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"You're such a bastard!" Mindy yelled to her steadily smirking therapist.

"I am no such thing. I'm simply stating facts."

"You can't just hint that Spider Man…fucking Spider Man of all people, is kind of an antihero now and just leave it at that!"

Dr. Shelby chuckled before regaining himself. "I think that's entirely fair for you to expect to be treated when you refuse to talk about anything pertaining to your father."

"It's a symbiote, right?"

"Nope, no symbiote. Technically its just plain ol' Peter Parker/Spider Man."

"You're not going to fucking bribe me for information on my dad, using fucking Spider Man. I'm not even that big of a Spider Man fan!"

Dr. Shelby smirked. "And yet, you seem rather upset that I'm keeping that information from you."

"That's because you're being a fucking dick and I'm going to get out of this straitjacket, and shove my fist so far down your throat I'm going to feel your breakfast!"

Dr. Shelby looked thoughtful. "I'm pretty sure there's no way I could survive that. And even if I did, there's no way I'd be able to talk so you still wouldn't get the information you wanted."

You could practically hear Mindy's teeth gritting in frustration. "I really don't like you. Like, has he killed people?"

"Yup, killed people. No remorse."

"What the fuuuck?!"

Dr. Shelby kept his reaction to merely a smile. "So you won't tell me about your father. What about your other teammates?"

You could see the gears turning in Mindy's head as she pondered whether or not to answer the question. "Only Kick Ass was actually my teammate. I hadn't even seen the others in person until that night. Are we talking Ultimate Spider Man or some other Universe thingie?"

"Regular Marvel Universe." Dr. Shelby nodded. "Ah yes, Dave Lizewski. He made it sound as if you two were quite close."

Mindy's eyes bulged. "He did? Wait, you talked to Dave?"

"…Oh yes… we felt it was wise to as many of the self professed superheroes as possible. Of course I can't discuss with you any specifics. Though I'm curious, would you perceive your relationship with him as close?"

Mindy made a face. "Oh yes, Dr. Shelby. Me and Dave were as close as close could be. He was my first, you know. Popped my cherry wide open. When Marcus was gone, we'd just fuck and fuck in every room, every position I could think of and in some I couldn't. I think we broke the laws of physics, sometimes. I let him in every orifice he wanted, I think he kinda fucked me in my ear once. It was insane. And I'm all light, you know? He could just bounce me around like an underaged, naked yo-yo."

"…Interesting…" Dr. Shelby scribbled something down on the pad he always had on him during his sessions with Mindy. "Tell me more."

Had Dr. Shelby said this with anything resembling perverted interest, Mindy probably would either gone quiet entirely or made a sincere effort to hurt him, instead of the countless threats she'd issued in their sessions which she never acted on. However, his voice had a cocky 'gotcha, bitch!' tone to it that pissed her off in a completely different sense. "Goddammit! Why do you do that?! You know full fucking well I'm lying!"

Dr. Shelby chuckled. "One often finds more truth in lies than they do in truth."

"Well one might find my foot shoved up their ass if one keeps pissing me off."

Dr. Shelby looked up from his pad and smiled. "Dr. Octavius was terminal and switched his mind with Peter, who wasn't able to get their brains switched back in time. He was, however, able to…download his morals and memories Doc Ock's head so he at least tries to be good."

"…I'm…going to be very honest with you right now…On one side…I'm glad you told me that. On the other…what the fuck?! And on the other…you wouldn't have given that up unless I told you something you wanted to hear almost as much as me talking about my dad…and that worries me…"

"You are a very bright young lady, Ms. Macready."

As Dave looked over, he could see Goatee in the far distance already trying to hit on another girl."What would you have done if I hadn't been here?" He asked, with genuine curiosity. "Guys have to hit on you all the time."

"Not as much as you think. I'm not usually in the open like this, remember? I hate it when guys look at me like that, to be honest. As for how I get rid of them, I'm a bit of a klutz, you see? Usually my elbow and my knee just so happens to find its way repeatedly rammed into their crotches."

"And that works?" Dave asked, skeptically.

Mindy sighed. "Eventually. I get more inventive with ways to get rid of them, but that's my go-to. I can be pretty subtle about it. You'd be amazed how much 'accidental' abuse some guys take to get into my pants, before realizing they won't have anything left in theirs if they keep it up."

Dave leaned forward. "You might not realize this Jess, but you're really hot. Ridiculously hot. Without the outfit even, not to say…that I don't appreciate it. But as someone whose seen you naked before…yum…"

Mindy grinned as she followed Dave's gaze. "Dave…you keep that up, I'm just going to rape you in the bathroom." Okay, so maybe she didn't absolutely hate getting stared at like that. Though it was rather cute that Dave's eyes kept drifting down and he forced them back up. And it probably helped that he wasn't just looking at her tits. She especially noticed from his gaze when she went to get her food that he really appreciated those pants. Mindy hadn't realized but she had breathed an internal sigh of relief when Dave had called her 'Jess' so casually. Of course it made total sense, considering she wasn't the only one who'd had to live as a different person, but in the back of her head she was prepared to keep reminding him what to call her in public.

