter had reconciled. The same could not be said for Weasley and his family; the differences between their families had been too great.

Hermione Granger had left Britain and Harry had not mentioned where she lived now. Draco had not seen her since the battle at Hogwarts, but he honestly didn't wish to. Now he was going to India, and he was determined to start over.

Pradeep told Draco about a flat in Hyderabad. It was a little posh and more upscale than most apartments in the area. Apparently the suburb that he was living in was called HITEC City. He would have to share it with someone, but he wouldn't have to go any farther for most goods and clothes that he would probably need.

"Alright," Draco agreed. "I'll take it."


Hermione was happy.

For once in her complicated, chaotic life, she was totally content and at peace with her mind and body. After the war, she had moved to India to get away from things. She had told Harry and Ron where she was, and they sometimes owled her.

She had made new friends, and taken a new perspective on life. She lived in HITEC City, Hyderabad, in a rather large and upscale flat. It was so large, in fact, that she had split the house into two and asked her friend Pradeep, who lived nearby, to recommend the flat to the next person looking to live in Hyderabad.

At that moment, her cell phone started to ring. She tapped the 'Answer' button and held it up to her ear.


"Ah, yes, 'Mione! I found you a roommate!" Pradeep said enthusiastically.

"Really? That's great, Pradeep!"

"It's a guy though, is that okay?" Pradeep sounded a little guilty, as though remembering that Hermione was a full-grown woman.

"Yeah, it's fine, we're only going to share a kitchen, and there are two bathrooms and two bedrooms."

"Okay, that's great."

"What's his name?" Hermione asked eagerly.

"I'm not going to tell you, he asked me to keep it a surprise." This last part was a lie, but Pradeep thought it would be more fun to let them be surprised.

"Aw, come on!" Hermione made her voice sound mock disappointed. "Pretty please, with a strawberry on top?"

"I'm allergic to strawberries!" he taunted, sounding like he was having way too much fun with this. "Anyway, sorry, 'Mione, I have to go. Ministry stuff."

"All right, Pradeep. One last thing, when is this guy going to get here?"

"Tomorrow evening, around 4, so he can settle in by dinner. That okay?"

"Yes, that's perfectly fine. Thanks again!"

"No problem. Bye!" Hermione heard the click of the line disconnecting.

Well, at least this place won't be so lonely anymore. Hermione thought. I just hope this roommate isn't a total jerk.

By this time, it was around 9 in the night, and she, having nothing better to do, walked into her bedroom and pulled the covers over her head. It was a big day tomorrow!

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