(A/N: Okay, so just some background for this story, like the summary says, this is based 8 years after the end of the Kick Ass 2 comic, and Dave and Mindy have not seen each other since she was arrested. I…think that's all you need to know. Feel free to review, negative or positive, I'll usually respond.)

Her name is Hit Girl. And at the moment, she is not very happy. In fact it would be safe to say angry, pissed, annoyed, whatever word you want to tag onto it. This is quite unfortunate for the would-be muggers she was currently stopping. While Hit Girl did always have a reputation for having a bit of…zeal, when taking down her opponents, as she was repeatedly slamming one of their heads into the wall, it could be said that she was being a bit more vicious than usual. There was a very good reason for this, however. Hit Girl was being followed. At first, she thought it was just paranoia, but she soon realized whoever was tracking her, was just that good. She'd yet to even get a good look of them.

It was just becoming frustrating now. Whoever it was, they were watching right now. No amount of running seemed to lose them. So far, the only time they seemed to let up was when Hit Girl went after them, and then they just…vanished. Because she couldn't completely trust the fact that they weren't following her, she'd had to stay at her secondary safehouse all week. Sure, the little fireproof room she was forced to sleep in was safer in case someone decided to just bomb the place instead of fighting her personally, but it wasn't exactly designed for comfort. Put these things together and you have a very cranky Hit Girl. As the last mugger fell, Hit Girl looked up. This was going to be the last night. The last fucking night she was going to deal with this shit. Launching herself up the fire escape, Hit Girl ran full force towards her stalker.

Her motions were very sudden and she was hoping that would work in her favor. So far that seemed to be working. For the first time, she actually got a glimpse of him. Yes, it was definitely a guy, and a pretty big one at that. Not that Hit Girl shied away from a fight with a larger opponent, but she had to admit to being impressed that someone that muscle bound could move that swiftly. He wasn't going to be moving swiftly enough, not this time. Hit Girl's cape continued flapping violently behind her as she dashed over the rooftops, barely slowing down before picking the pace back up. She'd been doing pretty well the past few years of not killing anyone, but whoever this guy was might have to be one of those few exceptions unless there was a very good reason for tracking her like that.

Sure, Hit Girl had theories. First and foremost, she knew it wasn't a cop. Sure, she was technically a fugitive, and the police were, in fact, after her, but as there was no proof that she'd killed anyone since she'd escaped, she knew she wasn't high on their priorities. It could have been a 'super villain' but it wasn't the usual super villain M.O. Usually the bad guys go out of their way for Hit Girl to notice them and get their asses kicked. This guy was playing mind games, or possibly trying to scout her. Because of that possibility, Hit Girl had even limited her usual offense just so she could take him by surprise. If she had to hazard a guess, she'd assume that he was a bounty hunter. While Hit Girl might have been currently low on the police's priorities, she could imagine she had quite the price on her head, if for no other reason than for how difficult it would be to bring her in. Hell, if it wasn't for being so hurt, and her respect for police, Hit Girl never would have been arrested in the first place.

She was getting closer now. Whoever that guy was, he just didn't have the room ahead of him to 'vanish' as he'd been doing. He was staying in Hit Girl's sights, and the gap between them was getting smaller and smaller. Hit Girl just about had him when… "Son of a FUCK!" She swore, as her head quickly turned behind her. He just stopped! She jumped over a gap that he jumped down and overshot him by practically half a rooftop. Now she had to turn back and catch up. Fuck, he was fast!

However once she turned around, much to her surprise, he was waiting for her on the other rooftop she'd just jumped over. A mere couple of feet between the two roofs were now separating them. Taking a deep breath to calm herself down, Hit Girl walked up to the edge, finally getting a good look at him. He wasn't all that tall, though not exactly short either, somewhere between 5"8'-5"10', and was covered head to toe in black. There were loads of belts and buckles surrounding him, which put Hit Girl slightly on edge, as someone with a utility belt herself, she knew how dangerous those could be when you just have one, especially if you know how to use it right. She couldn't make out any part of his face because it was covered in what looked like a cross between a fencing mask and a motorcycle helmet. The only thing that could possibly make him stand out was, in fact, his bulkiness. Up close…or at least a building gap apart, she still marveled that he could move so fast with all those muscles. Sure, the outfit looked rather armored so it could have been padding to make him look bigger, but she didn't think so.

Just as Hit Girl was sizing up her adversary, he appeared to be doing the same, though with the nature of the helmet, she had no clue where he was actually looking, it just appeared to be opaque, black glass. Her irritation seemed to get the better of her as Hit Girl made the first move, verbally speaking. "What the fuck do you want from me?! Note, I'm kicking your ass regardless. Your answer just lets me know if you'll be able to walk afterwards." The man, who Hit Girl now mentally called 'The Creep', said nothing, and merely cocked his head to the side. Whether he couldn't understand English or this was a taunt didn't matter. She'd tried to give him a chance and he blew it. Time to start cracking skulls. Hit Girl jumped with ease over the gap between the two rooftops and launched a full on assault on the Creep.