As she got back, Mindy immediately felt slightly self conscious with the way Dave glanced. "What?"

"I kinda wish you didn't cover your face with your hair like that." He said, suddenly.

Mindy blanked for a second. That was not what she was expecting to hear. "That's…the point…remember?"

Dave grinned back. "Well, yeah, but that just makes me look…even harder. What if you tried-" To Mindy's surprise again, Dave reached forward and moved part of her hair behind her ear so that it covered one of her eyes, but left the most of her face exposed.

'Don't blush! Don't blush! Don't blush! Don't blush!' Mindy mentally chanted to herself when she felt her cheeks starting to burn. Dave was being completely unfair! She was already ridiculously horny, on edge because she was in such an open place for an undisclosed amount of time, and Dave kept making her all flustered to top it all off. It was very frustrating in more than one sense, but she tried to just shrug that off as well as the unexpected alteration to her appearance. "I'm just drawn that way, huh…?"

Dave chuckled, as he sat back and admired the new look. "So you're saying you're not bad then?"

"If I say yes, are you gonna punish me?" If Dave insisted on starting the fluster war, she was going spike that shit. Mindy's only regret was that she hadn't waited for Dave to start drinking before she said that so his reaction could have been a legitimate spit take.

After coughing a bit Dave was able to regain his composure. "I'm glad you're loosening up a bit. You were so tense before, even though you were trying to play it off."

Mindy rolled her eyes. "That's easy for you to say, Dave. If you get caught…not exactly the same as if I get caught. I'm well within my rights to be a bit paranoid."

Dave chuckled again. "Well…yeah. Don't get me wrong, if someone pays too much attention to us, that isn't just ogling you, I'm going to know it. I'm just really good at looking like I don't care. You know, for my job and everything I have to be all social and shit."

"Fair enough." Mindy echoed Dave earlier, noticing that he was 'casually' glancing around him, as her expression became something of a sinister smirk. "Does 'social and shit' include a girlfriend?" That one got a spit take. Awesome. Not exactly the brightest idea since she was worried about them drawing attention to themselves, but to her, in that case it was worth it.

Dave had to clear his throat a few times before he could talk clearly to reply. "You are an evil, evil girl."

"You started it. And you're dodging the question."

"I so didn't start it. And why do you want to know, huh?"

"I'm curious." Mindy smiled even wider. "Because you didn't fuck me like a virgin."

Another cough. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"It was meant as one."

"You didn't exactly fuck like a virgin either." This time, Dave smirked. "And…you know…being a girl and all, its kinda obvious."

"Really, Dave?" Mindy raised one of her eyebrows. "With me, especially, there's plenty of ways I could have popped."

Dave looked thoughtful. "True…so it wasn't a dick?"

"Oh, it was totally a dick. But that's besides the point. You're still ducking the question. So there is someone out there whose gonna be really pissed when they find out you fucked me? I don't mind fucking them up if I need to."

"Mmmm…" Dave contemplated. "I don't have a girlfriend. Not technically, anyway."

"Interesting…" Mindy replied, leaning forward. "Tell me more."

Dave sighed. "Well…you know how I'm a personal trainer, right?"

"Holy shit, you're fucking one of your clients!" Mindy exclaimed. Then she saw the look on his face. "Holy shit on stick, you're fucking more than one!" Mindy cocked her head to the side. "Are you fucking all of them?"

"No!" Dave protested. "Just a…few…of the…older ones…"

"Aaaah, so you're a granny fucker." Mindy playfully nudged Dave. "So you can go bareback all the time, right?"

"Not that old…" Dave groaned. "Like…you know what, change of subject."

"Like fuck you're going to change the subject. So you prefer older women, then?"

Dave sighed. "Its not like…okay so I…well y-…" He took a deep breath and ignored Mindy's giggling. "You're a bitch."

"Thank you. Answer the fucking question." Mindy beamed, loving how obviously uncomfortable this conversation was making Dave.

"They just…younger girls usually want…more of a…commitment from me." Dave rolled his eyes. "I'm good at faking things but I can't fake a whole fucking relationship. Usually the older ones just want…"

"Your cock?" Mindy suggested.


"I'm calling bullshit on that. There's no way they only want you for sex and never want anything more from you."

"Well…" Dave started, looking uncomfortable again. "…the ones I choose…might be…um…" He trailed off, mumbling the last part of the sentence.

"Married?!" Mindy exclaimed. "You fuck older married chicks?" Her head almost slammed into the table from laughing so hard. "Dave, you're supposed to be the good one."

"Fuck you, Jess. Who said I was the good one?"