As it turned out, the Creep was just as irritating when fighting as he was when he was just stalking. His swift movements weren't just limited to hunting, running, and hiding apparently. His defensive skill was excellent. Hit Girl kept trying and trying to land a hit on him, but he just kept dodging, and when she tagged him every couple of attempts, it seemed to do very little damage. The only benefit was that she could tell from when she did hit him that his outfit was, in fact, armored. That information at least gave her something to work with. Hit Girl had grown to lean more towards hand to hand combat than from weapons as she got older because, one, she now had the strength to back it up, and two, it invited people to underestimate her. The Creep seemed to be underestimating her, as he was purely on the defensive, with not even an attempt to actually try to attack her. True, she wasn't leaving much room for an opening, but she still knew when someone was actually trying or not. He also didn't appear to be using any weapons, but Hit Girl knew with all those belts, he must have had something.

Hit Girl forced herself to throttle back, slightly. Not on her attempts to cripple the Creep, but in her offense in general. There was a good chance that the reason he wasn't fighting back was because he was still trying to see what she could do. And Hit Girl was not going to give him that information. Finally, the Creep made a move to attack, and then…

Hit Girl jumped back with a pause. Did he just-…? He did! That son of a cunt just patted her on the head, like a fucking dog! As soon as she processed it, Hit Girl's vision practically went red with hate. That move proved that he wasn't trying to figure her out or something. He was playing with her! Hit Girl tried not to kill people anymore, she really, really tried, for Marcus if no one else. However, in some cases, she just had to kill the bastards, in which case she'd hide the bodies so that there was never any evidence. It looked like the Creep, whoever he is, just volunteered to find out where she puts all the bodies first hand. As she pulled her swords out of their sheaths, hidden by her cape, Hit Girl was ready for blood. "Your funeral, motherfucker!" She growled, launching a new attack.

The Creep's defense seemed to be a lot more hectic now that there was more at stake than mere unconsciousness. And Hit Girl grinned wider, knowing that she'd finally gotten at least some semblance of fear from her opponent. She usually didn't have to work so damn hard for that reaction. A couple of slices and Hit Girl had gotten a few of the Creep's belts off, and found out that her blades could do some damage to his armor. She just had to be methodical and precise about her strikes.

"Mindy, wait!" And so the Creep finally talked. His voice sounded off. Like it was digitally lowered a couple of octaves.

Mindy didn't even blink. It wasn't like it was news that Hit Girl was actually Mindy Macready. Her identity was a matter of police record…so basically anyone who had access to the internet or access to anyone who had the internet knew it. The Creep was far from the first person to try using her name to slow her down. However, just for that, Hit Girl decided she was going to try to cut off one of his hands…just to show him some manners.

"Mindy, it's Dave!" The Creep exclaimed, barely dodging the sword.

Of course, in Dave's case, his identity was blown before Mindy's even was. And since Dave's was actually blown online, it was national news. You didn't even need the internet to know who he was, though that was the last straw. Initially, Hit Girl was going to kill this fucker quickly, just because he seemed a bit too dangerous to kill slowly. But now…using Dave's name like that…he was going to die slowly and painfully, maybe with no arms and legs. Now, she was catching him more often. Another slice or two and her swords were going to start getting through to the meat.

"Mindy! It's me!" The Creep backflipped a few times to get some distance between him and Hit Girl, and began clicking snaps around his helmet, literally falling over as he dodged another swipe, while taking off his helmet.

Hit Girl paused, just from the confusion of the gesture and looked into the Creep's face. He had a tanned complexion, a broad face, dark brown eyes, and short, spiky black hair. In short, he was definitely not Dave. Though with the helmet off, her sword now had access to his face. "Fuck you!" Hit Girl growled as she dashed forward with her blades, ready to stab him in the face…non fatally, of course, there was time for the fatal part later.

"Jesus Christ! For fuck's sake, Mindy! Would you stop trying to stab me for 5 seconds and fucking listen?!" Mindy's swords stopped in midair, her eyes bulging. There was something about the pathetic way he was groveling that was familiar. The voice was definitely deeper but…it still took her back, and it had been 8 years since she'd last seen him.

This time it was Hit Girl who cocked her head to the side. "…Dave?"

Dave breathed a sigh of relief, resting his head down. "I knew it…I just knew patting your head like that was taking things a step too far. I knew it, and I did it anyway, 'cuz I'm an idiot..."

There were loads of things going through Hit Girl's mind as she looked over one of her best friends, if not her best friend, from what happened the last time they saw each other to the fact that she very nearly, almost killed him. With all these things in her mind, ironically the thing that actually came out of her mouth as she looked him over was, "…what the fuck? What did you do, eat steroids for breakfast?"

(A/N: And there's the first chapter, and I must say…Mindy and Dave are being dicks. And I don't mean the characters, I mean the idea of the story in my head. Initially this was just going to be a quick, one chapter, one shot of Dave/Mindy smut, with them being adults, of course. However I wanted to do something different with it(as you can see from Dave's description, alone), which is why I based this one entirely on the comic universe, as opposed to the movie. As you can see, just introducing Mindy to Dave took a chapter, in itself. So it had already grown to two chapters, but nooo Mindy and Dave want to be all needy and the chapters keep growing in my head as the '8 years later' world defines itself more and more. Already it's probably going to be about 4-5 chapters, which I know, isn't that long, but it kinda is when you remember it was just supposed to be a one chapter wham bam, thank you ma'am kind of thing. Not to say I'm not thoroughly enjoying toying around with how 8 years would have changed both characters, both physically and mentally, as well as both of them having their superhero ID's outted, I just always find it funny when a simple idea just…quadruples in size like that.)