"Oh who the fuck do you think you're kidding, Dave. You're the fucking good one." Mindy said, still giggling. "I…" Mindy found herself slightly speechless as she tried to talk.

"I know, I know. I'm not saying its right. I'm just…it's simple. They don't want anything more from me, I don't want anything more from them. I mean, let's just say they never notice the tattoo thing. And I'm really…paranoid so if the husband comes home early, I get the fuck out before I get caught…"

Mindy chuckled again. "Dude, its fucked up, but I'm not judging you."

"Isn't saying its fucked up, kind of judging?"

"Just shut the fuck up and take the compliment."

"That wasn't really a compliment. That was like…indifferent acceptance."

"Dave…you see this chopstick?" Mindy raised it in front of Dave so he could see it. "You know what I'm gonna do with this chopstick?"

"How about I don't find out." Dave stated, grinning. "So, I told you my sex story. What about yours?"

Mindy actually dropped the chopstick, as her eyes bulged. "Oh you don't want to know about that…"

Like a shark with blood in the water, Dave pounced. "Ooooh yes I do. Go on. I'm all ears."

"Kind of asked for that didn't I?" Mindy sighed. "Fine…well…in my case it was only one guy…I kind of…I was on one of my patrols and…you know how when you save people and they get overly appreciative?"

This caught Dave's attention even more. "You…fucked a guy you saved?"

Mindy pinched the bridge of her nose. "I know! Not the brightest idea, but…I was really horny that night and he was all…dorky looking and…I didn't think anyone would believe him if he bragged about it…"

"Jess…if anyone said they fucked you…especially…at night…no one would believe them." Dave pointed out.

Mindy growled. "Yeah, I kind of figured that out later. I wasn't exactly thinking straight that night."

"So…how was it?"

"What? The sex? I thought I was clear this morning. It sucked. Neither of us knew what the fuck we were doing. Thought I thought it was pretty easy for guys. You just put it in there, but he even had some trouble with that part. It was just…awkward…" Mindy shuddered thinking about it.

"Well, it does get better after that."

Mindy grinned, giving Dave a very pointed look. "Yeah. It did. I only fucked him the one time though. "

"Oh…" This time Dave was the one trying to will himself not to blush. "So nothing between that first time and now?"

Mindy's face underwent a very obvious change. "Eeeeh…I know I teased you about it, but I'd really…I don't want to talk about it."

Dave's eyes narrowed. "It's that bad? Nothing I need to…take care of, right?"

Mindy got Dave's meaning immediately. "Awwww, Dave. It's so sweet that you think that if someone so much as tried to rape me and left me alive that there'd be anything left of them. It's not that, it's…just…please let it go?"

Dave sighed. Dammit, he was the good one. "Fine, fine, I'll drop it. You ready to get out of here?"

This immediately picked up Mindy's mood. "Are we finally going back so you can…remind me, exactly what an amazing fuck is, Dave?"

Dave rolled his eyes. "I never said we were going back. Nice try, trying to stroke me ego though."

"I could stroke something else…"

Dave grinned back. "As I said. Evil, evil girl. However…I do intend on making you scream very soon."

Mindy's eyebrows raised. "Oh…is that right?"

"This is not what I was expecting, when you said you'd have me screaming." Mindy pouted, before glaring at Dave who was getting strapped in to the seat beside her.

Dave merely beamed back at her. "What? You said you'd never been to an amusement park before. That meant you'd never been on a roller coaster before. I couldn't help myself."

"This. Is. So. Fucking. Dumb." Mindy grumbled as the cars slowly click-clacked on their way up.

"You can't say its dumb until you've tried it, Jess."

"The fuck I can. We both know I've done things significantly more badass than being on a fucking roller coaster. Shit, we did more badass things last night than being on a fucking roller coaster."

"Yeah, but you're usually in control of all of that shit. Well…maybe not last night…entirely…but with the other stuff, you're usually in charge. You're not in charge of this. Coaster's going wherever the fuck it wants."

Mindy let out an exasperated sigh. "Considering what it usually takes to get my heart pumping, if you think this is going to get anything more than a yawn out of me, then-" The clicking slowed up to a stop as the coaster car paused before slightly tipping forward and Mindy saw the drop ahead of them. "…you've…got…a..noth…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH DAVE I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!"

Three drops, five loops, two corkscrews, a fake stop before the last drop later, the cars slid to a final stop. Despite Mindy's earlier scoffing, she was currently gripping the restraints as hard as she could, trying to catch her breath as her windblown hair was all back in her face again. She turned over to Dave, giving him a death glare.

"I know a little something about inventing curse words, but I'm pretty sure you invented about ten of them back there." Dave teased.

"Fuck…you…in…the tunk…"

Dave grinned. "Want to go again?"

"Of course I do." Mindy grumbled. "Asshole."

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